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J. Bangle
May 10th, 2006, 7:23 PM
4 wedle(CFF)
3 kakuna(fast evolution)
4 bedrill(RG)
3 mew ex
2 Porygon
2 Porygon2

3 Celio's
3 Dual Ball
4 Rare Candy
4 Master Ball
2 Mentor
3 Steven's
3 Ruins
2 Admin.
1 Retriever
2 Energy Root

11 Grass
1 Holon Guy
1 Scramble

Lets see what makes this deck well:
Mew Ex 90 HP: The obvious thing about the Mew is that it can copy Weedle/Kakuna's/Beedrill's attack.
Mew Ex can use the attacks of all pokemon in play as its own.(You still need the necessary energy to use each attack.)
I dont use its actual attack so I'm not gonna put it.

Weedle/Kakuna/Beedrill: The main guys in the deck
Weedle 50 HP: He helps you get your deck set up to start attacking.
Call for Family:Search your deck for up to 2 basic pokemon and put them on to your bench. Shuffle your deck afterwards.

Poison Spurt: Discard a energy attached to Weedle. The defending pokemon is now poisoned.

Kakuna 70 HP:
Fast Evolution: Search your deck for an evolution card, show it to your opponent, and put it in your hand. Shuffle your deck afterward.

(C)(C)(C) Rollout 30

Beedrill 90 HP: This is the pokemon that makes this deck really tick. He can do 140 if you have 3 other Beedrill in play.
Poison Sting 20
The defending pokemon is now poisoned.

Team Play(not sure if that's the name, I use japanese ones) 50
This attack does 50 + 30 for each Beedrill you have in play not including this one.

Pidgeot line: Searching purposes obviously.

Master Ball and Dual Ball.
These are the main search cards in the deck. These can help you get set up faster so you can start attacking sooner. Master Ball has helped me get out of some sticky situations. Dual just helpes me get set up faster.

Rare Candy: Obvious reason for it being in here, to speed up evolutions. The card that is pretty essential in most if not all decks that use stage 2 pokemon.

Celio's: To get your pokemon faster. Search card that gets a non-ex pokemon from your deck.

Steven's: For draw power. Max draw of six cards.

Desert Ruins: Kill those pesky ex's. Also the counter stadium in my deck to get rid of Cursed Stone, Battle Frontier, etc.

Admin.: Disruption. Can really be costly to your opponent late in the game.

Mentor: Gets pokemon out fast. Enough said.

Retriever: Get back KO'd pokemon. Also used to replenish your deck if you are getting low on cards.

I'm not gonna explain the energy because they are pretty obvious.

LBS: 50/50 In my opinion this deck can keep up with LBS as long as you play your game flawlessly. When I played against LBS I was actually faster than this deck. When my opponent brought out the Steelix Ex I wasn't too worried because I had 2 Mew Ex's in play. He ko'd one and I ko'd it with my other Mew. Then he Lugia'd me but since it doesn't have grass resistance I just ko'd it with my Beedrill.

Rock-Lock: 50/50 This is gonna be a tough match up just because it's Rock-Lock. With all the search cards in this deck you can get your stage 2's out without having to rare candying too much. I always try and rare candy my pidgeot as fast as possible because while they are setting up during the first few turns I can also get set up without rare candying stuff. When they rock my Pidgeot you are gonna be at least 90% set up and can start attacking. Also. Dark T-Tar(Sand Damage) is weak to grass which also helps.

Cham Variants: 70/30 Doesn't really affect my deck except for one card, Pidgeot. Remeber, you DO NOT really need it to get set up in this deck, it's just an assister to the main pokemon. Since Cham is weak to psychic you can knock it out pretty easily.

Queendom: 80/20 You have a huge advantage based on the fact that Queen is weak to grass. Since this deck won't be stopping your Pidgeot, you can set up fast. If you need a turn to get something set up you can just bring out the Pidgeot for stall since it has resistance to fighting.

ZRE: 60/40 This is one of those games based on who gets set up faster. You really want to go first in this game. You want this game to last for a long time. The longer it goes on, the more of an advantage you'll have. Also, you want to play smart in this.

Metanite:30/70 This deck can pose a real problem to you. I haven't played against this yet so I don't have much information on this matchup yet. I'm betting after I play against this deck, some crystal shards will be going in this deck.

These are the decks I have played against so far. I would like to play against these decks:
POW! Block

If you have any of these decks and would like to play me on apprentice just contact me on AIM: BJBangle

Thank You,
J. Bangle

June 16th, 2006, 12:00 PM
ok this deck goes over most ppls heads on this forum =P
also pidgeot should not be played with mewdrill...
replace it with cargo OR *in my opinion much better* Porygon2
also this deck needs like atleast 2 energy root.

J. Bangle
June 16th, 2006, 2:15 PM
ok this deck goes over most ppls heads on this forum =P
also pidgeot should not be played with mewdrill...
replace it with cargo OR *in my opinion much better* Porygon2
also this deck needs like atleast 2 energy root.

wow i forgot about this. Man this is an old version of this deck. I have changed it since and yes Porygon2 is better than Pidgeot in this deck. Plus it got me a Top 4 finish at a GC.

*Mewdrill to win worlds*- You heard it here first

Typhlosion ex fans
June 21st, 2006, 11:15 PM
Well, your deck almost same with my friend deck but he add jirachi (make a wish).