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Sean Fury
April 3rd, 2004, 9:47 PM
"When in war, you must always pick the lesser...of two weevils!"
Don't get it? See the movie and you will, drunken sailors are funny on occasion...ah what the heck, all the time! The movie is based on the times of Napoleon's reign, when he decided to try to take over the world and what-not. While educational, its also violent, but mostly violent, YAY VIOLENCE! But seriously, it does give you a healthy dosage of what life was like at seas, and a lot of information dealing with the time back then. Like how, if someone's arm was broken and it got infected, you would have to saw it off! Lovely, isn't it? Anyway; if your looking for a good action movie, but your parents won't let you see the Matrix Revolutions, head towards Master and Commander, it's more then worth a shot.

April 4th, 2004, 5:56 AM
I saw it like right before it left Theaters, but it was still popular.