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May 12th, 2006, 12:19 PM
Chapter One : The Journey To Become A Champion

The day's have been getting so long counting down to Futaba's three new aspiring trainer's day when they leave on there gym challenge journey. First is the most honored and promised aspiring trainer Derin. Derin is the local professors nephew, who even Pro.Bloom think's is a little full of himself. Yes but family is family and you can bet your bottem dollar that he will get the strongest pokemon today, still this story is'nt about him. This story is about a boy who lives two houses down named Rico. Rico is a less fortunate aspiring trainer, but has loved pokemon since birth trainings in his blood. See 2 years before he was born back when his parents lived in Hoenn his brother Brendan left home for the same reasons but never returned and his father was a former Gym Leader back in his day.Well and i really do have to include the third trainer no matter how dinse and empty that head of her's may be. I give you Pearl, Rico's sister and furternal twin. She is beginning her journey because she feels her life is going nowhere and plus she think's it's cool. Well enough of the introducing there's a long road ahead.

" Rico.... Ricooo!!! Get up, Get up now we have to be at the Professors like 10 minutes ago." Pearl yelled up the stairway

" Rico!!!" She yelled one more time before flipping her hair back and stomping up the staircase.

When she got to Rico's room the door was closed. She knocked twice and waited. No one answered her. So with no stall she burst open the door. The room had been stripped and there was no Rico, only a letter by the computer. Pearl picked up the letter and began to read.

Hey i know you would be running a little late. If your reading this dont worry about me im already down at the lab.
Your Brother

Pearl stood there dumbstruck going over the letter again and again taking all of it in. After a few moment's she apeared to come to her sinses and was clearing staircases and busting down doors but not forgetting to grab her new white and red beenie she got from her father.


Pearl, Rico, and Derin all stood in front of Pro. Bloom. A table seperated them. On the table sat 3 pokedexes, 3 PokeNav V5.0's, 5 Empty Pokeballs beside each Pokedex, 3 different pokeballs. They all had there eye's on this. Pro. Bloom cracked the slightest smile as he began to adress them.

" Okey, first i want Pearl to come up here." he said, nodding his head in Pearl's direction.

Pearl let out the faintest sound, something remotely similiar to a giggle mixed with a gasp. Then walked up to the side of the table and looked up at Pro. Bloom.

" Pearl, the middle pokemon is your's, after some concederation i figured you would NEED the strongest one i have....... and here is your Pokemon permit and your Region Map!" He exclaimed.

Pearl gathered her things and jetted out the door. The same thing happened when he called Derin up. Derin acted more arrogant then ever to his uncle, guessing he was a little upset he did'nt get " the strongest " pokemon he had. Finally the Professor looked at Rico and grinned.

"..... ah and Rico, finally time eh ? Well im proud im the one to give you this. Not because your a determined trainer, not because your a smart strategist, all because you love pokemon and your heart's in it and here you are your Region Map, your Pokemon Permit, and your official superior advice!" Pro. Bloom exclaimed.

He could tell he just confused Rico from the extremely puzzled look on his face. Rico was grabbing his thing's and about to leave when the professor went to hand him his permit and map though he leaned in a little closer. In a voice hardly above a whisper he spoke again to Rico.

" You know, if there is anyone your looking for, anyone in the world. You need only follow the path of Champions." he said to Rico as he nodded his head and bid him farewell.

Rico was taking all of this end on his walk home. What in the world was he talking about......finding anyone in the world....Path Of Champions..... what did any of that mean ?

Later on that evening after Pearl and Rico had ate there last meal with there mother and father and said goodbye to them they both left together.

They walked and walked untill they reached the outskirts of Futaba Town. When they stopped to notice the road split into two directions.

" Wich route are you taking ? " Rico asked Pearl.

" Route 1, and you ? " Pearl asked him.

Rico looked around and noticed a small picket sign barely standing pointing into a forest path that said " Route 0 "

" I reckon' this is where we seperate then sister !" Rico exclaimed.

" You know what, i wanna see what pokemon you got before we go our way's." Pearl said back to him.

Rico laughed and reached behind his back where his Pokeball slot was kept on his belt. He Threw his ball into the air...........
" Go, Buizeru!" he said aloud.

Buizeru exited the pokeball and started looking around.

" Heh, that's it..... Go .....Manyula!!' yelled Pearl.

Buizeru stopped looking around when he noticed Manyula out the corner of his eye.

" Buizeru, use scratch." Rico said.

Buizeru sprung at Manyula and scratched him across the face!

Buizeru: Lv. 5 = HP: 28/28
Manyula Lv. 5 = HP: 26/32

" Manyula.......ummm....dang what was that move again...uh come on.. yeah yeah ..... Manyula, use Bite!" Pearl ordered.

Manyula jumped at Buizeru sinking it's teeth into Buizeru!!

Buizeru: Lv. 5 = HP: 19/28
Manyula Lv. 5 = HP: 26/32

Rico stood there for a moment thinking.

" Buizeru, use Water Gun !" Rico said.

Buizeru drew back it's head then realesed a jet stream of water at Manyula.
It's A Critical Hit!!

Buizeru: Lv. 5 = 19/28
Manyula Lv. 5 = 13/32

" No that's not fair, okey you wanna use different moves, i know some too ha, Manyula use Tail Whip!!" Pearl said.

The Manyula ran at Buizeru but Buizeru dodged the attack.

" Buizeru, Water Gun!!!" yelled Rico.

Buizeru did the same attack as before but this time he was air borne and directly over top of Manyula. Manyula took the full blast of it and fainted.

Pearl withdrew him. She stared at the ground then looked up at Rico smiling.

" You know, you better be glad i let you win that one. " Pearl said to him nodding her head knowingly.

" Uh huh " was all he replied.

" Oh here's a potion, spray that on Buizeru." Pearl said to him as she threw him a potion and started off down Route 1.

Rico juss stared after her while Buizeru gained his Experience.

Experience Gained: 69
Buizeru Level'd up to Lv. 6

Latias,the happy
May 12th, 2006, 2:25 PM
Isn't Buizeru an orange dog thing?Manyula is the evolution of Sneasel.Plus,you spelled lots of things wrong and have a little bad grammar.Good story,though.

May 12th, 2006, 9:17 PM
someone please lock this or something as i am now reading over what i wrote and it just aint exactly something i would like to continue writing to

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Next time, you may want to PM me in order to get a specific request fulfilled.

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