View Full Version : Sonic Adventure DX

April 6th, 2004, 4:23 PM
Who here has Sonic Adventure DX

April 6th, 2004, 5:33 PM
I haven't played it as yet, but when I first heard about it and saw that it said "Director's Cut" I thought the story would be something like Sonic being defeated or something like that XP.

April 7th, 2004, 11:47 AM
I loved the original, love this one. Chaos is my second favorite Sonic character (bet you can't guess my favorite). 2 of 3 of my favorite Robotnik inventions come from this game as well, the Egg Viper and Egg Carrier (Death Egg being the third). I also like playing as Gamma, and the music is great.

April 8th, 2004, 7:41 PM
hey shadow i know how to get gold chao and a black

April 16th, 2004, 2:15 PM
The way to get a gold chao is funny, black is easy. I love this game(I noticed I'm the only one who voted awesome).

Flygon trainer
April 16th, 2004, 2:46 PM
I never got the game. why? Sparks has it. and between me and him, with him being the only person who can play Amy Rose, we finished the game in 4 hours or less. my guide to the dreamcast version is still effective...

April 16th, 2004, 5:28 PM
heh it is fun isint it and we all voted COOL cause was in caps and it was at top so ment realy realy realy good