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May 9th, 2006, 3:42 PM
Every time I look into your eyes
My stomach soars with butterflies
But inside I sob and moan,
And fight back tears,
These are actions you won’t see,
And ones that no one hears
You make me utterly confused,
All my emotions are used.

I want you so badly,
Just your voice makes me die
But I love you so much,
You make me want to fly.

You laugh, you giggle,
And you tease me with silence,
You are oh so pure
One child without a mind clouded by violence.


I always see her walking,
I hardly ever hear her talking,
As she walks past,
I look up,
And so does she,
I smile at her,
And she smiles at me,
Her smile always gets me mesmerized,
The greast feeling in the world,
Is when I look into her eyes,
She is so amazing,
Her beauty is devine,
I can’t believe,
She’s finally mine.
I love this girl,
She’s the most beautiful thing,
In this beautiful world.
Her smile makes me fly,
And her voice can stop time,
But sometimes she’s so shy,
Her voice she can’t find.
I love her.

No One Knows

The crimson blood runs out of my veins,
Washing away my sorrows,
Through this bodily pain,
The blade kisses my arm,
A simple love and an addiction is built,
This is the only thing that keeps me calm,
I don’t think about the guilt,
When I slice the skin,
And draw forth the blood,
My pale skin seems paper thin,
As the razor cuts it away,
I smile as I harm myself,
More and more each day,
I love the feel of the metal in my flesh,
I get my pleasures from the pain,
And my thrills from the thought of death,
I’m hurting more than myself,
With every cut it gets deeper,
I put my friends on the shelf,
I only think of myself,
My addiction grows,
And no one knows,
About my guilty pleasure,
About the razor that I treasure.


No matter what you hear,
No matter what they say,
Whisper in my ear,
Tell me you’ll always be here to stay,

If I do something wrong,
If I was to mess up tonight,
You’d still be here for me right?

You’ll never let me fall,
Into darkness again,
If I come to you, if I crawl,
Will you still love me then?

You have found,
A certain place in my heart,
It feels so right,
I’ve wanted you here from the start.

If I died tomorrow,
Would you even shead a tear,
Would you weep in sorrow,
Would you still be here?

It’s hasn’t be long,
From the beginging to now,
But already I am attached,
Live without you? How?

I look into her
and I tell her that I’m here to stay.
She smiles
And I know there’s nothing else to say.

I love her.
I always will.
I’ll be the first one at her bed,
And the last one to leave,
When she’s ill.

She’s the most
Girl I have ever met.
I am addticted to her,
And it’s dangerous
But don’t fret.

I love her so it’s all ok,
I tell her she’s the one,
I make a point to tell her
Each day.

If she were to slip away from this world,
I don’t know if I’d ever find,
Another girl.
No one as amazing,
No, never.
I will
Love her,
In life and in death,

I call her my darlning,
I tell her she’s my dear,
A simple love is all I ever need to hear,
I need no gifts,
Nothing from her at all,
I would do anything,
For a single call.
Because I
Love her.

A person like her,
One in a million I suppose,
When I smile to her,
I don’t have to say a word,
She just knows,
I love her.

Cannot live without,
The taste of her kiss,
Can’t go on without the sound of
Her voice,
Can’t live without the way
She jokes and toys.
i’ll never find another girl,
With such charm and poise.

She’s the only reason
I live,
She’s the only way that,
I love.
She completes me,
In every possible way,
I love her more and more,
Every day.


Leave Vietnam

The people raved and protested,
This war we were fighting.
While objectors were arrested,
Because they weren’t promising nor’ plighting,

To fight for our country.
To fight the useless cause.
They wouldn’t fight for an army,
That broke international laws.

Chemical weapons were fired,
Against the Vietnamese.
America tortured and beat prisoners,

Napalm and agent orange,
Covered the tips of the trees.
We became our own,
Worst enemies.

Soldiers continued to fight.
We continued to die.
As the mothers cried,
Their drafted sons died.

These dead were the poor,
The poor had to kill,
They couldn’t go to college,
Because their pockets they couldn’t fill.

We wanted out of this war,
This was a place we shouldn’t be,
Why are we here?
Why can’t these politicians see?

America hated this war,
And they hated those that fought,
We treated our soldiers horribly.
We did harsh things on the spot.

Our soldiers’ wounds and bruises,
Will fade and be forgotten,
But the minds will be forever scarred,
The sounds and feelings never forgotten.

most of them are written about past girlfriends. along with a poem about a dark time when i used to be caught up in the whole world of self-mutilation. the last poem was one written for a history report i did. and i really liked it. so i felt it should be here. its all about the vietnam war. and how horrible it was.

code zerro the deluge
May 9th, 2006, 3:44 PM
i like it. a it longer than I expected but I like it.

May 9th, 2006, 3:49 PM
did you actually take the time out to read all of them? because i am a very fast reader and it took me like five or ten minutes to read through them all. and that was almost at a skimming pace. i am not saying you have to read my poetry. but by the way you worded your reply you made it sound like you read it all. just wondering.

code zerro the deluge
May 9th, 2006, 4:17 PM
ohh my bad didn't see the titles. heheheh. still good.

May 25th, 2006, 4:56 PM
have you ever felt that feeling
running down your spine?
or ever just knew
that you werent good enough?
ever cried
just because you exist?
or have you ever looked at someone
and knew that they were better than you?
that people looked at them different
just because they are themself?
do you try to rationalize your thoughts
that just maybe you werent meant to live
every single day?
is happiness something you see as unreachable?
is it something you try not to think about
for fear of going insane?
do you talk to yourself
because you know you are the only one who cares?

if you could see into my soul.
youd see its pure.
and that there is no other reason.
for my existance.
than you.
if you wanted me to.
id live for you.
id die for you.
and anything in between.
you are everything.
and you dont even care.
just smile.
and continue on.
youll forget i even existed.
in due time.

i like the way these poems flow. and although they are short. i like how they came out.

May 25th, 2006, 5:31 PM
Aye, they're quite good. I'm wondering if one of the poems about past girlfriends was about myself. *grins demonically* Yes, 'tis I. Saphira.

May 26th, 2006, 12:50 PM
thank you. poetry is my passion. and no none of the ones i wrote about you are here. thats because most of them were written within a p.m. or on the spot in a signiture or such. with no hard copies ever made. some of those were actually quite good too. a pity i dont have any of them. well anyhow. thanks for your compliment. : ].

May 26th, 2006, 12:55 PM
*sighs* Not a problem. We all have our strong points and weak points.

May 27th, 2006, 6:08 AM
I suppose so.

So any other comments? I shall post a new one soon enough.