View Full Version : bo7y firend? i need answers from both genders

May 3rd, 2006, 3:44 PM
have a question for all the boys and girl about my boyfriend, his name is travis, ill get pics for u later, but hes at another school. he got transfered to southeas form my school. so i can only see him at the park after school. and he came over today, and he picked me up and held me in front of him as a human shield, and something hit me, and he got really mad, then he let me sit on hislap, then out of nowhere he kissed me. he came to my house soajed, he slid down the slides at the park, and it was raining. then he hugged me! he is so hot, but what do u think of him. he is always swearing, he did it in front of my mom on accident. but i swear two. he jumped in my grass and rolled around, then took the caps off my dads truck, then took some of my dads red zone stuff, then we all went onto my porch and he played dress up and we werer throwing things at eachother. but he kissed me OMG. do u think hes ok, cuz some of my friends arnt ok with it, but others r ok. i want ur opinion.

May 3rd, 2006, 3:49 PM
Wow you're smart, got a thread locked and then started another one like it. I'd give you an award for how smart you are but I don't think I got one that goes that high.