View Full Version : UF Box. Opened + Placed In Binder

May 12th, 2006, 4:53 PM
I don't know where to put this so here it is.

I finally got my box of Unseen Forces and at first a was a little disappointed and now i'm very satisfied because of some cards. Around 12 packs left, I pulled a very wanted card, STEELIX EX w00t!

Here i'll list my ex's and some of my holos.

Persian Ex [Came in the box. A freebie woot]
Tyranitar Ex [Nifty :)]
Feraligatr Ex [For my water deck!]
Steelix Ex [Don't hide your jealousy :P]

Random Holos

Uraring [x2 one reverse 1 normal holo]
Porygon2 [reverse]
Octillery [x2 one reverse 1 normal holo]
Bellossom [Oh Yeah]
Meganium [Bouncy Move o.o]
Ariados [Awesome Card, ya gotta see it]
Jolteon [hehe all 3]
Electrabuzz [Even though they arent normally holo, I'm posting because I got 3 norms, 1 reverse]

Metal Energy [x4 3 normal 1 reverse]
Darkness Energy

Ask if you want to know about my regular rares plenty of reverse versions of them and stuff. :)