View Full Version : Where Should I EV Train?

April 6th, 2004, 11:11 AM
I Wanna KKnow, This is my first time Ev Training so i dun know shizzle.

April 6th, 2004, 12:22 PM
Attack - The bottom floor (and maybe the second and third) of Mt Pyre
has only shuppets (+1 attack). This is Sapphire Only.

- The desert in Route 111. There, you'll find Baltoy (Attack 2)
and Trapinch (Attack 1). Unfortunately, you'll find Cacnea
(Sp.Att. 1) and Sandshrew (Defense 1) just as often, so run
from them.

Defense - The bottom floor (and maybe the second and third) of Mt Pyre
has only duskulls (+1 defense). This is Ruby Only.
(Contributed by CK1)

- Go underwater on Route 124 (probably any other underwater area
will be the same). Clamperl (Defense 1) is most common there,
but Chinchou (HP 1) and Relicanth (HP 1 & Defense 1) are also

Speed - Walk in the grass on Route 118. You will find Electrike
(Speed 1), Linoone (Speed 2), Manectric (Speed 2), Wingull
(Speed 1) and Zigzagoon (Speed 1). Kecleon (Sp.Def. 1) is
also here, but it's rare, so you can run from it when it

Sp. Attack - Route 112. You'll find Numel (Sp.Att. 1). Machop (Attack 1)
is also there, but it's not as common. You should run from
the rest.

- Route 113, fight Spinda. You'll only occasionally encounter
Sandshew and Skarmory

Sp. Defense - Abandoned Ship and Surf in the pool on the left side of
floor 1. You will find Tentacool (Sp.Def. 1) and Tentacruel
(Sp.Def. 2). There's only one place you can surf inside the
ship, so it shouldn't be too hard to find.

P.S. This was copied from a faq my friend gave to me.