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May 16th, 2006, 12:46 PM
Hey! Im making a game on rpgxp called Pokemon Legend of Articuno, and I thought to myself: "Hey maybe I should write a story about it" so I did...I'll post the chapters one at a time as many people in here do, but im starting with the Prouloge so here it is, please leave comments:

Pokemon: Legend of Articuno


What would you say if a proffeser said you had to save the world?
What would you say if you were told that youre going on a quest that could easily claim your life?
You may say things like "Wikid" or "that would be fun" but when the time really came you would be petrified...In shock, Scared of your own destiny...
But for Ice it was diffrent!

ICE is a Coreagous person, he may not have a Pokemon but he is well known in his home town Sentret Valley for his good deeds aroud the town, the only person who was against the Sentrets being Banned from the valley and solved the mystery of the shadow dratini! What more could you ask?
He lived in Sentret Valley, a small town in a valley on the Takatle Mountains, The town was famous for the amounts of sentrets that entered and made nest's in the valley....but the fame is starting to drop beacuse the sentrets were banned from the town beacuse the caused trouble, they stole food, drank from the valleys water supply and on rare cases even attacked a civillian for absoulotly no reason, the town couldn't put up with this so they had to take action, the town was covered completly with Pokemon inc Latest invention Super Ultra Max Repel, this can't be purchased anywhere and is only given to people who have exellant reasons, this repel will last up to a maxamin of two whole years!

The story starts on a rainy day, it was so rainy even Kyrouge would stay in his shelter...well thats slight over exaggeraition, anyway the phone rang, it sounded like a pokemon tune that echoed through the house. Ice's mum picked up the phone and pressed the speaker onto her ear...all was silent for the next five minutes, after that Ice's mum started to cheer and ran into Ice's room shouting " The Prof said you can get a Pokemon"

Sorry for the short length, hey its only the prolouge the other chapters will be longer...