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May 7th, 2006, 10:55 AM
Kept the memory of the first sight, so
I could fight my way to this special day,
To stay on the top, so I could be the first,
That says: "I love you, more than you know",
"And if everybody leaves you, I will be the last
one to go, just to bring everybody back".

Endlessly my soul feels the burn of time,
Because those words now seem so hollow,
Like they are not enough, not strong enough,
Because I need to say them a million times
a day so they would be at least a small part
of what my soul and mind feels for you.

Through all the ages that have passed by.
I only wished to thank you for every moment
that you spend living, because I know that
at least one of those moments is for me.
Thank you because you are not afraid
to show me what I mean to you.

This one, that is to come, is only meant for
The ones that see the way through all there is,
never fearing what awaits after the next curve,
they know that every step was the best choice.
And as the time lures them closer they have no
fear in their eyes, they only know to smile.

You, because you are my one true love,
that will conquer all. And angels, that sing a name
which must be yours, know how much I love
to see you smile. And they cry when they see
me crying, knowing that their sacrifice is
worthwhile, in the end that is all that they know.

Now, this is my first English poem. ^_^ I hope you like it ~_^
Oh, and please rate it.

And before I forget: Look at the first letters(on my language it is called akrostih, on English I don't know). And at every first sentence(they make a seperate verse).

May 9th, 2006, 1:26 PM
*cries* Me is very sorry for double-posting, but doesn't anybody have anything to say to my poem?