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May 3rd, 2006, 6:15 PM
..:D Implied pairings. Very roughly done. Not the best..o.o;


Lloyd was smiling.

Kratos was not.

Lloyd was humming.

Kratos was seething.

Stupid kids.

Lloyd stared innocently at Kratos, big, doughy brown eyes shining.

"Why, you look disturbed, Kratos. What is it?"

...Stupid, stupid kids.


"This thing is set up," Kratos announced calmly. Lloyd snickered.

"No, it isn't. Admit it. Just face the facts." Kratos grit his teeth.

"It's set up."

"No, it isn't."

"Yes, it is. Just look at it!" Here, Kratos made an extremely forceful jab at the screen, specifically:

Search Engine

Lloyd : 742 record(s) found.

Kratos: 399 record(s) found

"How could someone like you get more than me?" Kratos quietly pondered, feeling rather silly for participating in such folly.

"Let's see who's more popular!" Lloyd said. Kratos smirked. Poor kid didn't have a chance.

And now...

"Face it, Kratos; you're just not good with women," Lloyd rubbed in, testing his patience.

"It's set up, I tell you," Kratos growled in response, anger surging. "I should've had more!"

Lloyd suddenly had a seductive smile on, deviously conjuring up ideas.

"Want to know something even more surprising?"

Kratos growled. "What?"

Lloyd grinned and licked his lips, slowly inching towards the man's face, whispering, "You and I got 134."

Kratos fainted just then.

Genis later asked how he had done it, but Lloyd only shrugged nonchalantly, commenting, "Hey, he and Yuan only got 53."

May 3rd, 2006, 6:24 PM
Oh, Naminé doesn't think that she has ever read any of Ms. Kairi's recent works of art. It certainly surprised Naminé slightly that Ms. Kairi chose to do a comedy. Though yaoi fanfiction isn't Naminé's type of tea, it is nevertheless comedical in its own right. It's pretty clever to spin the table around to make a joke using the fanfiction world itself. Clever...

Must be one of those rare fanfics where one-liners fit for the story, while missing out any details. One of those rare ones out there that are hard to be entertaining and effective. Of course, Naminé can always expect writers of Ms. Kairi's level of expertise to pull it off easily~

May 3rd, 2006, 6:40 PM
*laughs* Kairi hold a deep empathy towards Nami-chan's kind compliments, although Kairi cannot help but feel awkward at a time like this.

She extends her grateful thanks~

May 3rd, 2006, 8:06 PM
Dactylus demands that the both of you stop speaking in the third person, whilst he types in the third person.

So anyway Lils, ToS. What a surprise, eh? You need to get your head OUT of ToS and go play some other RPG. ToS is good...Earthbound is great. So anyway, this was pretty short, almost as short as the shred of will that stops me from flaming random people on PC. Which, as you know, is pretty short, indeed.

But you get your point across. Too bad that point has to be one that I don't find overly humorous, though I'm guessing it'll set the majority of the populace here on a laughing streak so prodigious that they'll eventually suffocate and, following their slow agonizing death, explode to reveal nests of mutant ducks breeding in their stomachs. Since I'm absolutely SURE that was your intention, I salute you, Lils.

Write on, write on.

May 3rd, 2006, 8:15 PM
Mr. Dactylus has his own sense of humor and definite posting style, just like how Naminé prefers the third person for herself as her definite posting style. Mr. Dactylus has a definite sarcastic sense that follows him within his post, yet ironically is never too far from the truth. Perhaps it is a reflection of his true character in the world? Likewise, Naminé embraces the third person because she often talks to herself to dream on sleepless nights in her world~

True to Mr. Dactylus's comments that it isn't the same type of humor that produces results that will cause people to roll on the floor laughing out loud. Surely Ms. Kairi is very aware that Naminé is slightly too apathetic to ever go beyond a small giggle or chuckle. This short story is not so "funny" to make Naminé laugh like the standard comedy, but it made Naminé feel fairly impressed to be content with the clever joke behind it, and smile to herself.

Hopefully Ms. Kairi knows what Naminé means, as she did a poor job of explaining what she truly felt...