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J. Bangle
May 11th, 2006, 2:51 PM
3 Mew EX LM
3 Claw Fossil
3 Root Fossil
2 Mysterious Fossil
2 Aerodactyl LM
3 Anorith LM
2 Armaldo HP
2 Lileep LM
2 Cradily LM

4 Holon Fossil
2 Rare Candy
3 Master Ball
4 Strange Cave
2 Admin.
2 Strength Charm
2 Switch
3 Steven's

2 Holon GL
4 Holon Mag
4 React
4 Grass

1. Mew EX - desirable.
2. Fossils - nothing wrong here. You can discard them any time, or build them up into monsters. No prize for opponent, no Special Conditions possible. Claw will retaliate 1 dmg ctr, and Root will heal itself every turn. Take your pick. Mysterious is the least desirable, so we have 2.

The Pokemon:
1. Aerodactyl LM - The main selling point here is Safeguard, which you attain with 3 Colorless Energy. Mew gets the Safeguard next turn by using the attack. Can do 20 damage for 1 Energy. Nifty. Aerodacyl acts as the "Crystal Shard" of the deck.
2. Anorith LM - Your ideal T1 Benched Pokemon. This will, for 1 Colorless, get you 2 more Fossils on the Bench. So, if Mew is Active, and Anorith is Benched, you now have 3 other Pokemon (not counting your opponents') which Mew can copy. Can also do 40 damage for C.React.
3. Armaldo HP - A big bad monster. T2 you do 70 damage, because you will not likely be using a Supporter much in this deck (see below). T3 you do 50 damage and hit 1 of opponent's Benched Pokemon for 30 (if you discard a Fossil or Holon Fossil, which is pretty likely at least twice in the game). Bench hits will set up Cradily.
4. Lileep LM - A good T1 alternative with a React Energy. Will do 20 damage for a React attached (or attached to Mew, remember). You get to do 20+ Confuse for G.C.
5. Cradily LM - There would be no reason to play Lileep, and probably not this deck, without Cradily. For a Colorless and a React, you devolve 1 of your opponent's Pokemon. This will follow Armaldo's 2nd attack BUT Cradily also has a Bench hitting attack: 30 to any opponent's Pokemon for G.C! So you can cut into opponent's Bench two ways with this deck. Mud Shot 50 for C.C.C too.
6. Mew EX - Mew does 2 things here. First, it copies all the attacks mentioned above so that your Pokemon don't have to keep retreating or switching. Second, its attack will go into the deck and GET the React energy you need for some of the above attacks. Then, you get to Switch out Mew. Naturally, Mew is susceptible to some things, but not Desert Ruins.

1. Holon Fossil is absolutely necessary. Ideally, you want to T1 an Anorith to the Bench with or without Mew Active. In fact, a Fossil Active is probably the best bet. Then, you can discard the fossil, bring up Anorith or Mew (depending on your opponent's setup) and fill your bench with goodness. It's got some bad points but 3 Anorith, and the other trainers in this deck, make it likely to get an Anorith T1. If not, you will almost guaranteed get Lileep or Aerodactyl to the Bench instead.
2. Rare Candy. There is no T1 lock or smashdown here, so 4 would be overkill, and we need room for other trainers besides. Included for the occasional time when you have only Fossil and Armaldo or Cradily in hand.
3. PokeNav. You say, "ugh!" BUT, Celio's can't get you Mew EX (or a Fossil), and will impede Armaldo's 2nd attack...Dual Ball can only get Mew and requires flipping..Great Ball is useless..Lanette's is nearly so. Also, as a Trainer, you can use 1 or more per turn. Additionally, you might find a stray React Energy for yourself!
4. Master Ball. Supplements Pokenav.
5. PETM. Our first supporter. Will do well where Pokenav and MasterBall fail. Secondary consideration kind of necessary if you want to play against MewTrick at all.
6. Desert Ruins. Considered Strange Cave, but seems like Holon Fossil fits the bill.
7. Rocket's Admin. Our second and final Supporter. At least you will get a new hand and cause some disruption.
8. Strength Charm. This will help Mew get T1 KO of Spinarak...maybe.
9. Switch. Get out of Special Conditions. Move out heavy Pokemon when necessary.

STRATEGY OF ENERGY: Grass is the main consideration for Cradily and the use of Holon GL. Others mostly use Colorless. The odd Fighting or Metal need can be filled with Holon Magneton, which can be found with PETM. Holon Mag is imperative for Armaldo and Mew. React Energy need is obvious. Holon GL will go on Fossil Evolutions for help vs. Flariados, Dunsparce, Burn decks, etc.