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May 20th, 2006, 4:28 PM
Originally titled: Trials of Reluctance
Disclaimer- I do not own Pokemon or anything else.

Rain poured unforgiving in an urban area painted in black and white. The only being bearing proof of life’s beauty: A woman with short curly brown hair wearing a violet dress, held onto a beautiful but very large golden ring with odd markings in its center backed away from the savage people surrounding her.

“Enchantress! How much longer will we suffer from you?” A male voice roars.

“Do you think you’re the only one who knows the pain of loss? You‘re so selfish it disgusts me to the very core…” A female voice adds.

“Our home- No, our world has no need for beings like you trying to shift it to your twisted desires.” An elderly voice growls.

The mob began to close in, leaving the woman to grip the ring tightly as she gave out a horrified scream for help in any form to arrive. As if reacting to her hold, the ring began to resonate lightly until a piercing light shot down from dulled skies, engulfing the woman in a radiant aura that push the mob back.

With another flash, cotton balls began to swarm about the area bringing feelings of confusion and fear amongst the people. This feeling only heightened when the cotton began to spark with stinging electricity when the silhouette of a fluffy creature known as the wool Pokemon Mareep made its appearance in the sky.

Mareep kept its focus on the startled ring holder before closing it’s eyes understandingly, making a loud cry that forced the electric cotton balls to activate at full blast!

Every time I stare out into the wide blue sky, I can’t help but realize how fortunate it is to exist.

Earth, a planet blessed with so much mystery and beauty... It’s no shock Pokemon choose to live alongside us as this realm’s strongest protectors of life and secrets.

Pokemon, beings that appear so unstoppable and eternal, beings that can freely manipulate the very element of life as if to mock their meager human living mates…

The mystery around these creatures and their unknown destined connection to the wasteful human begins is one that spanned for ages. A feeling of magic and adventure that linked two seemingly different beings to each other creating a bond that lasted as long as the time guardian could tell…

All that once antagonized the woman were now vaporized…

She now watched helplessly as her wool savior shuddered in massive pain. Eventually, the little Pokemon gave into these ill feelings and forcefully faded away…

Taking its place was the slow approach of a girl in school uniform who can easily be dubbed a wide-eyed, twelve or thirteen-year-old look-a-like… Well, had not been for her long (rather bizarre-looking) bangs.

The woman’s worry washed away to tearful relief when she ran to give the familiar face a hug… This only created the end result of the girl forcing her hand through the woman’s stomach…

…But there are many things in this world coated by love and hatred that a magical heart cannot cure…

Blood seeped down the woman’s lips as she slowly faced the child who gave her nothing more than a feral expression. She made no response to the woman’s tears or the golden ring, which shattered when hitting the floor…

That is when we look to our dreams as we fly into the horizon...

Chapter 0 (Part A) - Fly! Downtown Violet hot-blood story

(Johto Region: Violet City)

“Eh? Johto’s best lost to Kanto’s in the exhibition?” A woman queries to her circle of four friends. “Nothing surprising, those Kanto-breeds are impenetrable powerhouses.”

“Kanto sure does have a mighty ego though; wanting to pit their Gym Leaders against our own in a fight for what was it? Kicks?! More like an instant massacre…” Shrugs the other woman, who had her salon-done hair protected.

“b-But our Falkner fought very hard!” A woman a tad younger than the rest of her middle-aged acquaintances blurts. She then broke into an unsure mutter. “…though I didn’t really see the match on TV myself…that’s what I heard… He even defeated the… person with the thing…”

The other four women turned to their youngest acquaintance with expressions of clear annoyance.

“The ninja girl from Fuchsia City if that’s “the thing” you’re talking about, withdrew before the battle even started for ninja related matters or something.” The third of the women grinned. “Who can understand these modern day ninjas anyway? Bunch of overgrown children in tights running around legally with knives if you ask me.”

“Only in Kanto!” The four middle-aged women confirm with chuckles.

Their laughter was short lived thanks to the sound of sirens from an ambulance speeding towards its destination.

“Such a racket… And no surprise, it‘s heading to Kageyama Junior High…” The second woman sighs.

Though not saying anything, the youngest woman watched the direction of the ambulance with a nervous expression. It wasn’t until she heard the description of the child and the injuries suffered from random people chasing the vehicle that made her lose all sense of balance to give chase as well.

“It’s a sad thing isn’t it?” The first woman muttered dejectedly.

The third woman nods. “That Lynette… She thought of no one but herself by inflicting the hot-blood curse in THIS place of history and sanctity!”

“Considering Violet’s history, the Pokemon gang related violence from local youths was a problem far greater than a child who just became the butt of blame only two-years-ago.” The final of the woman spoke sternly. “How do you think Lynette feels about all this?”

“You act as if we want out hearts to waver towards Lynette!” The first woman shouts. “We cried just as much as Lynette did when she lost her first child, but her second child… something that should have suffered a similar fate…”

The first woman had trouble trying to finish her words leaving the second of the group to leave her own input. “Such a horrible era for Violet… With Falkner‘s so-called clan of bird-users declining Violet really has nothing left…” she sighs. “It’s just so shocking how her child, not some jealous outsider that brought about the fall of the Pokemon passionate Hiromi family…”

Everyone but the fourth woman, who shook her head, agreed to this conclusion.

As the ambulance continued to speed towards its location, a woman with short curly brown hair wearing an every-day-wear dress for autumn with a matching jacket and pair of shoes tightened her hold on the two grocery bags she held while watching the vehicle zoom towards the all too familiar path.

The woman, dubbed by many as bringer of Violet’s dark era, better known as Lynette Hiromi, found herself having to hold both bags with one arm in order to pull out her cell phone from her right jacket pocket.

Taking one look at the message the woman sighed.

(Kageyama Junior High: Principal’s office)

Mrs. Hiromi sat stiffly in her chair. Biting the bottom of her lip, the woman could only steal a few looks at the Principal, who calmly called for security to break-up the fighting between Kageyama’s chief rival groups the Delibird Caters and Aipom Riders that went on right in front of his closed office door.

It really puzzled the woman how the man could be so calm with those children banging on the door like that… Moreover-

“Mrs. Hiromi,” The Principal began coolly. “I’ve been in the education field from the bottom-up. I have come to meet many kinds of children with their own little stories of sorts… I come to learn your daughter May possesses quite a tale. As much joy I feel to be selected the man to ready such a child for the qualms of society, I grieve.” he continues. “The overly-violent outbursts May inflicts on her peers seem to be too much for this school to endure… As much as destiny calls, I must think of the larger scope.”

“I won‘t reprimand my daughter defending herself!” Mrs. Hiromi countered to his surprise. “I acknowledge the frustration you must feel, as much as I understand the pain any parent would face when your child comes back home cut and bruised from a place where they’re supposed to learn such methods of resolving matters aren’t the way…”
Mrs. Hiromi places her hands where the heart is to emphasize her feelings. “My child always comes home to me with cuts and bruises, never tells me a word, yet I’m stuck hearing all the damage she caused!”

“Mrs. Hiromi, I understand the distress you feel for your obviously troubled child but we cannot ignore the facts.” The Principal reasons. “While she gains cuts and skinned knees the others who cross her leave with fractures and casts. She’s also reported to be a frequent no-show for classes and because of all this, I greatly fear for her future…”

The Principal felt relief when the “reality” sinks into Mrs. Hiromi.

“Do not fret Mrs. Hiromi, I do not believe you bear witchcraft or your daughter a mythical creature of any caliber. She is just a child who is unable to keep up with the pace our faculty is offering thus, in all her frustration shows inability rationalize her behavior and act like a functioning human being.” he confirms. “In all my years, I came across only a handful of children that Ahem, possessed that special need-”

“Yes, my daughter is special…” Mrs. Hiromi interrupts. “She’s a beautiful, intelligent, passionate and honest child who’d I’d sell my soul many times over to claim as my own!”

“It is understandable for a parent to disbelieve the truth of their offspring-”

Mrs. Hiromi angrily stands up and slams her hands against the Principal’s desk. “Why don’t you pull your head out of that dictionary and that poorly pressed Italian suit to stop worrying about that dream home you plan to own in one of the regional territories and start focusing on the present!”

The Principal held nothing but annoyance on his face when he told the curly-haired brunette to refrain talking to him like that any time in the future. Mrs. Hiromi ignored this and made her way to the door.

“…I apologize you feel so ruffled about this Mrs. Hiromi… though in time- No,” The Principal cuts himself off. “You made the correct move… perhaps the school’s reputation can finally refurbish-”

Mrs. Hiromi stops in her place to face the man once more. “Yes and good luck picking up your career in this right-out-of-a-kung-fu-movie junior high school! Oh, and it’s very unbecoming of a man to worry over a hard to see balding spot to put on a full head toupee!”

The woman then stormed out of the room, leaving the Principal to adjust his rather displaced toupee.

(Some time later: Nurse‘s Office)

A “freaked out” expression is the best way to explain Mrs. Hiromi’s face after spending so much of her time dodging fight-crazed students just to find an empty nurse’s office.

Perhaps May’s condition escalated into something that had her rushed to the hospital… Or worse, she could’ve been nabbed by other students for personal revenge!

These thoughts made the worrisome woman grow into a shaky daze.


Mrs. Hiromi weakly turned to and was run over by a dark-haired young woman whose most noticeable features aside from the crazed look on her face, was her glasses, the white medical coat and the first-aid kit she held.

It wasn’t long until the crazy-I mean, Kageyama Junior High school nurse stepped out of the office with a strained expression. Muttering: “I can’t believe it” over and over.

The nurse wanted to curse her fate a little further but felt all life freeze over when noticing a rather sullen Mrs. Hiromi grabbing onto her ankle.

“May… what happened to my adorable May…”

The nurse gave a dot-eyed look while sweatdropping. Without even giving it too much thought, she helped Mrs. Hiromi up, saying nothing for the remainder of the time.

“So… you have no clue where my May would go around this time?”

The nurse blankly shakes her head, leaving Mrs. Hiromi to fall into another slump.

“Sorry if I’m interrupting but… I know where the Hiromi Devil is.”

Both women turn to see a shy girl, quite tall her age, whose most noticeable features had to be the Kageyama Junior High uniform, an official dress code that hardly any student in that school took seriously. The second would be her obvious purple contacts and wild two-tone (believably dyed) auburn hairstyle that gave her that dominatrix feel.

Mrs. Hiromi figured looking like that would avoid pressure from both peers and teachers. Still, something about the child irked her.

“Her name is May; you seem like a nice enough girl, so I’m pretty sure you would dislike it if you were called a devil.”

The tall girl looked away with a bit of guilt before facing the woman with a bit of confidence.

“If you’re really looking for her, then you should definitely look in Apricot Park first, it’s well known to be her hang-out spot.”

A hangout spot that was conveniently located on THE OTHER SIDE OF TOWN! At least Mrs. Hiromi was able to piece together her daughter’s periodic lateness.

Running through this lush park really made the woman equally thankful for taking those cardio-workouts as it made her wish she could slow down and really let her eyes deluge in it all…

Children playing and laughing with the activities of the younger ones watched by their loving parents who engaged in chitchat, Pokemon fanatics showing off their domesticated friends in a nearby talent show. Even the wild Pidgey roosting in trees relaxed within the serene beauty of a park that seemed to exist in its own little eternity.

To think her daughter actually enjoys being around such tranquility. Even if she was resting somewhere in this spacious place, Mrs. Hiromi couldn’t help but feel their hearts meld closer that moment.

This sense of intuition buffered when she bumped into a girl who could easily be dubbed a wide-eyed, twelve or thirteen-year-old look-a-like… Well, had not been for her long (rather bizarre-looking) bangs. Aside from the unfavorable Kageyama uniform, the girl appeared overdressed for this season with the thick hooded school burgundy sweater, and a light blue scarf.

Mrs. Hiromi blinked twice when the girl faced her with a dulled expression. Almost freaking out when she collapsed into her grasp. The woman hastily checked the girl’s pulse, feeling great relief to know she was all right.

“Wait! Please don’t let that child run off!” A voice called from afar.

It wasn’t long until a woman in a light blue Pokeball design apron ran towards Mrs. Hiromi to thank her, then firmly placed an ointment on the girl‘s injury.

“This kind of bump can easily bring one to a concussion, it’s a shocker alone she remained conscious for who knows how long.” The woman begins, facing Mrs. Hiromi with a smile. “But I should just count my blessings to see she let herself go in the arms of someone apparently close to her.”

A small blush painted Mrs. Hiromi’s cheeks as she brushed the unconscious girl’s bangs. Shortly joining the scene were two women dressed in all wearing the same apron design.

Though spending time to catch their breath, they also showed relief. One of them even mentioning she’s glad she won’t have to explain this to the children leaving to Mrs. Hiromi to give a questioning look.

“Oh, not too far from her is a little daycare center for young children. We tend to take the children to the park for recreational exercises and they really enjoy your little sister’s company.” The lead woman smiles widely. “Though she’s withdrawn, if the kids nag her enough, she’ll push them on the swings and slides and she generally makes sure none of them get into trouble. She really is a welcome entity to many of the parents here.”

Mrs. Hiromi gives a small look of surprise but again, feels something is very off. “I see… but despite how cute she is, May is my daughter.”

A strong silence now engulfed the area. The eldest looking woman on the left moved in front of her fellow workers to face Mrs. Hiromi with deep shock.

“b-But you look like you’re in your early twenties! To have a child so young?”

“Do you I really look that young? Just between us, I’m-”

Isaac Gravity
May 20th, 2006, 4:38 PM
(That night)
(Hiromi Household)

Though running the risk of awakening her child, Mrs. Hiromi couldn’t help but run her fingers through the child‘s hair.

It was half past one with today already calling it a close, not that the splendor of the nightlife meant anything to Lynette Hiromi. The two-week break from work and overtime was a request long overdue. Even if she could officially kiss the first week goodbye, the feeling of relaxation was far from her description thus far…

Just watching the girl made the curly-haired brunette realize just how little she really knew her child. Those daycare women in Apricot Park easily proved this; hearing such a description of her child would be a huge shocker to the people over-here. Well, maybe not to the girl who gave her the direction to Apricot…
She, like many in Violet, choose to use “devil” but her notion of using it seems to be in a manner of affection and respect. As much as this saddened Mrs. Hiromi, she had to admit her daughter has gotten into many problems with others… Still, she couldn’t help but feel the sprits were on her side when she met Kageyama’s school nurse. The kind young woman’s information really aided Mrs. Hiromi knowledge of her daughter’s overall scenario and the ride to and from Apricot could mark the beginning of a new friendship…

Her trade of words with the Principal shortly replaced that happy memory…

She felt a little bittersweet over it, but inwardly chuckled at the crack she made about that poor man’s toupee…

“Look at you, you’re a carefree stray Meowth on one corner and an alley Persian here…” Mrs. Hiromi chuckles softly. “Perhaps we should just admit we’re problems and live it. May, we can’t do that unless you believe in me like I do you… I know your trust is the last thing I deserve but…”

The woman left her thoughts when the phone rang.

Whoever wanted to call at this hour was rather persistent about it. Prank callers went either insomniac or the randomly anonymous “Leave this place! Your family is bringing us misfortune.” callers have lost all-purpose in life; it would better to just get it over with rather than have it clutter the messenger.

Hello? Long distance call? …Oh, of course I’ll accept! Thank you so much!” she spoke rather happily. “Dear? Of all times to call, it’s 1:42AM… Only afternoon where you are? I can imagine… Um, Dear-”
A light-hearted chuckle escaped Mrs. Hiromi’s being. “Yes, yes, you know me best. However, is it under my descriptions? May needs to be away from city stress, we all do…I see… Nothing close to where you work available? Then, just fax me the catalog photos of all possible options, we‘ll sit down and work through it-” she sighs. “… I understand. You do have heavy duties to uphold after all Mister Gym Leader! I’ll just work with it from there and come back to you quickly then! Love ya! And…I miss you…”

Mrs. Hiromi then hung the phone.

(Two days later: Violet Streets)

Mrs. Hiromi stretches lazily before breathing away any laziness left in her. “On lovely days like this, the best way to find yourself is by breathing some of the great fresh air no matter how polluted it is!” she claims jovially.

“You know… I could have easily stayed home if you were going to drag me out here for nothing. It’s not like school is a problem or anything.” her daughter May mutters sourly.

It was a lovely Thursday afternoon in October. While Mrs. Hiromi remained content in one of her autumn sets, May (at the request of Mrs. Hiromi) the 12-year-old dressed a tad lighter today with her more autumn oriented lavender coat, black skirt with same color stockings and boots. She still oddly enough wore that same scarf along with matching mittens which couldn‘t be seen since she kept her hands in her jacket pockets.

Mrs. Hiromi looked up to the sky as if considering May‘s words. “Hmm… Yes, I should be really happy that I wasn’t paying your tuition or we’d have real problems.” she grins. “Besides, you‘re great company. Maybe we can go to that park you like so much later to relax.”

May glares at her mother in exasperation before walking ahead. Hastily throwing away a crumbled wad of paper (which was really a brochure and questionnaire to the Violet Pokemon Academy Mrs. Hiromi handed her) as she moved.

Thinking about it, she really couldn’t argue if the ditzy woman was concerned for her. That innocent brat everyone keeps gushing over snuck up behind her in class and on a bet, hit her in the back of the head with, when she got her hands on him, a sandbag of all things.

Nothing else to say except it still hurts, her senses and mobility feel a bit groggy and she’s given term “sleeping in” a brand new twist as of late.

May stops walking to stare at teddy bear wearing a red scarf and fighter pilot jacket on display. Despite making no facial change, a strong blush formed on the girl’s cheeks.

“Aha! So you are a child.” Mrs. Hiromi replies from behind. The woman ignores her startled daughter’s scowls to look at the item herself. “It’s very cute, do you want it?”

“Lynette, is that you?” A woman with short blue hair greets before May could say what she really felt. “You remember me right? We met at that parent teacher conference a year and eight months ago concerning student safety?”

Remembering one-shot names and faces was NEVER a strong point of Lynette Hiromi‘s. It was embarrassing, as this woman seemed to have the distinguishing feature of having her eyes closed the whole time…

Since she didn‘t want to offend her, the curly-haired brunette gave a hesitant nod.

The smile on the woman’s face widens. “You’re a horrible liar Lynette. That Kageyama gets worse by the year, I had to transfer my son to Cross Creek and he still wasn’t safe from those delinquents…”

“y-Yes, the problem with youths has gotten rather out of hand hasn’t it?” Mrs. Hiromi responds uneasily.

“Feh, rather than be people with potential futures or Pokemon trainers, as far as Violet is concerned: Once ten, children become thugs and delinquents who can wield Pokemon legally-” The woman cute herself off to smile at May. “Except for our cute possessed friend here…”

May simply narrowed her eyes at the woman but flinches when she bent down to caress her cheek.

“A lot of people envy her Lynette, always able to get into problems with other children and not gain serious injuries… Maybe a bump on the head here or there…” The woman moans almost longingly. “May might be the only child in her age group to walk around with her parent so foot-loose and fancy free… It isn‘t a shock to me anymore that she ignited the younger children‘s involvement in what used to be a rivalry between high school brats…”

At this point, Mrs. Hiromi grew deeply nervous but the woman simply calmed her.

“Lynette, I’m not like the ignorant masses that bitterly talk behind your back. With what you posses, any person would passionately justify its existence…” she smiles. “I don’t know how it happened exactly, but I’d sell my soul many times over to obtain that for my own…”

Mrs. Hiromi wanted to scream in protest, yet remains silent when May squeezes the woman’s wrist.

“This is why I hate adults. Always using their kids for their petty competitions, always having a hidden agenda, and always, always throwing in some kind of scapegoat to rule out the reality that’s really around them- Don‘t screw around with me!”

May pushes the woman’s hand and way and begins to walk away. The woman mutters, “I took my son out of that school so he wouldn’t become antagonized by you!”

May stopped in her place and turned to the woman with cruel smile. “Oh? Then that Pokemon junkie shouldn’t be so weak, nya?”

With that, the chestnut-haired girl walks away, leaving the woman in her own bitterness and Mrs. Hiromi in slight awe.

(A bit later: Sprout Café & Luncheon)

“May,” Mrs. Hiromi begins. “Earlier today I could’ve sworn I heard you say Nya.”

“So? Isn’t that something I usually say?”

“Well yes, its just… you haven’t said that in such a long time I was pretty much caught off guard when you just blurted it out like that.” Mrs. Hiromi smiles lightly.

Since May chose to pay that line no mind, the woman decides to push a new topic by revealing two photocopies.

The one on the left was a nicely designed home in an urban area and the one on the right was…of nice sizing in a seemingly rural environment… but rather… dilapidated in its outward appearance.

May eyed the pictures, obviously showing some disdain towards the one on the right.

“Yeah, you do have a good point… the one on the left is quite the eye candy… But May, aren’t you tired of the noise in the city?” Mrs. Hiromi reasoned.
As the woman didn‘t even allow her child to make a comment, she furthered her analysis. “This one isn’t so bad… some interior repair, paint job of our choice… Sure, it’ll badly burn our pockets and take a lot of work, but that’s country life at its best!” Mrs. Hiromi grins lecherously. “By doing all the work ourselves we’ll get the price of the home slashed drastically!”

The 12-year-old knew she wouldn‘t be doing any of that grueling work her enthusiastic mother talked of, but goes back to her drink all the same.

Halting this was the shriek of a falling waitress who crash-landed in front of them. Better put, a waitress knocked to the floor because of a fellow, completely covered in a violet cloak, blindly dashing by. No matter how it was looked at, the trays of food and drinks the waitress held all hit either the floor or the Hiromis.

Of course, this event easily caught the attention of everyone within the café. Leaving them with feelings of outrage or amusement.

“Oops.” The fellow replies flatly. Leaving May to stand-up angrily.

“May it was clearly an accident, no need to make a scene.” Mrs. Hiromi reasoned.

“It was deliberate!” May argues. “I can understand if you’re a ditz, but how can you ignore something so obvious?”

May glared at her mother only to meet an odd mixture of strength and sincerity reflected within her cerulean blue eyes. This eventually forced the girl reluctantly sit back down.

“Hmph, and here we all thought the enchantress who brought that abomination into our world had no control over it. Even mistakes can be dealt with it seems. But you know…” The fellow smirks. “It’s still a mistake no matter how you look at it…”

After those words, the cloaked troublemaker now had the woman‘s complete attention.

“What’s wrong Enchantress? The truth has been existent for quite some time: Nobody fears your little abomination.”

Mrs. Hiromi turns away from the fellow to grab a napkin. “Then you must be blind, I only see a cute little girl in front of me.”

The fellow simply took what little was left of Mrs. Hiromi’s coffee and threw its contents at the window “for clarity” as he put it. A good deal of the remains splattered about.

His actions also created some tension within the on-lookers, though none of them dare act out what they were feeling.

Despite all this, Mrs. Hiromi ignored the troublemaker to wipe the contents of her face. She shortly stretched over the table to do the same for May, only adding to her frustration.

The cloaked troublemaker shrugs simply as he walked over the scowling waitress. “How you noble families remain so high and mighty when they’re nothing goes beyond me. After all, the Hiromi strength dispersed the moment your husband abandoned you!”

May slams her right fist onto the table, which forcefully makes the legs lower in height. No further action could take place considering Mrs. Hiromi firmly placed her hand on hers and daintily, yet painfully continued her actions.

This made the cloaked troublemaker leave the café quite content… Until he found himself suddenly spun around face to face with, the Sprout Café’s aged owner. The owner kept a very stern look on his face as he grabbed the punk by his violet cloth.

“You’re welcome to your opinions, but keep your trash outside my life’s work! Don‘t let me catch you in here again!”

The owner releases his tight grip on the cloaked troublemaker, forcing him to lose all balance and fall onto the floor himself. The whole café had a good laugh at this.

“True heroes are always mocked before reality hits the face of the masses!” he growls.

“You call yourself a hero?” A teen in a private high school guy snickers with his three friends.

“Obviously!” he shouts. “From the way it looks, the Violet Busters are the only ones unwilling to idle by and watch a place as fortuitous as Violet to fall at the hands of that traitorous enchantress Lynette Hiromi and vile hot-blood curse! While our friends and younger siblings fall prey to her devil! You’d have to be utterly stupid or already under her mind control to see otherwise-”

“Don‘t give us that self profound banter! You’re nothing more than another local hood trying to make a name for yourself. You‘re type is the real trash here!” The teen scoffs.

“Hey, you wanna see abominations? Ever look in a mirror jack?” One tourist from Goldenrod City heckles.

The café broke into fit of laughter after this. Of course, the cloaked troublemaker was obviously furious, but with HE being the one labeled a fool confirming his warnings and exiting was the best option.

May pulls away from her mother to give chase. Much to her displeasure, Mrs. Hiromi grabbed her right wrist.

The café again found itself wrapped in silence as the two Hiromi’s traded words. No matter whom they agreed with, it ends with May simply, yet forcefully, removed the woman’s grip to give chase.

(Some time later: Violet Streets)

Finding the violet-cloaked troublemaker was just as simple as May believed it would. Apparently, she wasn’t the only one that had a score to settle…

Under a walkway, a group high school looking guys, all of which seem to have a thing for the color blue, stomped on the now battered troublemaker who could only revert to fetal position in the process of it all.

A few of the thugs came to note May’s appearance and from what it seemed, turned back to their associates. Before the chestnut-haired girl knew it, the thugs stopped their onslaught on the cloaked troublemaker and scatter to opposite sides.

Almost as if displaying the beaten foe for May to see.

“You seem confused devil of the fallen Hiromi family.” A guy about the age of sixteen wearing an odd light blue garment of some sort walked towards May. “No need to be so tense either, we are your most powerful allies after all… our inspirational diva.”

No matter how many times May tried to swallow that, the words: “What the hell…” kept dancing through her mind.

“Is there something misinterpreted about my words? Your reputation should easily give understanding to this offer?” The blue-clad teenager comments. “We, the noble street warriors: Azure: Lovers of all that is blue have took a great amount of effort to look into it but we came to our final decision.”
The Azure visionary turned back to his allies who either nod or remain locked in their own feelings. “You are only in Junior High like my sister, but you’ve proven a level of merit and strength not even most of my peers’ posses. You are a devil, but still one who has stirred the opinions of masses, and that alone is a trait many will envy you eternally for…”

May twitched involuntarily after that speech. She hated to admit it, but his description was pretty much on the mark. It never bothered her at first, but now-

The girl snaps back to reality when she notices the teen extending his hand. “Now that things have been made a bit clearer, will you now lend your strength and become our inspirational diva?”

Nothing but uneasy silence filled the area for the remainder of the time.

After what seemed to be countless moments, the teen rubbed his temples asking if he needed to rephrase his words again.

“…You seem to be the stupid one here.” The girl mutters, slowly gaining her composure. “Whose the one begging little girls for the sake of a pitiful street drama? Get lost, its not like anyone can remove a strand from my bangs anyway…”

“Hah, such boastful words from someone so small. To lower yourselves this much… You Azure‘s really are running on nothing.”

All attention turns to the grassy hill. Standing tall and looking down with content expressions was the four private high school students from the café. Along with them however, was a large mostly black and gray wolf-like Pokemon, if it’s fair to call such a creature of near badass detail a Pokemon.

Regardless of the case scenario, it was one foreign to all and looked ready to pounce.

“Retriever filth, we wouldn’t expect a group of frat boys to realize that everything doesn’t come with a price-tag.” The Azure visionary scoffs before finishing his words by telling his rivals to play show-and-tell elsewhere.

“The victor of any true battle was never the one with the greatest plan or army strength, but one who posses the most resources!” The Retrieverz leader claims, walking down the hill with his intimidating Pokemon casually. “We never once had to dirty our hands, we simply offered former rivals something that seemed more significant than the turfs they claimed to fight to the bitter end for-”

With the two sides engaging in verbal barbs, May was able to catch herself enough to see just how utterly pointless this all was!

Aside from that, the troublemaker’s been put in his place. That’s all what really counts in the end…

When May tries to walk away, the wolf-like Pokemon leaps in front of her, baring its fangs to emphasize her cornered state. Smelling the girl’s unease, the Pokemon snapped at her out of instinct leaving the surprised girl to stumble backwards where the Retrieverz leader played her hero… Before pulling her left bang.

“To be scared of a harmless guy like that, are you really a devil? If I’m able to grab your entire bang, then I must be a higher class of devil?” The Retrieverz leader grins.

His friends all whistle and cheer on the true devil king. Feeling superior, the Retrieverz leader grips May’s hair tighter making her wince lightly. “How about this, since you appear to be nothing but an ill-bred child who gets away with tantrums, how about I assign you to take control of the junior high turfs? I‘m sure you‘re power would come in handy, right Diva?”

The Azure visionary couldn’t help but show deep signs of disappointment before turning away.

Humiliation was a good way to sum up May’s feelings at that moment. A pure mixture of humiliation, confusion and rage all rolled into one bitter treat.

Perhaps she could use that to justify her fist literally acting on its own when it smashed itself into The Retrieverz leader’s stomach.

The teen felt his body hit the ground hard, yet that reflex nulled in comparison to the struggle for air and intense stinging pain his stomach was feeling.

“…Cough! m-Monster!” The badly beaten Violet Buster blurts. “I’m sure… Cough! I’m sure you ALL felt that sudden unnerving sensation of warning when that thing attacked! Just look!” he continues. “Look at how it wavers… It must be that freakish hair-Horns… They have to be!”

Using what little was left of his strength the Buster shouts at both Azure and Retrieverz to cut off May’s bangs to diminish her to nothing. The only response he receives is a strong boot to the chest from a nearby Azure.

The Buster shuddered as he coughed a bit more heavily.

Not being able to take anymore of this, the Retrieverz fearsome wolf-like Pokemon leaps from his place and in front of his master. When the fellow Retrieverz tried to follow suit, a few Azure members intercepted.

They were all scattered about when the Pokemon rammed its way through. Whisking its master away from harms reach.

Without anything else being said or done, the entire Azure flock give chase to their rivals. Leaving May with her frustrations and a beaten to an inch of his life Violet Buster.

“Haha, this was all too sweet.” The Buster laughs. “Cough! I might‘ve been double-crossed, but you really do suck… Cough! Cough! Choking like that really suites garbage like you… Even if I paid to be a deluded crusader… My words towards noble families are too true! A big win for the little guy!”

The cloaked troublemaker continued his boisterous laughter.

Breathing getting a bit more rushed, May fought back a lump in her throat still trying to digest all of what just happened…

To be continued


Before we start the introductions, I’d might as well say this here as I’m not too sure how far you’re interest will go (because it‘s a while before the “adventure part” starts): All I wanted was a nice 15-20 page prologue before I got into the main story.

However, things seemed a lot more difficult than I thought, so that estimate expanded into a two-parter, making me think how can I still call it a prologue with that being the case. Pacing and planning of the Prologue’s direction constantly shifted and changed. In the course of months of on and off work, I found myself rewriting the chapter as a whole ten times.

Finally, I have the result: I kinda scrap the prologue idea, breaking it into a three-part Chapter 0. This pretty much serves what I wanted with the prologue idea…

Other than that, I really don’t have too much to say about the story other than the fact this is the version 2: Complete of the first and only Pokemon fic I wrote named Trials of Reluctance. I never really liked the title, and planning was always fuzzy for me as I jumped themes too quick likewise, tried to imply others too late. I really did my homework when making Hurricane so I’ll just see if I can avoid old mistakes (outside grammatical ones as I always had a nasty weak spot there and I’m not frickin’ perfect nor do I wish to be.) and avoid the rehash.

I’m just gonna stick with what I enjoy best: Action/Adventure/ Supernatural. Hence the genre for this story.

On a side note: For all those who were wondering about it, the name of May’s Junior High: Kageyama is actually based off the singer Hironobu Kageyama. For those all those who are either a fan of his talent (like myself) or a DBZ vet/Saint Seiya fan this name shouldn’t be an uncommon one.

Isaac Gravity
May 27th, 2006, 12:33 AM
Disclaimer- I don’t own Pokemon or anything else.
(Sprout Café & Luncheon)

“Hmph, and here we all thought the enchantress who brought that abomination into our world had no control over it. Even mistakes can be dealt with it seems. But you know…” The Violet Buster smirks. “It’s still a mistake no matter how you look at it…”

The troublemaker simply took what little was left of Mrs. Hiromi’s coffee and threw its contents at the window “for clarity” as he put it. A good deal of the remains splattered about.

“How you noble families can remain so high and mighty when they know they have nothing is beyond me.” he scoffs. “After all the Hiromi strength dispersed the moment your husband abandoned you!”

May slams her right fist onto the table, which forcefully makes the legs lower in height. No further action could be made considering Mrs. Hiromi firmly placed her hand on hers and daintily, yet painfully continued her actions.

The girl pulls away from her mother and angrily removes herself from her seat. Much to her dismay, Mrs. Hiromi grabbed her right wrist.

“Let go!”

“What will you get out of attacking him? You’ll only be giving him what he wants!”

“So I should be like you? Let every person spit on me without a word just to continue being a pathetic, smiling throw-rug?!”

At that point, all Mrs. Hiromi could only shake her head slowly. Not like any gesture she made actually proved of any worth, May simply, yet forcefully, removed the woman’s grip.

All the woman could do was watch her child furiously storm out of the café; living up to the expectations that cruel youth and a handful of others in Violet City only saw her good for.

Today wasn’t suppose to turn out like this, the woman laments…

Mrs. Hiromi snapped out of her thoughts when the Café owner placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.

“You shouldn‘t worry too much, she’s called a devil because of her monstrous strength right?” he assures, giving a small thumbs up for atmosphere.

This made many come to the belief he totally missed the point…

The private school teenager who earlier aided in that troublemaker’s humiliation turned at his three friends. With a nod, all four of them, like many who probably couldn’t handle the drama, made their way out of the Café.

The owner frowned at this but couldn’t question it. When the man walks off to gather staff and extra cleaning supplies, the waitress knocked over by the troublemaker kindly uses a partially clean napkin to wipe Mrs. Hiromi’s face.

“Thank y-Eh?” Was all the woman could say the moment she finally got to see the waitress’ face.

The waitress, or should we say: Kageyama’s Junior high’s school nurse found herself in equal awkwardness.

Both women found themselves cursing their one-shot memories.

Even in a world where we exist like this, each day I still see even the smallest of finds unbelievable… It really is a small world.

Chapter 0 (Part B) - Fly! Downtown Violet hot-blood story
(A couple of weeks later)

It was only 6:03AM when the alarm began its furious wakeup call. A slender arm reaches out to put an end to the annoying contraption only to knock it to the floor in all its grogginess.

Low grunting of a female voice could now be heard as the arm lazily shuffles about until finally grabbing the desired object and bringing it towards the body. As she can’t see without her glasses, Kageyama’s school nurse squinted at the clock before unconsciously turning it off.

My name is Terri Rosen. Age 27, native place of birth: Mahogany Town of the Johto district. My occupation…

Terri nods off for a moment before it finally hit her what the time was. The woman frantically snatches her glasses before jumping out of bed and towards the shower.

(Almost an hour later)

Terri heaved a sigh of relief, taking a look around her everything seemed set: 7:15AM and ready for work Two plates full of breakfast, two prepared lunches, a large plate full of sandwiches.

Only one thing left to do…

The woman heads down the halls stopping in front of a door with pink tag paper marked “PURE & PRETTY”. Opening the door slowly, Terri gives a small smile at the site of a little girl, about the age of eight, with dark brown hair snuggling close to her Teddiursa. Sitting close to resting duo in a blanket of her own, was Terri‘s Jynx named Jeanne who slept equally soundly on a wooden chair.

Terri couldn’t help but feel guilt for her next course of action: “Safiya, I let you sleep a little extra but its time to get up. You too, Jeanne.”

Some stirring was made on all sides, but eventually the trio all broke from their slumber.

While Jeanne the Jynx simply rubbed her eyes and exited her rest spot to go down the hall, the little girl named Safiya was a bit more lax about the situation. The 8-year-old slowly sat up yawning revealing a bad case of “pillow hair”. Teddiursa copied these gestures only to reveal his fur was suffering from the same syndrome.

“Goo mornin’ Auntie.” Safiya greets.

“Good morning yourself pillow head,” Terri greets before getting back on topic. “Now, stop wasting time. If you stay there any longer you won’t have time to do everything and will end up late for school.”

Safiya simply rubbed her eyes before she turned to see what time it truly was. It was then the reality of the situation finally dawned. The 8-year-old frantically dashes out of bed saying she was supposed to leave early to meet her friends before class. Teddiursa hastily follows.

“Hey, just remember to get cleaned up first.” Terri chuckles.

Someone might call this scene the heartwarming picture of a loving single parent family… That’s not the case though; all of this is just a reflection of the unexpected twists and turns of life.

Growing up, I always wanted to be a journalist. But as I learned in high school, my editorial abilities are horrid… So I decided to follow in my mother’s footsteps by entering the health field… It’s a difficult trade, but a lot more in demand than journalists. According to Mom anyway…

Even if that was the case, I didn’t want to give-up journalism completely! With Violet City being a place so rich in history and high in nursing demand, I figured utilizing my journalism skills would be easiest here! It was only Jeanne and I when we moved here a year and few months ago… And almost three months, five weeks and seven days ago when Safiya entered my life…

Though I’m still gathering evidence, Safiya is said to be a child of a so-called estranged cousin on Mom’s side of the family who left a letter claiming she can no longer raise her. Rather than keep Safiya in Mahogany, Mom and Dad passed legal guardianship over to their “successful daughter living it good in the city of Johto’s great history”.

Hah… Living it good? Too bad they never realized their “successful daughter” worked as a low paid school nurse, had piles of debt and pretty much regretted her move… Safiya and later, the stray Teddiursa she found, just became just extra mouths to feed… And a reason to land my second job as a waitress at Sprout Café & Luncheon just to balance out the high wages of living in a “prestigious” place like Violet…

…Oh well… Even if I don’t know the full details, I worry about how well I can raise a child at all! Safiya is a sweet, unselfish child caught in the middle of some practically nameless family feud. She’s family, and I can’t deny that. If the story is a lie, then I hope Safiya won’t mind being called Safiya Rosen.

This could be a good experience for all of us… At least that’s what I believe…

Teddiursa sat on the table, greedily munching away at the plate of sandwiches. His carefree feel was hastily replaced by foreboding danger when attempting to pop another sandwich in his mouth. Teddiursa turns around to face Jeanne the Jynx with a nervous expression, offering the sandwich he held.

Jeanne simply ignored the teddy bear Pokemon, taking the plate of sandwiches as she walked by.

Safiya, like her teddy bear companion, stuffed her face only to beat her chest while guzzling down her juice after swallowing too quickly.

“Safiya we have loads of time, calm down and eat.” Terri reprimands.

The 8-year-old makes a response to this, but her words were muffled from all the food in her mouth. Terri sighs at this, sipping her coffee to show there‘s nothing to worry about.

It was at this point Jeanne hands her human companion her stopwatch. Treating the plate no longer holding sandwiches as shield from the particles of coffee Terri spat out shortly after…

“AHH!!! IT’S THIS LATE!!!” Terri stops freaking out to turn to the silent Safiya and Teddiursa. “WHY ARE YOU TWO EATING SO CASUALLY? WE HAVE TO MOVE! MOVE!! MOVE!!!”

Safiya, dot-eyed, could only mouth “Bu” before Terri whisked her and Teddiursa to the backseat of the car within minutes. Jeanne joined afterwards with everyone’s belongings and in her own way, securing the apartment door.

(Twenty minutes later: Violet Streets)

Nothing but honking and frustration existed on the road. Terri stared at the seemingly endless line of cars before her, heaved a heavy sigh and proceeded to continuously bang her head on the steering wheel.

“Does that really pass the time when you’re bored Auntie?” Safiya questioned.

“No, but it keeps me going…” Terri sighs dejectedly.

The woman turns towards her window only to find herself rubbing her eyes from annoying tint of a light blue scarf of one of the pedestrians. It didn’t take the 27-year-old long to realize who in their right mind would wear a scarf around this time of year?


“But Auntie, its October- Auntie!”

Terri rushed out of the car, making it to the sidewalk by squeezing through the narrow spaces each car left for each other.

Loud sounds of car bumpers being rammed could be heard from the distance, overtime a battered vehicle breaks onto the sidewalk with its road-raged driver shouting he won’t be lose his job over this.

Many of the people on the sidewalk were luckily able to avoid the driver’s wrath by running into the closest store or moving into the car jammed streets before driver got onto the sidewalk. Terri, like most who didn’t move, either tripped trying to flee or utterly froze.

The vehicle is stopped by a street guard’s Donphan putting all its strength into Rollout, but Terri wasn’t there to witness the scene as two dark walls and the cloudless blue sky were in view.

The next thing in her sight was May Hiromi, dressed in the same style of clothing she wore the last time she saw her. The 12-year-old gave Terri a puzzled look.

“m-May… it‘s nice to see you again…” said Terri, who was still a bit shook up over the matter. The woman moves herself to a sitting position as she continues. “You… I haven’t seen you in school for quite some time, is everything ok? h-How‘s your bruise?”

“I don’t go to that school anymore, so you can stop pretending to care.”

“…Does it really appear like that? Hah, I was very callous at the start wasn‘t I?” Terri smiles sadly. “But you’re mom…you should really-”

“Stop sticking your nose in family’s business and get a life!” May snaps. “There’s nothing a person with your kind of hands can do anyway!”

Terri slowly picks herself, watching May walk away with a disappointed expression.

(Later that day: Kageyama Junior High)

“Hmm… If you’re suffering from anything its examination jitters.” Terri reasoned with a student. “You should just get the test over with, you’ll have to take it in the long run or just fail the year.”

The student wasn’t too pleased about it, but he walked out the room to take the test he blew off twice before.

Terri turns to Jeanne the Jynx with a smile before throwing herself into her chair.

Both were set to a motion of surprise when that same student returned, only this time, he bared a strained expression as he held the door.

“THEY GOT HIM!” he shouts. As Terri and Jeanne’s only response was blank blinking, he put better emphasis on his words. “Ted and his gang got Ryan!”

At this point, three boys burst into the room. The boys on the left and right hastily lugged the bloodied and bruised boy in the center towards the sick bed.

“Please help him!” The boy on the left pleads.

“Help him? That’s why I’m here… Jeanne!”

The Jynx quickly gets to work, grabbing the needed clean cloths while using Powder Snow at its lowest frequency to moisten them. Leaving Terri to simply receive them and do what she could to halt further problems.

“DON’T CALL THE HOSPITAL!” The boy on the right shouts before lowering his tone. “Just do all you can to help Ryan but don‘t call that place…”

“School nurses aren’t stationed for severe-level matters!” Terri snaps. “The most I can do here is stop the wounds and call for people who can save him and well as his concerned family!”

“That’s why were begging you to put your fullest effort!” The boy on the left counters. “Ryan is a good guy who doesn’t get himself involved in any fights or nothing! He always keeps to himself and was one of the only few guys who had his head on his shoulders… But those bastards! Those low-life bastards still-”

“They only targeted him was because kids like that Hiromi chick are getting booted out of school! With them gone, retards like Ted think they can rule…” The boy who skipped his test comments.

“That’s why you can’t call the hospital because his parents will just freak out and transfer him out of Kageyama!” The boy on the right adds angrily. “It’s not like it’ll do ‘em any good! It happens all over and even worse so! Why should guys like Ryan suffer when its a*sholes like Ted who need to die!”

The venom in the boy’s voice really set Terri aback. Jeanne fixes this problem by forcing a Sweet Kiss on the raged youth, successfully placing him under the sandman’s spell.

Terri mutters a small apology to the remaining boys as she picks up the phone…

It’s not like such a sight is out of the norm… In Violet City, the youths are consumed by uncontrollable rage; feeling brutal violence is the only resolution to everything…

Many brushed off this warrior-driven behavior as nothing more than mere youth rebellion until the increase of irrational behavior, not to mention the number of children doing so forced everyone to fear the worse. They even dubbed this epidemic: The hot-blood curse…

Curses…Superstitions, old folklore! People only fall back on such beliefs because they do not have a realistic answer for things that confound them! Such beliefs lead only to blind fear and that only shapes ignorance.

That girl… May Hiromi, she a primary example of human ignorance! Believing a child is a “carrier” for a curse…and her mother the sorceress who conjured it all… Plain foolishness!

I never thought much of May when we first met. She seemed like just another lost cause crying out for attention because her parents have no time for her. Just in her case, she seemed to be a lost cause that was the stepping stone of every other worthless punk in the school…

Well, to be honest, I didn’t think much of anything until Safiya came into my life…

Back then, I was dull and unnoticeable; now, here I am, shedding tears for children I once considered insects, actually meeting and befriending a woman I knew from nothing more than rumors…

For the first time since high school, being able to reflect and contrast the eyes and hearts of others openly…

…Just afraid that Safiya will become consumed like them… or worse off, their victim…

Isaac Gravity
May 27th, 2006, 12:40 AM
(Later that day: Sprout Café & Luncheon)

Terri stood in front of her second place of work with a dejected expression. Much crude words and slander were placed on those once lovely exterior walls, whereas the inside was left in utter destruction.

‘Right, I almost forgot this place was closed…’ Terri mentally sighed.

“I suppose it IS quite difficult to believe such a peaceful store met this fate,” said the Sprout Café’s owner, who slowly approached Terri and joined the sad gazing. “You shouldn’t worry, yours and everyone else’s jobs are definitely secured once recovery blow over.”

“The people who did this claimed to be the ones trying to keep the streets clean from thugs… While making a good fortune off of those who they choose to help! And then I’m supposed to believe one family, no matter how well-known they are, is the source behind all this?”

The shopkeeper showed a little surprise in Terri’s wording, but chose face with indifference. “Lynette is a woman that has seen nothing but hardships these past years I’ll tell you that much,” he responds solemnly. “I suppose it’s the envy people bare of the noble Pokemon families; Lynette’s courage and her child’s vulnerability that’s really coming into play here…”

“Aha! So you think this whole hot-blood curse is illogical rubbish as well right?” Terri brightens.

The man gave a look of longing towards his shop before facing the 27-year-old. “Right now, Lynette and her child are a hardship to the people of Violet for merely choosing to coexist alongside their title. Lynette must see this herself; I just hope she can leave this leave place before something drastic happens.”

The man turns back to his shop. “Hot-blood curse, youth violence; the two-year span of confusion pinned on the Hiromi‘s will remain pinned on the Hiromi‘s until noted otherwise. That is the sad chain of ignorance humanity runs upon no matter how advanced we become…”

Terri made no comment to the line; she simply turned back to the destruction with disgust.

(Elsewhere: Violet Streets)

Jeanne the Jynx made her way through the familiar area; completely oblivious to the spontaneous outbreak of dancing from the people she passed by. Eventually, the human shape Pokemon came to note the ever familiar sight of a large open gate revealing many buildings within its contents.

However, that familiar place of destination was on the opposite side of the street…

Without any further thought, Jeanne hastily made her way across, completely oblivious to the cars that had to make forceful halt to let her by.
This didn’t sit well with one driver, whose vehicle was closest to running Jeanne over; due to the morning traffic jam his carpool no longer trusted him at the wheel, was placed with heavy fines, late for work and docked pay he needed!

Now, to make an already crappy day worse, this stupid kid runs in the middle of the street, deliberately stops in front of his car forcing him to hit his breaks triggering that hunk of metals oversensitive “safety” functions!

There was going to be hell to pay the man growled, he proved this point by storming out his car ready to give the still child the scolding of their life! Rather than see a near crying child, he came face-to-face with a seething Jynx.

All who were close enough to the area now bared witness to the one-sided fight between the furious Jeanne and the no longer disgruntled man… Many were pretty sure Jynxs should DoubleSlap their foe rather than pummel them with their fists- No, wait! It was brief, but she just threw a rapid one!

“Oh Jeanne!” A woman calls out.

Hearing the familiarity of the welcoming voice, Jeanne gives her opponent one final punch before finally making her way to the gate.

“You just missed her; Safiya went off with her friends saying she’ll be going home by herself today.”

Seeing the worried expression on the Jeanne’s face, the security guard of the West Violet Elementary school began to second guess her choice…

(Weeks ago…)

Stunned was the best way to describe May‘s expression when she was spun around forcefully by a deeply distraught Mrs. Hiromi. The pressure placed on her shoulders only added to the 12-year-old’s frustration.

“May! Please tell me you just got arrived here! Please let that be the answer! May speak to me!! Tell me you had nothing to do with that!”

Even when she was young, no matter how much she deserved it, I never hit or lifted my voice at May. By wearing the band of tyranny I might as well prepare myself a nice spot in jail over hoping to get through to a child.

Nothing good ever comes from forcing your will on a child… Not in early youth or as they grow…

A look of speechlessness WAS NOT what Mrs. Hiromi wanted! May winced as the grip on her shoulders tightened.

“THAT WAS TOO FAR!” Mrs. Hiromi shouts sorrowfully. “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? I SAID TO LET IT GO! …Do you think attacking every person who does you harm will prove anything? Well May, I deserve that much from you… Is that the kind of life you want? IS IT?”

But now look… She’s horrified of me… This isn’t the way I wanted things to go between us! May! Why couldn’t you just opened up to me, respect me for simply acknowledging who I am to you!

…Am I even angry about this situation?

For someone who never wants my words to reach you, May, please stop me before I do something I’ll deeply regret!

“…Even if I opened my mouth here and now... IT WOULDN‘T MAKE A DIFFERENCE!” May, unable to take anymore, shouts back.

In the process of her verbal counter, the 12-year-old gripped onto her Mother’s arms and forcefully pushed her back. Mrs. Hiromi, known to be quite clumsy, lost her balance and fell to her rear.

The woman still trembled from that horrid feeling within her but calmed down when she heard her daughter weakly voice “Hip…hypocrite.” Mrs. Hiromi turned to see May, head lowered with fist and teeth clenched, tremble within her own feelings.

“Mighty words coming from some ditzy simpleton who smiles so blankly for others even when she knows she’s disliked! Then when it comes to me, you’re suddenly able to talking like you’re all that? …Nothing unexpected of an adult…”

The lump in the girl’s throat felt even thicker after that. To make matters worse, her vision started to become blurred from a swelling sensation from her eyes.

“Then, go home.” Mrs. Hiromi voiced firmly to May‘s surprise. “It‘s pretty clear you want me to be a forceful woman, but that‘s just not how I want to spend my years… All I want is a happy and healthy daughter who can reach out to others with her wonderful heart and not her painful fist… This is why I-”
Already on her feet, Mrs. Hiromi wipes her tears while pulling her cell phone. “This is why local street gang violence will be taking the heat so that silly dream of mine will come true!”

A heavy daze overtook the girl when she to protest her mother’s actions but again, found another unconscious reflex: Turning away and doing what she was told without looking back…

(Present time: Hiromi Household)

“Safiya is such a sweetheart…” Mrs. Hiromi smiles. The woman takes her time going through a few more collected photos before facing Terri with a nostalgic look. “May was quite adorable herself when she was small… a bit sassy, but that only amplified the cuteness. But are you sure this is alright?” she questions. “I mean, those after school programs must be done by now.”

Terri shakes her head. “It’s alright, the friend I mentioned to you the other day, Jeanne, picks up Safiya while I’m at the Café. Guess we’re both a little too used to the routine…”
Seeing the apologetic expression on Mrs. Hiromi’s face, Terri realized changing the subject would be a heck of lot easier than placing her foot in her mouth. “Umm… you and May…You two are really interesting together, at least that’s the vibe I felt when I watched you two chatting that day…”

Mrs. Hiromi‘s eyes downcast to her coffee mug after that comment making Terri wish she simply went with trying to put her foot in her mouth.

Terri removes herself from her seat, facing the silent Mrs. Hiromi with a guilty expression.

“I… This morning I ran into May, there wasn’t much of a conversation as she left quickly. I’m very sorry for not revealing that sooner! b-But I’m very happy I accepted your invitation from the other day-” Terri bit the bottom of her lip before finishing. “So thank you having me!”

“Shouldn’t I be the teary-eyed one? I’m as much a failure of a host as I am a person… ”

Terri wasn’t expecting her to actually say anything. This act alone left the 27-year-old frozen in her place.

However that limb freeze melted gradually when Mrs. Hiromi voiced: “Still, you’ve done this wicked enchantress a great service at the chance of human contact outside her evil incarnate creation… I thank you for caring for her in school as well…”

Terri Rosen was never one to let a cynic get to her, most would say she could’ve been considered one herself had not been for her reform. But when that person would then try to imply some gibberish of the paranormal…

…Well, she just isn’t so quiet any more…

(Meanwhile: Violet Park)

Once a nameless Route, this lush flatland now serves the residents of Violet City as an excellent park to bring their children. It’s also gives a beautiful far-off view of the higher areas of the well-known Sprout Tower.

“You guys weren’t joking! Sprout Tower looks amazing during a sunset!” Safiya exclaims to her two friends.

“Mr. Stuffums thinks so too.” Safiya’s friend with long black hair adds in a cute yet mousey voice. Pointing to Safiya’s Teddiursa, who treated Safiya’s other friend; a girl with messy blond hair as a post to climb on and view.

It’s fair to say, the blond wasn’t too pleased about that.

“The only reason we’re here now is because you were a no show Safiya!” The blond girl points out accusingly. She then lowers to a more worried expression. “We should just forget the castle today and head home! My sister said it best herself: “When the sun begins to set the hot-blood curse takes its greatest manifestation!””

“You scared?” The black-haired girl teased.

“They’re big kids!” The blond argues. “Some of them teenagers like my sister and she scary when she mad!! The worst of them is a middle school kid known as the Devil Girl! She has horns hidden as weird looking hair, has dripping sharp fangs and likes to eat small super cute Pokemon!

After hearing that, Mr. Stuffums the Teddiursa paled lightly. The Pokemon leaps from his spot gesturing to the trio to move to another (if not safer) location.

The blond felt relief that someone took her warnings to heart. Not like the other two, who held deep skepticism over the matter. As the girl with long black-hair wasn’t the type to budge when she wanted something, the blond knew her open pigtailed friend would never let her down!

“Dunno… I suppose if Pokemon exist in the world then things like devils can too.” Safiya reasons before facing the blond with a huge toothed-grin. “But if Megumi is scared, Safi will hold her hand to wash all the troubles away.”

While Mr. Stuffums and the girl with black hair found amusement in this, the humiliated blond known as Megumi began to pull at Safiya’s cheeks.

Hi! My name Safiya. I’m an ordinary third grader who never had a stable home until I finally began living under the roof of my guardian. Auntie Terri is a very eccentric woman but I love her very much! The same would go for Jeanne, Terri’s roommate and longtime friend, whose fun to be around.

Jeanne isn’t exactly normal, nor is she even human. She’s actually one of the many species of creatures of magical creatures called Pokemon. Even though Auntie Terri doesn’t think much of magic and ghost, Pokemon exist alongside us as our closest comrades and this planet’s protectors for as long as time could tell!!

But I’ll easily admit there as much bad Pokemon out there as there are cruel people…

You see Mr. Stuffums? He was beaten to an inch of his life by a cruel Pokemon. If me and the two girls I’m with, Naomi and Megumi, didn’t wander off during the class trip to Ruins of the Alph to get him help, things would have ended sadly for him.

After that, we all started to slowly talk to each other and finally became friends. Though, I’m not sure if we still would’ve became friends due to the situation, our equal concern for Mr. Stuffums brought our hearts together to get over our fears and become strong…

How Pokemon can bring people together must be their greatest power!

Though it’s kind of silly, Naomi wanted us to meet in Yuzu Park this morning to show us-AHHH!!!

The girl with long-black hair known as Naomi gave out another horrified cry that left her two friends halt their prior actions to rush towards her. Adding to their confusion was a wide-eyed Mr. Stuffums who stood in his place while pointing out to the area before him.

It wasn’t long until Safiya and Megumi gapped at the sight of the once lovely playground ravaged by reckless Pokemon battling.

“nay-Naomi, i-is this what you wanted show us?!” Safiya exclaims wide-eyed.

“I told you we shouldn‘t have come to park!” Megumi cries.

The only answer either girl got from now shuddering Naomi was a nasty hissy-fit.

(Hiromi Household)

“You mean to tell me May running away from home isn‘t unusual?!” Terri exclaims with a freaked out expression.

“It’s not like May has any other place to go or friends to turn to, so she would just roam the streets for a while until she cooled off…” Mrs. Hiromi admits. “Hah, that’s what I get though… I always treated her more like a free-speaking friend, so she never really had that strong figure to feel safest with…or in my case, take seriously…”

“What are talking about? You’re her mother and that counts for a lot! Had that been my mom, she would’ve slapped me so hard my teeth would rattle!”

“So would mine…” Mrs. Hiromi agrees. “That’s why I hate her… My mother was authoritative, overbearing and incorrigible; it was her way or out the door… That’s why I promised myself, if I ever have children, it would be a relationship based on love and trust, not fear and absolute rule.”

Terri didn’t really care for the passive method, but sipped her coffee all the same. “Mrs. Hiromi-I mean, Lynette… If I may ask… These rumors, hot-blood curse, you being a witch! We both know this all is a scapegoat to hide from the real problems! So how can you put up with living such horrible lie?”

Mrs. Hiromi was a bit taken aback by Terri’s straightforwardness but gave a hesitant little smile all the same.

(A little while later: Violet Park)

“wh-Is this… some kind of joke?” Safiya voiced.

Amongst war-torn destruction was a battered and bruised May Hiromi. Though unmoving, the 12-year-old was completely bounded to a sandbox by vines which rooted itself to the ground.

Though all of the onlookers were in a state of shock, Megumi exhibited the greatest. Whimpering lightly, the blond latched her hands onto Safiya’s right tightly not even realizing she had pretty much sunk onto her knees.

The trio watched the crying girl shake like a leaf, forcing herself to speak clearly generating greater feelings of uneasiness in the process.

On the verge of tears herself, Naomi’s confusion turned into frustration when she turned to the crying blond shouting “SPIT IT OUT!!!”

“It’s her!” Megumi blurts out! “The Pokemon eating Devil-Girl!!!”

Safiya, Naomi and Mr. Stuffums felt as if everything in their systems just stopped when they slowly turned to face the bound May.

‘This is…’ Safiya mentally shuddered. ‘This is a living devil?’

The 12-year-old groans lightly, lifting her head slowly to reveal a lifeless expression.

To be continued…

Isaac Gravity
July 12th, 2006, 4:11 AM
Hmm... It's been a while since I've been in PC (personal reasons) hope I don't get busted or something if this is wrong.

Disclaimer- I don’t own Pokemon or anything else.

An hour has passed since 8-year-olds Safiya, Megumi and Naomi’s encounter with May Hiromi. Despite the uneasiness of walking out at night, Megumi and Naomi couldn’t help but joke at how angry their families will be with them. Their conversation eventually leads to their brief meeting with a tall wild-haired junior high school girl.

The two felt being a little late was more than worth it to talk to such a polite individual. If not get to pet her Bellsprout that, in comparison to the feeble Mr. Stuffums the Teddiursa, appeared to be friendly, cute AND strong.

Something the teddy bear Pokemon bitterly munched on chocolate over.

They weren’t surprised when the girl acted the way she did when claiming to have met and slightly befriend the claimed Hiromi Devil.

But to freak out like that…

“…she looks so lonely.”

The trio stop their actions to face a downcast Safiya who turned to them determination.

“I want to see her, one more time!”

Her friends blink twice at this, but only Megumi chooses to act. “Why bother? Devil-Girl isn‘t gonna run off anywhere and even if she does, she can easily fend for herself.”

Safiya ignores this and runs off with Mr. Stuffums following closely behind.

“wa-FINE! Just don’t expect me to be here waiting for you!” The blond fumes, turning to Naomi for support. “Arrgh!!! She can be so thick sometimes, right?”

“Don’t lump me in with you, idiot.” Naomi mutters, making the blond puff her cheeks. “She’ll be fine if she‘s with Devil-Girl, I‘m just surprised Safi was the type to look at those older than her.”

Megumi considers this for a moment before running in Safiya’s direction, stating she wants to know what kind of meal the Devil-Girl would like for tomorrow.

Though claiming she just doesn’t want to “take the heat” alone, Naomi also gave chase.

(Yuzu Park)

Full of fresh bruises, May skids back only to be smacked by a vine that seemed to be holding back greatly. The 12-year-old places both arms behind her head, pivoting her body just enough to hit the ground on her sides.

May slowly picks herself up, giving her attacker an annoyed glare.

Standing before May was a middle school girl, quite tall her age, whose most noticeable features had to be the Kageyama Junior High uniform, an official dress-code that hardly any student in that school took seriously. The second would be her wild two-tone (believably dyed) auburn hair style that gave her that dominatrix feel. And the final, the fact she carried the flower Pokemon Bellsprout on her left arm.

While the Pokemon held an apologetic look, its partner looked disappointed.

“To do things so beneath you… Your reputation‘s already been sullied with the Growlithe Girls spreading word of your defeat at their hands! Then those kids free you from Spiegel’s tomb when you could‘ve easily done so yourself! Now-” The tall girl bit back a small curse before continuing. “Why do you keep picking yourself if you’re going to be thrown back without TRYING to fight back? This isn’t like the Hiromi Devil!”

“All everyone wants is the title of devil right? Then they’re welcome to have it…” May counters in-between pants. “It was just a lame title given for merely warding off those who attacked-”

To fight; Revealing strength of any form to prove your existence.

That is on one side…

May’s words were cut short thanks to an un-timed trip to her rear when the tall girl’s Bellsprout used a vine to trip her.

“Isn’t that true?” May argues. “Nobody needs a reason to hate or provoke someone! So go ahead, as long as you have some kind of artificial assurance, let whatever grudge you hold against come to blows here!”

The tall girl’s hair overlaps her eyes as she calls out the name of her Bellsprout.

The Bellsprout however, wouldn’t budge.

The other, using passionate words from the depths of your heart to reach out to the soul of others…

Tactics that only work in dreams…

“No! I won’t accept that Spiegel! Holding back like you did only makes her think her gift isn’t worth wielding. So please, go all out!”

Being domesticated since hatching, Bellsprout was tied down to the rule that hurting ANY human, even if they are an enemy of their master, is wrong.

Only loyalty to its caring partner forced Bellsprout to attack its target earlier; it wasn’t too sure if that alone could drive it to commit such an act again…

Using words to reach out to others is only as good as the hearts of those you try to reach. Its effects never reveal itself until a cornered state has been reached, then speaker is forced to become a hypocrite.

Or the usual scenario: The speaker gives their life…

With the calls of its partner growing more impatient and desperate, the flower Pokemon felt itself wilting as it extended one of its vines and let it fall with great force towards May…

Until I met a beautiful cotton-winged angel holding a giant golden ring, I felt bittersweet with valuing the worth my existence over others…

But now I…

…And she did nothing more than lower her head and wait for the worst…

Chapter 0 (Part C) - Fly! Downtown Violet hot-blood story

It must be a dream, would be the first thing one would mutter when finding themselves alone in a lovely green pasture, where the sky remained blue and cotton wisped along with the playful breeze.

May Hiromi was no exception. Battered and bruised, the 12-year-old gripped her left arm as she stood upright.

“Such a strong will to live. You must have amazing wings.” A female voice comments.

Not too far from the girl stood a figure of a woman completely shrouded in light. The only objects that seem to stand out, were her cotton wings and the large ring she held in her right hand.

May struggled to keep her eyes open as the entity offered out her left hand.

“Your battles have come to an end, now please; let’s enjoy the breeze with your lovely invisible wings…”


Bellsprout removed itself from its partner’s arm, holding nothing but deep shame.

Way too dramatic, the tall girl figures. After all, the Hiromi Devil would never-

From the cleared dust the tall girl widened her eyes at the realization of not only her trusted partner missing its mark, but the target remaining in her place.
Tears trickled endlessly from the tall girl’s widen eyes until not even a drop could be seen.


The tall girl falls to her knees, screaming out deep disappointment for May with a fresh batch of tears rolling down her cheeks.

“…It’s all so lame; having to grow up automatically labeled with the rules and hidden biases that adults claim as law… Even the slightest imbalance drives them to the brink. Just like when you and the Enchantress revealed yourselves.”
Whatever word was made seemed to make May flinch. Not that the tall girl noticed, she simply wiped her tears. “It’s fair enough if you feel frustrated with our weakness… It really should be… but… Why does my heart sting so much- I never even tried to talk to you- I’m such a… I just didn’t…”

The girl broke into loud sobs that Bellsprout or May especially tried to prevent.

(Five years ago)

That’s right…

When others see the Hiromi Devil, they see something they deeply desire…

Not like the mark that makes me…

Even when I was young, I was always a little taller than most of the kids my age. Mom always said my long legs were a gift that claimed great beauty to come, but…

“No Miki, you are incorrect, again! Do you even try to study before you come to school?! Please sit down!” The teacher scolds.

This leaves the classroom in a barrel of snickers.

“Is she really a third grader? She‘s so tall!” A boy whispers to his two friends. The other boy shakes his head. “No way, she’s just got held back a few times and is trying to lie about her age!”

The girl known as Miki stood pensively while the two boys continued to crack jokes.

“Yahh! You oaf! You completely ruined the formation! We were trying to be nice by letting you jump rope with us, now we should count our blessing we made it to the next round!” A girl screams.

“I-I’m sorry, I’m not too good at jump rope so this is triple step trick is a little-”

“Geez, if you stay on our team we’ll never win this thing! Just fake sick tomorrow and stay out of our way!”

The girl and her friends give young Miki dirty looks before walking about their business, leaving her to wipe her eyes in silence.

To people like Mom, these types only acted intimated to hide some kind of hidden jealousy. Well, that’s what she said anyway…

(Four years later)

“Ms. Yesinia, another perfect score! You have a great head on your shoulders!” The teacher hails before addressing the rest of the class. “I know its quite a long shot for most of you, but don’t be too quick to throw away your life for Pokemon training and its false luxuries and follow Ms. Yesinia’s example!”

Miki Yesinia. A name students of class 7-B have heard through roll call, but never gave a thought afterwards. For the first time, those youths turn to face the surprisingly tall girl of background.

Come the start of Junior High, all I did was keep to myself and focus on nothing but studies. But still, it really did feel as if I was in a different world…

Miki walks down the halls only to stop and read a flyer that caught her eye.

“Hey is that Yesinia?” A boy questions to his two friends. “She’s way too quiet! Had not been for that height of hers, I’d never notice her.”

“So what? She’s just submissive and that’s hot!” his friend replies. “Just look at those legs! It’s like she wears the school uniform just to taunt us!”

“Forget it, she’s way out of your league.” said the final boy. “Tall chicks bug the hell outta me anyway.”

The boys look away when they note Miki frowning at them. As much as she wanted to confront them, she took the resolve of turning away quickly.

Crashing into one of the most appealing girls in school shortly after…

Miki apologizes quickly and helps the girl up, earning gratitude and an offer of friendship from the girl and her friends.

Suddenly losing the ability to speak, Miki nods furiously before running around the corner to catch her breath.

This moment of happiness was short-lived however…

“Hmph, she’s so stuck-up.” The girl mutters to her friends. One of her groupies nod. “And you want to her to join us? Easy A or not, I don‘t want that giant near me.”

“She’s just showing off her long legs by wearing the uniform. And guys still aren’t tired of seeing them?” Another girl comments

“I’m just tired of her.” Another girl scoffs. “She make herself useful and become a statue, she has the potential for it after all.”

It all seemed different, but the scenario was still the same…

My height! No matter how hard I tried to work around it that was the first thing others saw!

My family’s Bellsprout was the only thing that saved me from pure loneliness… But then, something happened!

Miki stood in terror as she watched four members of Ted’s gang get pummeled by a girl with long, oddly styled bangs in Kageyama uniform.

Even though she has been holding her own for quite some time, it was still a four-on-one… With a girl being the one no less! Miki felt some of her own adrenaline pumping from the scene but came to realize, just a while back these four were invading HER personal space.

It wasn’t long until the thugs fled, vowing to fight another day. Not that Miki paid them any mind; her attention was fixated on the back of her battle scarred savior and how noble she appeared by simply watching her rivals flee.

I only heard of her through rumors, but the description fit perfectly: The Hiromi Devil really did go to our school!

And she protected me!

…Well… she actually beat them up because they deliberately spilled grape juice on her shirt… But she DID come in at a crucial point!

It wasn’t how I always dreamed it, but, from that moment on, she became my knight in shining armor!

(A few days later)

Miki kept her eyes locked on her desk. All the students have been doing since the start of class was look her way and chatter between themselves. Even the teacher looked her way in disgust!

She wanted to run away-

“Poor Miki, having to sit next to the Hiromi Devil like that… She’s too pure!”

“Hah, the fact she hasn’t begged the teacher to change seats is what shocks me. If class size is what bothers her, there‘s always my lap.”

“Can we forget about her for a minute and realize the devil girl is actually wearing the school uniform! And that hair!”

“Y’know, I’ve been hearing rumors that say that’s not really hair…”

Miki snaps out of her trance the moment she heard the sound of a chair pulling to her left. She quickly went wide-eyed when meeting the frequent no-show assigned to that vacant desk.

“Ah, Ms. Hiromi you actually came to class,” The teacher greets dryly. “And in school uniform no less. Had I known better, I’d actually say education meant something you.”

The teacher shows frustration when May seemed to give the idea of pulling the books out of her backpack higher notice than his words.

Miki couldn’t help but smile at that.

That’s how the whole day went, everyone behaved so critically around her, but none of it mattered to her. It was like she had the power to close herself from the world and still exist.

She was seriously amazing… I wanted nothing more than to get closer to her and become her follower…

Half the day didn’t even come to pass, but this didn’t stop a rather annoyed May from making her way towards the school exit. Not even paying attention to Miki who stood by door struggling to speak.

…But I was far too nervous! Aside from having a knack for fighting, it was proven she has little trust for others, especially adults.

I found that honest, even though I couldn’t us becoming acquainted, I still continued to watch her from afar…

(End Flashback)

Safiya and her friends found themselves unable to voice any response towards the scene before them. As much as they wanted to brave the danger and approach the injured May, awkward feelings of misplacement prevented that.

“You… don’t seem like those who just want to utterly annihilate me but you still used me as the stepping stone to make your existence known…” May voiced. “You shouldn’t cry over that. I mean, nobody really wants that empty feeling of being unwanted, it’s the closest thing to being dead. That’s why people try so hard to create bonds with others receiving results as superficial as their reasoning… But for most, that method is impossible…”
The girl shudders as she continues her words. “When you stray too far from the crowd you end up being labeled dangerous by those who live superficially. Everything around you grows colder as you continue to search for your meaning until nothing, not even existing, matters!”

Miki wipes her tears and takes note of the rather serious expression Bellsprout held as it readied for combat. At the same time, Mr. Stuffums fought back his lost primal urges to simply grit his teeth.

The situation grew worse when May revealed a darkened expression to her attackers that thickened an already tense atmosphere.

“The days of fighting you wish to relive so badly ended centuries ago. The devil you treated like that empty to goal to be Master Pokemon Trainer is nothing but a lost existence left to wander aimlessly…”

May slowly picked herself up. Holding her left arm, she approaches Miki.

No matter how domesticated it was, corrosive acid dripped from Bellsprout’s mouth as the girl approached. This feeling only buffered when May sent a strong glare its way.

The flower Pokemon backed down when Miki unconsciously patted him. Allowing May to bend down in front of Miki, take her free hand place it on her left bang and squeeze it.

Isaac Gravity
July 13th, 2006, 4:12 PM
“You are the one to completely fell the blood-lusting fighting demon. You are now a living legend.” May replies to Miki’s awe.

“Safiya get a hold of yourself!” The familiar voice of Megumi shouts.

May pulls away from the star-struck tall girl to witness the blond, her black-haired friend and the teddy bear Pokemon comfort the talkative pigtailed girl who was on the verge of collapsing had not been for the blond.

“Mommy…” Safiya sniffles, leaving Megumi to grow awkward.
The feelings of bizarre flattery were shortly replaced by shock when the light in Safiya’s eyes was slowly replaced by dulled sorrow.

“…Because Mommy said she loves Safi with all her heart, Safi never questioned the outside world…” Safiya mummers as sudden images of a little girl holding a teddy bear played in her head.

In those images, that girl stood in front of a door while watching a woman slowly walk away. The child murmured something making the woman turn back to her with a saddened gaze. With tears running down her cheeks she mouthed something that made the little girl fall downcast…

“Safi could never understand why Mommy left her behind…”

The second set of images took place in a playground where that same girl hugged her legs while overhearing a few children talking amongst themselves about her. They pointed her out as a pity-baby who everyone is just being nice with because her mommy and daddy hate her.

And made it known not to go near her…

“Is so… Even if she wanted… Mommy couldn’t love Safi… Safi!”

The life in the pigtailed girl’s eyes completely fades, leaving an endless flow of tears running down her cheeks.

“What are you saying?! This isn’t like you at all Safiya!” Megumi argues, holding back her own willingness to cry.

Naomi places both her hands on Safiya’s shoulders. “You’re probably stressed out from all the events. The devil girl has everything settled so we should-”

“Are you still thinking about that?” Megumi shouts. “I may not know as much about Safiya, but I definitely know that she’s under the Devil-Girl’s influence! It’s always her doing! That’s why everyone has to cry when she mentioned! Because she’s a cruel person who loves others suffering… She thinks of no one but herself!”

Naomi glared at the girl angrily for that comment. However, no further action could be made when both girls and Mr. Stuffums turn to sounds of vines whiffing and slamming about.

Only to see the much debated Hiromi Devil pinned against a fence, using her hands to prevent the no longer indecisive Bellsprout’s vines from completely wrapping around her neck.

“…what do you want?” May growled.

“I…I never had the courage to speak to you, you know.” Miki mutters. “I don’t care for the respect of others, all I want is you at your best and nothing but that! That’s why I deny your title and want you to continue being you! So hurry!” she voiced with impatience. “Free yourself from Spiegel’s grip and pummel me! Fight me and reclaim glorious pride!”

“…No, I don’t want it.”

The grip of Bellsprout’s vines tightened as it swung May to the side, allowing the girl to tumble and roll until she skidded back a few more feet on her front.

It took a bit of time, but the girl began to show signs of recovery.

‘I’m still conscious somehow…’ May mentally pants. ‘That thing isn’t like its earlier self… To protect its human master’s sanity, it lost itself to fully perceive me as a mortal enemy… Such a sad, foolish creature…’

The way Bellsprout swayed itself even unnerved Miki.

‘Regardless, I can’t be done in… I!’

Battered, bruised and slightly bleeding, May used everything she had to pull herself to her knees. Struggling to find any inner reserves to get on her feet, the words of Megumi soon played itself in her mind.
This was shortly followed by Miki’s reasoning, and then Safiya’s pained words and finally, the many heartfelt words of Mrs. Hiromi. May cried out in pain, grabbing her badly injured left arm as she fell back to the ground.

All the 12-year-old could do is watch from the corner of her eyes as Bellsprout extracted its vines.

“STOP! SHE’S A HUMAN!” Naomi voiced in desperation.

Dust continued to rise as the vine attacks grew more untamed and wild. Even with Miki shouting at it, Bellsprout didn’t stop its actions until that ill-feeling rising within calmed.

With the finally over, the dust cleared just enough to reveal a badly injured May lying motionlessly on her back.

Needless to say, the reactions were on that of fear, shock and welling sorrow.

“s-Spiegel…how could you…” Miki voiced. Bellsprout turned away from its partner shamefully, but knew she would understand eventually…

On their corner, Mr. Stuffums the Teddiursa watched the felled devil girl pensively until he heard Naomi address Megumi harshly with a: “Are you satisfied now?”

“h-How could you ask me something like that?!” Megumi snaps.

The blond freezes when Naomi reveals a very tearful but rather scary face. The black-haired girl couldn’t contain her anger and found herself grabbing at Megumi’s shirt. This was stopped by Safiya who weakly gestured to stop.

Naomi held a quick expression of guilt before moving aside to reveal May’s current condition. Allowing the same systems of shock rush through Safiya’s systems.

Safiya struggles from Megumi only to lose her balance where Mr. Stuffums hastily broke her fall.

“I heard a lot stories too… but still, what did she ever do you?” Naomi growls. “She IS known to draw first blood but also known to be found in locations where no one can bother her! Even in a place with lunatics like this, when a small child cries or is hurt she‘ll be the first one to make them smile again!”
Naomi grit her teeth as tears ran freely down her cheeks. “She may not have been the nicest of people or the most important, but… She didn‘t deserve that! That‘s why I‘m asking Megumi: ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?!”

Megumi couldn’t make an answer to that. Instead, her eyes wandered away from the black-haired girl and onto Safiya.

A small flicker of life glimmered within Safiya’s dulled eyes as a fresh batch of tears began to develop. All while the innocence in the eyes of Mr. Stuffums dissipated.

Despite all the rising tension, the felled May stared at the sky with feelings of nostalgia.

It has been quite a while since I found myself in such a predicament. Kuugh! Even after all this, something inside me clings onto consciousness so desperately…

I suppose I was never really one who gets it easy…

…But just this once, is it okay to rest, even a little?


“It’s her!” Megumi blurts out! “The Pokemon eating Devil-Girl!!!”

Safiya, Naomi and Mr. Stuffums felt as if everything in their systems just stopped when they slowly turned to face the bound May.

‘This is…’ Safiya mentally shuddered. ‘This is a living devil?’

The 12-year-old groans lightly, lifting her head slowly to reveal a lifeless expression.

“sh-Shut up! Get up and stop crying! She’s tied up so she couldn’t harm us even if she wanted to!” Naomi screams in a cracked voice. “Don‘t wuss out on me either Safiya! …I‘m not joking you hear me!”

With Safiya and even Mr. Stuffums not budging added onto Megumi’s crying; feelings of fear began to overtake the usually headstrong girl.

“…Devil…? …what did I ever do to any of you to be considered that?” May muttered weakly.

Even though fear ran through all their systems, Safiya especially felt an inward shock as the 12-year-old glared straight at her, pressing her question with a bit more in-tone impatience.

“Eh-excuse me?” Safiya muttered. “wh-why would…”


The 12-year-old’s outburst successfully forced full attention; though, the coughing made from the more apparent movement of the restraining vines caught that even better.

“…I’ll ask again…What gives you the right to call me a devil? And if I am such a big bad monster… What‘s going to be done?”

“The proof is right there!” Megumi sniffles. “th-Those weird parts in your hair… they’re horns just like sis said!” The blond puffed her cheeks slightly. “You get anything you deserve… You’re just a- Hah?!”

Megumi watched with disbelief as the silent until now Mr. Stuffums rushes towards the 12-year-old to furiously bite and claw at her vine confines.

May didn’t look too pleased about the matter, but made no effort to waste energy over it.

“Mr. Stuffums… she’ll eat you…” Megumi muttered.

“Well I guess that sums things up, eh Safiya?” Naomi, who pulls out some fingerless gloves from her backpack, questions coolly.

Megumi faces her black-haired friend blankly only to quickly go into a face fault when she sees a small smile forming on the face of her pigtailed one.

Safiya claims she’ll save the kind devil before wriggling her hand free from Megumi’s grip. The pigtailed 8-year-old then shuffles through her backpack for the pair of scissors she forgot to return to the teacher and ran towards May.

“Wait! She’s a dangerous devil who’ll hurt you!” Megumi screams out to no avail. The blond quickly grabs Naomi who easily pulls herself free.

“Stop being such a baby!” Naomi snaps. “We all know about Mr. Stuffums’ special talent and he’s never been wrong or gonna be that anytime soon! Don’t give me that devil stufft either!” she adds quickly. “Do you really believe that, or is it just because your sister told you think so?”

Naomi then runs off to join the group, leaving Megumi to stand alone in her own thoughts.

…She always hated the feeling of being the odd-one out. And hated loneliness even more… Her friends deemed the girl worth helping; and she, right before them, defied every practical story her ever-knowledgeable older sister ever told her… But…

With her hair overlapping her eyes, Megumi rushed over and tearfully began to pull and bite any root she could.

The blond’s actions earned her friends grins and together, pulled for the claimed Hiromi Devil’s freedom.

(Forty-five minutes later…)

“We’re lucky, Megumi never shares her candy and she usually gets the best kinds.” Naomi said.

The black-haired girl and Mr. Stuffums sat by the silent May, nibbling on Megumi’s favorite brand of mini chocolates.

“Hey, the only one allowed MY eating candy is Devil-Girl! So no touching and get your own!” Megumi yells.

Naomi and Mr. Stuffums quickly popped two more chocolates into their mouths grinning. Megumi frowns at this but turns to Safiya, who stole glances at her.

“I didn‘t think you‘d ever disobey anything your sister says. Or at most, share your candy.” Safiya admits.

Megumi face faults, but quickly recovers. “Oh please! I listen to my sister because I‘m supposed to! She’s older after all; if not…bigger and stronger…”

“I see…” Safiya mummers, hugging her legs in the process. “I’m very sorry to think so harshly of you all this time then… You really are a nice person Megumi!”

Light tints of pink overtook the blond’s cheeks before they puffed at the realization of the whole sentence. She irately pulled at her friend’s cheeks shortly after.

“Are all your types like that?” May voiced without realizing. The 12-year-old quickly pops a chocolate into her mouth when all eyes faced her.

“Are you interested in Safiya too?” Naomi questions. May continues to pop chocolates into her mouth leaving the girl to smile. “She’s like that, very naïve, pretty stupid and magnetic. To be honest, Megumi and never got along before she came along. But neither of us had many friends. I mean, how can anyone like Megumi have friends? She’s such straightforward, spoiled scaredy-Mewoth.”

“Yeah? Well you’re a fickle Persian!” Megumi shot back. “Though I’ll admit, she did bring out sides of you I never thought existed. I even learned we have a lot in common… Still, with Safiya it never mattered how much snacks I could give… or if I did at all… And now, she likes me fully, so this makes me happiest!”

Naomi, Safiya and Mr. Stuffums watch their friend brighten with a smile never thought possible and couldn‘t help but soften themselves.

“That’s why I will never lose my precious friendship to someone like Naomi.”

Safiya and Mr. Stuffums both go dot-eyed with that comment. Naomi on the other hand, lowered her head before covering it all up with a proud laugh.

“That’s right,” she agrees. “We have a lot in common but we still necessarily don’t like each other. I won’t lose Safiya completely to that spoiled scardy-Meowth.” The girl picks herself up and proudly marches over towards the blond. “I mean, why would she wanna hang around someone who’s so clingy!”

An X-shaped vein pulsated on the right side of Megumi’s head as she left Safiya’s side to further an argument with the black-haired girl.

Safiya tried to calm them but, like always, found it a dead cause.

With a strained expression, the pigtailed girl joins her teddy bear companion and the claimed devil girl. While Mr. Stuffums greets her with a chocolate, May pays her no mind.

“It’s gotten pretty late,” Safiya said, suddenly feeling awkward when she received no human response. “Um… Do you hate me for freeing you? I-I know this wasn’t really my business but-”

“I really didn’t have too much of a say in the matter.” May answers quickly. “I wasn’t going to waste precious energy struggling or telling you off, nor did you seem like one who would stop when you start something without a speech.”

Safiya blinked twice but decided to slowly nibble on her chocolate.

She wasn’t at all like the stories Megumi described her to be… She was-

“As for hating you, I do not.” May continues. “At that age, expressions speak the loudest. You’re too easy to be molded but pure all the same… But you become off limits when you’re older; at ten, those innocent eyes will become lecherous and self-serving… Such a sad never ending cycle…”

As she was speaking way over her head, Safiya used the May’s staring at the night sky to her advantage.

“Hey, when you look out into the sky like this, what do you see?”

“A sky blocked by excessive street lights making it so only the brighter stars can be seen.”

Too intense, Safiya thought with a sweatdrop. As much as she wanted to strike a conversation with the older girl, the realization of the word: Street Lights made her jump.

“AHHHH!!! It’s really late! I completely forgot about Jeanne! She’s going to be really upset with us!”

Hearing the name of the easy to anger Jynx made Mr. Stuffums drop his chocolate and go into a frenzy similar to Safiya‘s. It was at this moment, Naomi and Megumi’s argument reached its peak resulting in both of them turning away from each other and marching towards Safiya.

Neither realizing they linked arms with the girl while storming off.

“It’s was nice meeting you!” Naomi snaps quickly at May. “If you’re still here I’ll bring you tastier food tomorrow!” Megumi adds.

Safiya found struggling futile but still called out to May. “Um, hey! You really aren’t going to stay here? ii-If you want, you can come to my place so you can get warm and cleaned up! My Auntie Terri is really caring and wouldn’t mind you!”

May continued popping chocolates into her mouth making Safiya give-in.

The 12-year-old turns to see Mr. Stuffums staring her at her blankly. “You should go join them, I don‘t want anything to do with you.” she replied. “To be honest, I really hate Pokemon, they’re just dirty little creatures that everyone gushes over or makes their fighting slaves… They’re no better than adults in that perspective…”

Mr. Stuffums continues his stare before sighing off the matter and taking a chocolate before rejoining his friends.

(End Flashback)

Sounds of yelling could be heard from both parties could heard.

It wasn’t long until the chestnut-haired girl heard the cries of Safiya then Miki scolding the child before shouting “Divert!” Following this was Naomi’s shouting followed by a loud crashing noise with Megumi screaming out the names of both her friends in the midst of it all.

Those kids! I almost forgot all about them! Nghk! I wouldn’t put it past them, but are they really trying to engage that lamppost-girl with that weakling they call a battle pet?

This is foolishness and over me? Utter foolishness!

There’s no justified party in this, there’s nothing noble in pointlessly throwing yourself into harms way over a selfish whim!

May tries to warn the girls away but no voice could be heard. When she tried to pick herself up, the strain of Bellsprout’s attacks began to sink in.

Gaah! You remained so persistent before body, so why quit now? Come on, move… move…

The 12-year-old’s view of the sky started to blur as the weight of her drained body ended all hope of movement.

I won’t take responsibility for the stupidity of others! I-I won’t let them do such trivial things in front of me! Arrgh! This is all so foolish, it‘s infuriating!

Move! Move! Move!! COME ON, MOVE!!!

May’s eyes widen when she hears the pained cries of Mr. Stuffums and the panicked screams of his human friends and Bellsprout owner.

…Seriously… what have I been doing all this time?

Freely running around as I pleased, thinking an apology to people who wanted my blood would earn me a small slap on the wrist. Giving everyone that insane allusion…

…Actually allowing those well-meaning girls to free me only to lay here uselessly as they hurt themselves…

…Hot-blood curse which drives one to the point of insane rage…

This… this is my fault isn’t it? And even if it wasn’t, I did a good job of escalating it to this point…

Why didn‘t I see these things before…I was the weaker one all along…

Fading out like this- *Sniffle* I really do myself!

Mentally, physically and spiritually, I wish I could be stronger-I want to be stronger!

Body, for all the abuse I let you go through, I’m utterly sorry but please! Even if it becomes my final breath, let me stop this!

Just when the final steps of consciousness began to unfold, May could’ve sworn she saw a ball of cotton flutter by…

Isaac Gravity
July 13th, 2006, 7:57 PM
A heavy gust of wind pushed down on an already thickened atmosphere. Sensing danger, Bellsprout turned towards the girl of destruction, shuddering at the realization she was actually picking herself up! Leaving it open to a swift, yet very weak blow from Mr. Stuffums’ Scratch.

Even if the attack was petty by its standards, it was more than enough to break its inner restraints and extract its vine!

The way the vine slithered across the ground was very sluggish, almost half-hearted…

…But more than enough for a Level 8 like Mr. Stuffums to grab onto and grip tightly.

With all their wounds and sores gained from trying to stop him in the first place, Safiya and her friends could only grip their wounds and hope for the best.

“it…It’s useless you know,” Miki softly reasons. “While the Hiromi Devil is amazing enough to fight through her own raw power, I have to rely on the strength of Pokemon. This can’t even be considered a drill for a Level 28 so why are you sticking around in things you don‘t understand?”

“Ah, I‘m just a silly little child compared to someone older… So my ways of thinking is too small.” Safiya responds honestly. “But the Devil-Girl was a kind and lonely person! Much like you’re a lonely person who doesn’t want to do this as much as we do! I won’t forgive you or anyone else for hurting her… Never!”

“I’m not a saint myself, but what you made your Pokemon do to Devil-Girl went too far! I deserve every bit of scolding my friends gave me!” Megumi agrees.

“Nah, we took it too far with you too.” Naomi replies coolly. The girl flinches a bit after rubbing her now swollen ankle.

Miki showed regret, but knew what must be done. “You guys are precious, but the Hiromi Devil wouldn’t care if you were helping her as much if she were in my position… Spiegel, do-”

The tall girl jumps when a very bloody and battered May grabs her left wrist.

“You… None of you know a thing about me… Stop with these excuses!”

Miki winces as May‘s grip tightens. Bellsprout now extracts its other vine at its true force. The attack sent the instantly defeated Mr. Stuffums careening into the fence.

Much to the flower Pokemon’s dismay, May didn’t take the hint. Instead, it, along with its master and the 8-year-olds were subjected to the feelings of an ill-fated rush through their systems as low growls burbled from the girl.

With Miki falling to her knees from the pain of May’s grip Bellsprout wanted to find that instinct it used to strike earlier other than freeze when the girl of destruction glared down with her wide blue eyes now in the appeal of feral slits.

Something that left an excitable sensation rush down Miki’s spine.

“Those eyes… That’s the mark of the Hiromi Devil’s true power! …But she only reveals that form against those who are truly worthy of her full strength…I‘m not…I‘m not!-”

“You’re mistaken; I just look like this when clingy objects invade my personal space…” May corrects.
Since Miki was too much in awe at the site of a legend unfolding before her to head her words, May addressed Safiya and her friends. “Lick your wounds, get your pet some serious medical attention and go home. Pretending you never met me would be nice as well.”

The girls blink twice at this with Megumi being the only one to act. “Just like that?! After all this, you’re going to brush us off? Safiya-”

“Megumi, it’s ok.” Safiya cuts in. “Because of me, Mr. Stuffums and Naomi is really hurt and I must’ve made Jeanne and Auntie Terri go nuts with grief by now… Then there’s your family…”

Safiya makes a comment about the Devil-Girl having everything down-pat before rushing over to Mr. Stuffums side.

“wa- FINE! Just don’t start whining about not getting Devil-Girl’s autograph or anything!” Megumi huffs, helping the smirking Naomi to her feet.

May watched the blond and black-haired girl give her one last look before leaving. “Aren’t you going to join them? It‘s pretty beat-up, that Pokemon.” she voiced to the still Safiya who jumped quickly.

Unable to fine any excuses, it wasn’t long until the girl humbly lowered her head.

“I just wanted to see you again, no reason but to just talk…about anything! If I didn’t act on that whim, a lot of the trouble you and my friends went through could’ve avoided… I must be look like an ill-mannered, spoiled brat to you?”

“…Crying about how unimportant you are when your young life hasn’t truly started… But at the same time, strong enough to admit your flaws… Between you and those other two, perhaps there’s a chance this wave of children might actually grow untainted and strong.”

Safiya stared at the claimed Devil-Girl with flushed cheeks. Giving her a wide, tearful toothed-grin, the pigtailed girl wished the 12-year-old good health and hoped to cross paths again.

The matter of the short-ones was finally settled, that only left…

“I thank you for finally wising up,” May addresses the still awed Miki curtly. “Interestingly enough, it’s quite a shock you haven’t gone irregular and tried tearing me apart the moment I reached this state.”

“wh-What are you talking about! I know it best that you’d never do anything to intentionally harm a child, I just wanted to you goad you back to your true self. But for you to go this far…”
Staring at her idol like this made tears flowed down Miki’s cheeks as a strong daze overtook her. “The eyes of the sinner… The gate that pierces one’s soul for judgment… To actually see it with my own eyes…To be like this with you…I’m so happy…so very happy…”

With Miki lost in her own dreams, May released her hold on the girl’s wrist and let her body shudder freely. Oddly enough, soft chuckling could be heard.

Seriously, what’s so great about someone like me? I’m nothing short of trash! Yet there people who actually- And I’m actually crying?

May wipes her tears, while images of her back in that lovely meadow. There, tears rolled down her cheeks endlessly. No matter how much she tried to stop it, they continued to pour.

It wasn’t long until that cotton-winged angel wrapped the girl in a tight hug, wording something that left the 12-year-old at-first, surprised, but willing let those tears fall with pride.

That’s right… Had this been an earlier point in life I would’ve been shocked… But now, disgust isn’t what I feel at all…It’s-!

Sounds of splattering liquid sizzling against the ground.

“…With your master out of the picture you don’t need to hold back any longer do you?” May questioned the unnerved Bellsprout.

Whatever adrenaline the flower Pokemon had left intensified when the 12-year-old revealed to it an expression that bordered insane.

“That’s good, because when I’m like this I can only hold myself back for only so long! So don‘t fail keeping me entertained… Kill me, if you think you got what it takes, you domesticated trash!”

(Five months later)

“Eh? They still haven’t cleared out all the debris from the east Gale Shrine?” The woman queries to her circle of four friends. “Nothing surprising, that was quite a massive explosion.”

“People should just stop complaining about losing something from ancient history and be glad it didn‘t spread to the neighborhoods or completely damage Sprout Tower.” The other woman, who had her just salon-done hair protected shrugs. “THAT would’ve been a major loss.”

“b-But that shrine is a key point of Falkner‘s family linage!” A woman a tad younger than the rest of her middle-aged acquaintances blurts. She then broke into an unsure mutter. “…though it would‘ve been horrible if the fire consumed the whole city...”

The other four woman couldn‘t help but agree to that but found their conversation cut short by the sound of sirens from an ambulance speeding to its destination.

“Kageyama Junior High… That place needs to get its act together.” The fourth woman scoffs.

The third woman nods. “That school only makes me think of Lynette’s child… I really wonder how those two are?”

“Those two are such handfuls,” The first woman shrugs. “From what I hear, Lynette’s child is currently staying in Mahogany Town with friends of the family, while Lynette herself went ahead to Houden or whatever it’s called, to do something with their new house. Well, at least she‘ll be able to keep an eye on that husband of hers.” she continues. “A man that handsome must be lusted over by plenty of women.”

“May was always quite a handful, even as a little girl.” The third woman chuckles, reliving the time a three-year-old May climbed up to the top of the older children’s monkey bars and cried until someone got her down.

“I’m still peeved to hear that foolish girl tried to end the fighting between local gangs!” The first woman raves. “It was well-intentioned, but reality fell in fast. I hear she was found badly injured in the park leading to Sprout Tower only because she was shielding some children. Otherwise, I doubt a Hiromi would go down.”

“It was very stupid of her; Lynette needs to lower the moral standing.” The second woman agrees. “I heard a rumor that in all the fighting, some of them took it within a partially refurbished temple of all places causing a gas-leak… Didn’t help that a fire-Pokemon was around…” she sighs. “Such a defiling of our history… But the again… the area was already greatly defiled by the fury of those hooligans, so I guess a fire only purified the land. Also, many HAVE protested the modernization of ancient goods… This will just give them a good lesson.”

The third woman took some time to consider what she was about to say.

“When I think of all the things that girl and Lynette put us through… I‘d have to say it was like a lingering storm that you never thought would go away… But, when the sky finally clears, you can‘t help but miss the thrill it gave all that time.”

The other women didn’t need to give thought to that truth.

The fourth woman of the group looked at her acquaintances with exasperation before shaking her head, tightened her hold on her groceries and walked away without saying a word.

(Terri Rosen Residence)

My name is Terri Rosen. Age 27, native place of birth: Mahogany Town of the Johto district. My occupation: Junior High School nurse, waitress of the Sprout Café and Luncheon and guardian of my 8-year-old cousin of questionable background.

To the residence of the city of Violet it feels as they were sole survivors of the end of the world and wish to rebuild it anew.

Even though gone, nothing but calm words are ever spoken of the Passionate noble family, Hiromi. Or unless you don’t fear a lynching: The formerly accused Hiromi Devil and vile enchantress Hiromi.

To the citizens of this town of history, the idea of the hot-blood curse is nothing but the outburst of hormones from rowdy adolescents trying to get away with things they cannot at home.

…Still, there are many holes in this tale that don’t completely make sense. Like how could a dislike for Pokemon be so intensified because of a-

“Auntie Terri you got another letter from your penpal!” Safiya greets.

Terri places down her school magazine and thanks the girl for the letter. “Hmm, that’s good to hear, I almost forgot how nice small town life was.” she said after reading it. “Oh Safiya, did May send you a letter recently?”

The girl shook her head. “The last letter I got said she’d be meeting her family by ship. Since she hates Pokemon, she refuses to send me a letter via Flying-type and said she’ll write me once she settles down there. I can wait!” The 8-year-old claimed before grabbing Terri’s hand. “C’mon! Your penpal sent us some foreign treats! Let’s grab some before Jeanne and Mr. Stuffums eats them all!”

“Hmm, if you put it like that…”

Meh, I suppose it’s sometimes best to stop contemplating storms and just look out to the rainbow after it all clears.

The two head to the other room, leaving behind the Kageyama school magazine with an article labeled: “The tale of our Boiling Blood” with Terri’s initials as creator.

End Chapter 0

(Author’s Notes)

If writing the Prologue-esque Chapter 0 took me ten rewrites, and then add an additional fifteen to Part C alone.

It was a huge pain to write.

My main problems relied on two factors: First, it was the ambitions of each of the girls. Megumi and Naomi weren’t truly a problem considering they, along with Safiya were supposed to be the stereotypical female trio. (Consisting of the main girl: the innocent, sweet-tempered one with a lot of inner strength and determination. The more outspoken, brash, cool-minded girl and the third is either the friendly timid/passive one or very straight-forward to the point she’s a disagreeable person and is constantly at odds with the brash one.)

Safiya however, was a pain. Though I had no problem with making her innocent and cutesy, I never really intended to go any farther with her back-story other than what Terri explained in Chapter B. Also, as she was the one to confront May in the end, I needed her to be able to reflect with May very deeply. Thus, this lead me to creating a back-storyish situation for her.

When I looked back at it, her personality became darker-minded than intended and this became a problem. If anything, I came to note though seeing Naomi and Megumi as “close friends” Safiya, especially her attitude towards Megumi during the flashback scenario, reveals she might not even trust them enough to really open up but was openly willing to do everything in her power to converse with May who she really seemed like her type of person. This made her cheerful personality seem more exterior to me and made me feel she might really be a somewhat selfish and cold person in reality. But when I reread what little of her past I wrote, furthered on it and kinda just let it go and stick with trying to make it all work.

Then there was Miki. She wasn’t intended to be a cruel person… Ever! I felt making her the big villain (especially since her past was the first thing I really wrote when first working Part C) would not only be doing her any justice, it’d be a cheap way to end things fast and make Safiya and co. look like weak victims and May the reluctant, yet heart-of-gold-deep-down person (And neither parties are such.).

It was too easy to make Miki go “evil” at any point and I really refused to do that.

Now the second main problem was overall battle chorography. Now, I love shounen manga (most notably Shaman King and Dragon Ball) to a tooth. But since Bellsprout, a Pokemon that, like the rest of those 380+ critters, could kill a man without truly trying had to attack May to appease Miki and later, from his view point, defend her from being seriously hurt which meant taking May out of the picture was quite a task… without mortally wounding or killing May.

Of course, then came the (took me almost a month to write) scene concerning May trying to stand after Bellsprout’s reckless ravage. No matter how much rules of shounen manga I tried to apply, the situation didn’t look good in May’s favor of living to see the main story and take role of protagonist. So that really took me some time to work around.

Overall, yeah, I actually finished (puts on party hat). I’m a little iffy about certain plot consistencies and wished I went a bit more into the curse of boiling blood. But then again… that’s what the main story is for…

After a short intermission beforehand of course.

Isaac Gravity
July 26th, 2006, 7:50 PM
Disclaimer- I don’t own Pokemon or anything else.

Intermission 0- Little Garden ~Awakening Will~

I never was one to believe doing good deeds for others would ever greet good things in return.

All I’d be doing is smiling falsely for those who secretly bare their fangs at me. Especially when it came to me… I could do everything the people here want and still be considered a vile fighting demon only infecting their children.

That truth would never change itself no matter what I do…

From her window, May watched as the second-tier junior high gangs: The Ultra Violets and Round Trippers let their over-swelled tensions rise in a huge street brawl.

The gangs respective mascots Alastor the Pichu and BT the Elekid simply glared each other down, throwing taunts when one guy from the opposing side would fall. Growing tired of idle taunts, BT kicked a stray tire at his long-time nemesis.

The tiny mouse Pokemon shortly found itself being given a nice ride down the block forcing a few of the Ultra Violets to give suite after their mascot. With many Round Trippers and BT hastily following right behind…

The 12-year-old continued to watch until she heard a few people scream “BARF!” after hitting the ground. When she turned away she instantly found herself outside and in front of the combat zone.

Even though none of the remaining members on either side noticed her, the attacks towards each other grew savage. May had to step back when she watched her peers literally transform into blood-lusting demons that tore away at the others flesh.

Giving out death cries that wasn’t of the mortal world.

May cringed in disgust as the two remaining demons finished each other by an impaling through the chest and biting of the neck last breath counter attacks.

When it was all said and done, demons weren’t amongst those piles of dead bodies, but those of children laying in a thick puddle of their own blood were the eyes attraction. Gathering the attention of a countless mob of people.

After their cries of sorrow, they all glare May.

“guh-Wait! I didn’t-”

May tenses up when an strong arm grips her right bang from behind. Some voices scream something about shattering a horn, but all back off when the grabber hits the floor.

When I really think about it, I never really enjoyed fighting. It just became something of a second nature I thought nothing of…

Breathing heavily, May tightens her fist and faces her enemies only to display shock when the crowd of people appeared to be nothing more than red-eyed, blackish-purple gel in human shaping.

One of the gel-people extracted their arms to grab at May’s wrist, leaving her to evade the three-miss attack while forcefully warding off all those who tried to lunge at her.

Eventually, the girl defeats the crowd with only a good number of bruises to call her own. Sadly, May had to repeat this process twice more when a fresh batch of foes, twice in the originals number, stormed the scene.

…More and more, after each conflict my body aches while that hollow feeling inside me only deepens!

Severely battered, bruised and covered in their “blood”, May crushed the head of the last attacker, falling to her knees with heavy breathing.

“That’s fine… just keep showing me all you’re really good for…” she muttered, only to be welcomed by a countless number of raged gel-people.

May tried to clench her fist in her struggle to get up, but only winced at the numbness in her hand.

And that second nature I was beginning to feel defined me, slowly abandoned me…

The 12-year-old gets thrown back from a kick from a more bulky gel-person, making her feel as if she was hit by a speeding vehicle. None of the attackers even awaited her hitting the ground when they began their onslaught.

Rather than feel the agony of her foes ripping away at her, she only heard bitter death cries along with sounds of zapping.

May opens her eyes to meet a clear blue sky where cotton wisped along the playful breeze. Not trying to make sense of the situation, the 12-year-old used what little strength remaining to force herself up.

This would have ended in failure had not two hands, one of them holding a rather large golden ring, touched her cheeks.

“Such a strong will to live. Now I see why those heartless creatures were so aggressive…” A female voice comments.

The warmth emanating from the voice’s hand made May forget her usual distrustful instincts to face the entity calmly…

…And widen her eyes in shock.

The figure before her was that of a woman, yes, she also wore a lovely white gown… But her skin complexion, even her short curly hair, was shrouded in a strong spectrum of light.

“Your battles have come to an end, now please, let your strained spirit rest…”

The odd markings on the ring began to resonate, it wasn’t long until May looked as though she never entered injury.

“Nyaa, what a beautiful child!” The entity gushed. “I’m sure your wings are the most envied!”

May blinked twice at this. Leaving the entity to pick herself up and reveal cotton wings that sparked with static. Despite the further look of surprise expressed by the 12-year-old, the entity offered out her hand.

“Don’t you enjoy your wings?” The entity asked. “With a heart as lovely as yours, you shouldn’t be afraid to show them off. Just enjoy the breeze as you set yourself free.”

“…w-What kind of stupid question is that?” May answers uneasily. “This is a dream, it really has to be… Asking me if I have wings to fly? I must be really ill…”

The entity remained silent for a moment, continuing to face May’s direction until she patted her ring against her free hand.

“Ah! I get it! You’re at that point in life where you’re very insecure, so insecure your benevolent heart gave you invisible wings! So you don’t even know you have them! That really is ama-”

“You’re so annoying,” May cuts in. “I don’t have wings or a pretty soul or whatever! So… so…STOP PRAISING ME AS IF I‘M ANYTHING SPECIAL!”

“But if that’s the case, then why are you shedding tears of joy?”

May questions this until she felt the heat of her tears rolling down her cheeks. No matter how much she tried to wipe her eyes or make an excuse about them, the tears continued to fall.

The tear flow only strengthen when the entity enwrapped her in a tender hug.

“My, my today‘s youth is in such a rush to be so grown.” The entity replies, ignoring the fact May was struggling to push free. “Though they have the cool individual part down-pat, there seems to be a huge factor that makes you look like a silly, immature child…”

Tears still running down her cheeks, May stopped struggling and let the entity tighten her hold.

“Still haven’t guessed it?” The entity teased. “Being mature is something anyone can do, but conveying what’s in your heart is something only the truly grown can accomplish. Be it through your fist or your powerful words, everything fueling those actions come straight from the colors reflected in your heart… Don‘t hide that, control them.”
The entity released her hold on May, only to step back and hide her hands behind her back. “Oh! It looks like the tears stopped.” she said. “Chaining down your heart with so much regret doesn‘t suite you. You’re looking a bit refreshed though, maybe next time a smile might be along the horizon, right?”

May’s only response to this was wiping any remaining tears with indifference.

The cheerful chirping of Pidgeys played a great role in the coloring of the wonderful afternoon scene. Though it would’ve been an excellent moment for children to be outside playing, May Hiromi rested soundly in bed.

Waking up from discomfort, the 12-year-old sat up, quickly taking note of warm tears that stained her cheeks. This was followed by the realization of a covered plate of soup on her dresser…

I was never one to complain about wishing life were more convenient. This was the world we lived in, just accept it and move on.

…And finally, a sticky-pad note that fell from her forehead.

The ink was a little blurred but still readable:


Temperature has fallen near normal, accepted a call-in with overtime from work for you to ease when you awake. Please rest and eat lots of nutritious soup to fight fever! Reheat for best results. Don’t lose spirit!


“Right… I remember now…” May voices groggily. “Rumors of a flu that brings warning of season change hit town and caught it… Acted like it was nothing and told her to bug off. Everything got hazy later on and body just got heavy… I really thought-And even after all of that…”

Since reality never changes, is this why we dream? Yes, that must be it; I would never cry otherwise.

But if that’s the case…

May opens her window-sill being greeted by a very refreshing breeze. She couldn’t explain it, but those usual surroundings of the outside world seemed so much more, “agreeable” than usual.

Why do I feel as if a huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders?

Basking a bit more in the cool air, May began to think back to a situation a couple of years ago when Mrs. Hiromi was cleaning a very nasty cut on May’s knee.

The girl did nothing but hold back that urge to scream and release those tears welling in her eyes, leaving Mrs. Hiromi to chuckle and say: “You shouldn’t keep swallowing that, after all, crying makes your heart lighter and a light-hearted person is the only type who have the courage to spread their wings to realize their fullest dreams.”

As she stared into that cloudless blue sky, even if it was for a brief moment, May actually to believe those words when her hand grasped out to snatch what it could never reach…

“Is it really that simple? Is that all that is needed?” she mummers. The 12-year-old’s vain attempt finally ends when her stomach growls, leaving her to taste Mrs. Hiromi’s nutritious, but very cold soup.

It didn’t happen immediately, but as days went by, dreaming became almost a deeply welcomed activity to me.

Be it being lost in thoughts I never gave a thought to, or letting myself fall into those deep periods of slumber, a dream would somehow follow these actions.

And in every dream, my location is always in that green pasture, that seems to shine with greater beauty each time I visit. Along with that cotton-winged angel, who would greet me every time.

Balls of cotton danced freely along the playful breeze as May Hiromi enjoyed a picnic with the cotton-winged entity she‘s grown so used to.

The entity had her large golden ring placed close to her side as she sipped tea.

“Such a big mug; are you sure you wouldn’t like tea instead?” she addressed May. “Drinking coffee at your age stops your growth.”

The entity sighs and helps herself to three crackers while May continues to gulp down her drink with little concern.

“This place really is beautiful…” May voiced. “It’s hard to believe I dreamt up something like this at points…”

The girl was taken aback when a cluster of cotton balls stop playing with the breeze and begin to hover around her.

“What’s hard to believe?” The entity argued. “Of all the places I visited I have to say the radiance of this world makes me visit it so often.”

“Makes sense, no way could I ever dream of someone like you.”

The entity takes one final sip of her tea before placing it back in its holder. She then takes a small breath while staring at the sky.

“…This world really is beautiful, but it’s nothing more than a well-decorated pillar in museum full of graffiti. When I really think about it, it‘s not the radiance of this strip of soul that draw me, but the fact that its unique enough to stomach four conscious beings…”

The entity jumps when May stares at her in confusion.

“m-Maybe I should start from the beginning…” The entity said. “Each person is born with set characteristics that make them whole. And here, their soul reflects that mentality creating these dream zones for their spiritual consciousness to be secure when the psychical consciousness rests. As the persons thoughts intensifies so does the world the soul creates, this can be enjoyable as it can be problematic.”
The entity shakes her head sadly before continuing. “Watching a once sunny world turn into a place of pure malice is a painstaking one…” she continues. “The story of yours and a few others are ones that baffles and fears even the most experienced.”

“Heh, you’re speaking over my head, so this doesn’t concern me in the least.”

The balls of cotton circling May spread out while picking up speed before unleashing a strong surge of electricity that forced down a winged beast. This act startled May as much as it left her without a beverage.

“There’s no doubt about it, you might be the conscious body but whatever glimmer of hope flickers, whatever trickle of doubt sways your heart, it becomes food for the ones of Ether and Aer to continue their fierce battle.” The entity replies.

“wh-What are you talking about?!!” May fumes. “What battle? What consuming? It’s just us and…” May gets a good look at the downed bird and spilled coffee before an X-shaped vein pulsated on the left side of her head. “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ANYWAY??!”

“I already said it, you ARE the true consciousness of this world, but this field that seems never ending to you, is nothing but a strip of hope in a ravaged soul.” The entity explains. “Though I’m pretty sure it has to do with events in the physical realm, there are a good number of forcefully tainted worlds that have sprouted up over the years containing a parasite-like entity that corrupts the thoughts of conscious beings… The tainted world and parasite would usually waste away with the weakened conscious being but to have two-”

“…Just answer me this… you said I had four conscious beings…”

The entity turned her face away from May. “…The third is just the cries of a deceitful creature too weak to act against the other two…”

May didn’t know how to react to this until she looked out towards the horizon of her world…

Viewing not a sunset in the mountains, but a once lovely sky crack and crumble. Slowly but surely, revealing a vortex rippling with red thunder.

The realization of the matter overwhelmed the 12-year-old so deeply she vomited. After a small recovery of bearings, small chuckling managed to escape her being.

The tears she revealed when standing however, revealed otherwise…

“So I really am some kind of monster…” May mutters. “Is this where you kill me for the sake of humanity? You had a good enough time pretending to like me, so just finish me off already! I‘m only a troublesome monster after all!”

“…I won‘t let any harm befall you…” The entity voices to May surprise. “A precious child like you, a lovely zone like this, I will do everything in my power to protect you!”

Though choosing to rub her eyes over voicing anything, the feelings of relief soothing May was pretty apparent.

The entity watched this with growing relief herself.

“This still feels hard to swallow… but I-” Wiping the last bit of her tears, May faces the entity with determination. “Three parasites… I won’t let them run around as they please with me any longer!”

“wh-DO NOT SEEK OUT THE ONES OF ETHER OR AER!!!” The entity shouts. “Though both will kill you on sight, the Ether one only wishes to consume you, while the one of Aer-”

The entity shields her face when a piercing gust of wind that shredded everything in its path circles May’s body.

“So I should be an emotionless vegetable now that I know this? Didn’t you tell me this world reflects whatever my heart truly feels without my control?” May counters. “This MY world! I’ll… Only I… Will change this world under MY terms and only that! I’ll make it so that no one will be baffled or afraid and everyone is welcome to come! Even Pokemon like the one you always have hovering around you will be more than welcome to play and stay! SIMPLY BECAUSE I AND NO ONE ELSE WILL ALLOW IT!!”

The wind continues to rip through the atmosphere, intensifying just enough to reveal the wool Pokemon Mareep. The frightened creature hastily hid behind the entity until it all finally died down.

Both, entity and Mareep stared at the panting 12-year-old, jumping lightly when she faces them.

“…I… I don’t have wings… I’m not amazing… But! This… THIS IS MY JUSTICE! I’ll morph my whole heart; This field is all you’ll see from here to the end of the horizon… I swear it!”

May marches off leaving the entity with her turn to digest current events.

“Always hovering around me…All this time you…” A small chuckle escapes her being as she pets her loyal Mareep. “You become a vegetable? In a matter of minutes you blew me away with a hurricane of emotions… That’s as spectacular as it is unbearably destructive.”

Watching the sky mend itself, the entity gratefully accepted Mareep’s passing of her ring and picked herself up to spread her cotton wings.

This is your world after all, seize it! The door to your heart is fragile but yearns for those wild emotions! Spread those invisible wings and grasp your dreams!

End Intermission


To be honest, this chapter, well the concept of it, was actually supposed to be a flashback that took place within Chapter 0 Part C. But due to planning and wanting to cut page length It was dropped…

Dropped but not forgotten. This chapter was refurbished and is made to take place between the events of Chapter 0 Part B and C. Becoming an explanation of past and framework of the future.

Until Chapter 1...

Isaac Gravity
August 23rd, 2006, 10:29 PM
Disclaimer- I don’t own Pokemon or anything else.

It was only the start of sunrise in the water-based region of Hoenn. And within the fields of the small farm village LittleRoot it is said: “Around these hours, when the rising sun flashes orange, the twinkling stars that can already be seen at its greatest splendor here make an even greater note of inspirational beauty as it paints the sky with its daily good-bye…”

If you were to display this scene for yourself, you might truly believe yourself lost in a painting… While those who make this quiet place their home would simply dub your awe-

“Laughable.” A woman scoffs in her home, showing complete distaste to whatever running on TV. “These Kanto dramas are utterly laughable… I can‘t believe I actually thought Cerulean Queens would be the next overseas hit.”

The woman made no reaction as the door opened. Entering the room was a rather homely looking man, whose most notable feature would be his white lab coat, giving him the look of a type of scientific authority. But what mellowed that rather “elite” feel were his casual green shirt, brown shorts and sandals.

Throwing in the man’s beard fully confirms the feel that this “science authority” has no problem with kicking back and having a real good time.

“Don‘t know how to knock?” The woman questions dryly.

“Ahaha, well we should probably install a lock on our door if that’s the case Dear.” The man laughs nervously.

As the woman simply replied: “Or use the locks we already have.” The man could stutter “D-dear!”

“Always with your Dear, Dear, Dear! Did it ever occur to you when you lock yourself in that lab, drowning yourself away in Pokemon studies your loving wife also has her needs… You should be grateful I haven‘t had an affair.”

“Perhaps you should lay off those soaps…” The man mutters. He quickly finds himself coughing abruptly when the woman glares dangerously in his direction. “y-You’ll be quite happy to know I took some personal time.” he begins. “I want us both to be at the dining table when we hear all the data Brendan collected on his big two-week field research project I entrusted.”

The man remains silent the moment his wife slams her hand against the table.

When standing tall, height along with strong arms seem to be the woman’s most noticeable features… Well, if you exclude her long white hair with blonde streaks and faded green eyes which always appeared annoyed.

Taking her time patting off her sleeveless white blouse and green dress, the woman gives a small scoff.

“Hah, saying it like that I was about to say no way could that be my kid…” she grins. “But when I realized Route 103 isn’t what I’d exactly call roughing it; I’d have to say as expected of a child with your wimpy blood.”


“Well, what are you standing around for? Ogling me isn’t gonna get those boxes of pancakes, waffles and sausages in the microwave!” The woman snaps. “With quality in good soaps declining a large family brunch sounds way more eventful than dealing with that boring neighbor.”

The man gives a small smile to that. “And here I thought too much noise bothered you.”

“Che, she looks way too young to be that age… And when she’s not being an overly cheerful klutz she’s bragging about her ultra cute daughter…” The woman gripes. “I have a kid too, I’m forty-eight-years-old, not even in my prime, yet others mistake me for fifty-four! I bet her kid is an overly peppy clone…”

The man smiles at his wife’s rare act of peppiness and heads to the kitchen, making a small crack about having to call off a get-together. His wife ignores this and heads for the window.

Rather than simply opening the window and being done with it, the woman took her time to watch a girl, whose most noticeable feature aside from her foreign sense of dressing was her long bizarrely styled bangs, enter the town holding a large suitcase.

From the looks of things, the girl looked more interested in the music coming from her headphones than she did in the actual lovely surroundings.

“Hah, just like I thought, can’t even be considered a low tide.” The woman scoffs before going about her business.

Leaving the girl, better known as May Hiromi, to sneeze.
ARC 1: Lost Wings
Chapter 1: Smile! Understand! A Peace Solider Marches

May gave her new home a good long stare. At points, it was tough to believe this same lovely purple framed home was once that dilapidated wreck Mrs. Hiromi showed her as a picture months back…

Speaking of the girl’s cheerful mother, May made no reaction when the woman wrapped her in a tender hold from behind.

“So, what do you think?” Mrs. Hiromi greets.

“…Not a bad choice of color, though lavender would’ve been better.”

“Ah, but to have that kind of say you needed to be here.” Mrs. Hiromi teased. “So, what’s this story about our belongings arriving weeks before you?”

“I fell asleep and missed the boat with our stuff, things got a little hectic after that but I enjoyed the detour overall.” May answers simply.

The girl looks up to see Mrs. Hiromi staring at her in curiosity. After moments of silence, Mrs. Hiromi’s expression softens.

“I originally wanted to say whose this super cute girl trying to replace my May but perhaps the best chance of closeness really is the respecting of personal space.”

The woman stops chuckling the moment she sees the usual no-nonsense expression plastered on her daughter’s face.

“You… Do you enjoy reliving the past that much?” May questions darkly. The girl doesn’t wait for an answer and instead surprises her mother with a wide toothed grin. “Past is past. No point in getting lost in something so empty-nya?”

It was May’s turn to end her gesture when she felt a few droplets of tears hit her face.

The girl watched her mother remain in her own emotions before returning the grin with flustered cheeks as a bonus.

“That’s right, past is past so it doesn’t matter!” Mrs. Hiromi confirms. “You’ll always be my daughter after all, so I should be relived that you talk so lightly rather than that scary tone you used to talk in. You got a little taller too, perhaps stress has been lost! And that adorable droopy little face you have is WAAAAY more inviting than that old cute, ultra serious face!”
Further excitement fills the woman as she places her daughter in deeply affectionate squeeze. “Nyaaa! Things are looking up!! Let’s hurry inside and have a big feast! That would be the perfect way to start things, right May?”

Rather than receive an answer from her super reformed daughter, Mrs. Hiromi was instead treated to freaking out when her daughter, swiveled-eyed, remained limp in her arms.


Ugh, my head… The air in this region really is dizzying…

…I blacked out didn’t I? Tch! Must’ve hit the ground hard for my body to feel so…

May awakes to find herself staring at the night sky. Ignoring the fact she was laying on destroyed pavement, the girl came to realize she was in Yuzu Park…

…And took that long for her senses to finally match the wave of her ravaged body.

“The pain you feel here is superficial.” A female voice echoes. “This is a past vision which recreates the many episodes your psychical conscious underwent.”

Deep frustration overtook May’s features after she coughed up a bit of blood.

“Superficial…You DARE call this horrible feeling superficial?! Whether we dream or not, pain is pain no matter where we are!”

The girl displayed surprise when sudden snowfall appeared. Further silence followed when that “snow” turned out to be playful balls of cotton, each pulsating with static that soothed her body on contact.

“Past visions are initially harmless since the psychical consciousness will sense the potential stress placed on the spiritual conscious and pull it back. Though, this can become considerably risky for one with a decent level of astral comprehension.” The voice continues. “Much like reliving a situation where your psychical conscious already gave way.”

May ignores the wisdom being bestowed and gives a little groan as she sat up. Even though there were many things running through her head at the time, they turned to empty meanings when a hand releasing strong waves of inviting warmth placed itself on her forehead.

Turning right, the girl ended up facing a woman wearing a lovely white gown while, oddly enough, holding a large golden ring. What truly made her stand out however was her skin complexion, even her short curly hair, was shrouded in a strong spectrum of light.

“It’s good to see you too.” The entity chuckles. “You know, you always did strike me as the type who would enjoy reenacting events of days past. But, you should know they are just that. You cannot rewrite or alter the past; only the road where your wings can spread towards the horizon called our future is what must be grasped.”

“…You think too much about the future, worry a bit more about what can be done today and then tomorrow at the end of it.”

“So where does thoughts of yesterday fall into the picture?” The entity counters in a playful tone of voice only getting her cheek pulled by May.

“If my will desires it, I will do as I please. This is MY world after all…” The girl answers.

“h-How cheeky! You really-”

May releases her hold on the entity cheek and turns away quick enough to hide the guilty look on her face.

“…Or at least, that’s what suddenly comes to mind when you talked as if you knew me…” she reasons. “Hah… and you seem nice enough to be easily remembered too…”

The entity watched May silently before finally laughing off the matter as déjà vu.

‘Almost six-moths past, but the duration her existence seemingly disappeared from time and space felt endless…’ The entity remises. ‘Has it really been that long? I feared the worst, but I’m not residing in a small pillar of hope, but an entire world full of complex thoughts and powerful emotions… I couldn’t be any happier yet, why do I feel-’

A small yelp came from the entity when May again pulled at her cheeks.

“Anyways, as long as you don’t stir up trouble you can rest here. And also,” May replies coolly. “Even though I don’t really care for them, Pokemon are more than welcome to stay here too.”

Hearing this, the entity’s loyal ally Mareep took form from a small formation of merging cotton balls on the ground and quickly took refuge behind its master.

May gave an annoyed look at this, but the entity covered the matter with sheepish laugher. The girl stares at her for a moment before giving up whatever it was she wanted to pick herself up and leave.

The entity picked up her partner and quickly followed suite.

“If I must, I will wait. After all, for doing the impossible this is only a small price we all must pay.” was what she murmured as she ran.

With the rays of a new sun beating on her face, May awoke in the long-missed feel of her bed. However, the surroundings, and even the long pink shirt on her that doubled as evening attire were something of complete unfamiliarity.

All of the girl’s curiosity washed away completely the moment she took note of a teddy bear wearing a red scarf and fighter pilot jacket sitting right next to her.

With a strong blush forming on her cheeks, the girl placed the toy into a tight hug.

“Finally awake little princess?” Mrs. Hiromi greets. “And here I thought you’d be the next Rip van Winkle.”

Keeping the teddy bear close, May takes a better look at her surrounds. The excessive placement of stuffed animals, the bright wallpaper along with study desk and modern-age electronic devices that weren’t too much in her interest was all the typical description of a girl’s room.

May turns to Mrs. Hiromi with little expression.

The woman sweatdropped lightly, coughing before finding a good counter. “e-Everyone deserves nice things!” she argued before murmuring something about going a bit overboard. Mrs. Hiromi stood for a moment before grinning it off. “Well, a large step to a new beginning. Happy Belated Birthday May!”

Watching her daughter hide behind her stuffed animal in her struggle to give thanks was an act that made everything within Mrs. Hiromi melt.

Was this innocent girl really her down-to-earth daughter? She wondered. This…

“NYAAA! TOO CUTE MAY!!!” The woman squeals, wrapping her shocked child in a tight hug that left her open to her mother‘s cheeks rubbing against her own.

“Uwaah! M-Mom! How long have I been asleep like this? Please answer, it‘s very important!” May pleas in-between smothers.

It took some time, but Mrs. Hiromi overcame her “cuteness overload”.

“Geez, you had to become so adorable when I spent all this time learning how to be serious with you…” The woman reasons. “You slept for two whole days with today being the third had not been for your wake up.”

May gives a small sigh of relief, muttering something about minimum time. Perhaps Mrs. Hiromi heard the full wording, why else would she suddenly change an atmosphere she deeply desired most with:

“As much as I want to blame sudden change in environment for your collapse, it still won’t justify that it was only a small player amplified by a common cold. May, you aren’t indestructible. If you don’t keep your health up…”
Mrs. Hiromi cuts herself off to leave the room and return with her medical bag, taking out a small vial after momentary shuffling. “Here, a Vitamin-C pill. It’s chewable so there’s no need to worry about water.” The woman digs into her bag a bit more to pull out another vial. “I also noticed you have a low iron count so-”


May sudden rage washed away when she saw the shocked expression her mother’s face. The 13-year-old held onto her teddy bear tightly while avoiding all eye contact before shaking it all of with a reassuring smile.

“I mean, if it’s only a little headache from climate change there’s no need to get carried away and drag empty things like medicine into all this.”

As much as Mrs. Hiromi wanted to answer to that, May places the teddy bear in her hands so forcibly it knocks her vials to the floor.

The woman just watches her daughter twirl around on her toes.

“I got some rest, so I’m really energetic!” May continues. “All I need is some food and a bath and I’ll conquer this weakness while you rest peacefully-nya!”
May loses her balance with Mrs. Hiromi catching her. “…I’m fine!” May assures, freeing herself from her mother’s grip. “No need to worry about me as I’m feeling great! Now, I’m going to do my best!”

Mrs. Hiromi watches the 13-year-old run out the room. Hearing a small collapsing noise followed by nervous laughter and hasty footsteps, the woman stares at the teddy bear her daughter desires so deeply and expressionlessly placed her index finger on its button nose.

(Sometime later)

Sitting on the higher levels of a lone tree, May gets her fill of what little there was to see of the rural surroundings and attempts to immerse within a cool breeze.

And much like her earlier event, gains little out of it.

“Augh, the air here is really bad…” she groans. “And I thought climbing all this way would make a difference…”
The girl felt worse when her recent words with Mrs. Hiromi replayed itself. “I really shouldn’t have acted like that… Maybe I just don’t like their tastes.” she convinced herself. “Yeah, that’s probably it. All it tastes like chalk that leaves you worse off anyway.”

“Hey! What do you think you’re doing?!” A voice of a small boy yells from below. As May made no effort to answer the child, he presses the matter. “I know you can hear me up there! You tourist are all alike, thinking you can just waltz on in and do whatever you want! Well,-”

“I’m a tourist?”

The boy blinked twice at this but quickly regained his bearings. “Of course you are! Only some spoiled foreigner would disrespect the oldest living thing in LittleRoot! Bet your rich Mommy and Daddy didn’t tell you-”

“Nya? I can’t hear you!” May shouts. “You should climb up and enjoy the view even if the air is disagreeable.”

“You’re missing the point!” The boy freaks out.

“Or…don’t you know how to climb?”

The boy stares at May before lowering his head in defeat.

‘Tch! It’s like talking to the air, a thick wad of it!’ The boy gripes mentally. ‘But this tree’s practically LittleRoot’s landmark! If Brendan was here he’d definitely smack some sense into her- No! With him gone, I’m the only one left as LittleRoot’s soul defender of historical fact and from those jealous outsiders who dare defile that! And I take that position with the greatest of pride!’

Along with his strong resolve came a determined (yet rather dramatic) outlook of the situation.

However, that mighty foe looming above had long ago forgotten his existence and was now pulling out random articles within the tree like kites for two six-year-old twin girls.

“Suzie, Sally what the heck are you two doing!” The boy shouts.

“Boss, Big Girl is really nice!” The girl on the left with a pink dress named Suzie smiles. “We were never gonna get them back but Big Girl is getting back our toys, Chief!” The girl on the right with a yellow dress named Sally adds, handing the boy a rubber ball he lost to that tree and its inhabitants months back.

The boy stares at the ball, almost grateful to see it again, but coldly tosses it aside.

“Idiots! That’s not the case! You two should be guarding the entrance to town!” The boy calms himself and coolly adjusts his glasses before addressing May. “And you… GET DOWN FROM THERE ALREADY!!!”

“Oh? Is THAT what you were saying?” May asked.

“That’s right you! Now wait here and I’ll get an adult to-WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!”

Though the trio couldn’t see it, but a cruel little grin plastered itself on May’s face before she jumped.

All the children could do is flail their arms and legs about frantically as that foolish tourist continued the plummet that would eventually end her life…

Perhaps it was the respect for his fellow man that made the young boy turn away and shield the innocence of Suzie and Sally when the sound of contact with the ground was to be made.

Using this explanation, it’s fair to say it must be the boy’s deep respect for one he deemed a hero and brother that forced him into a losing battle of holding back his tears.

“If you feel sad, just cry and then, stand again.” was a line he said best.

“Boss… Big Girl…” Suzie mummers. “She’s not splat, Chief!” Sally adds bluntly.

The 8-year-old turns to face May who simply gives a toothed-grin. “C’mon, you think anyone can die from that kind of height? Even if you can’t climb trees that’s pretty naïve-nya.”

Somehow, hearing that made the boy’s expression quickly go sour.

Suzie and Sally on the other hand, chuckled at this odd stranger. A gesture May returned with a small smile.

The 13-year-old’s legs began to feel the shock of its landing, forcing her to lose balance and fall on her rear.

“Owww… It hurts…” she complains.

“WELL NO ONE TOLD YOU TO JUMP PSYCHO!!!” The boy shouts with a rather demonic face.

“Haa, maybe I am…” May answers much to the girls’ amusement and the boy’s dismay.

“Seriously, what is this girl…” The boy mutters with a large sigh.

To be continued


You know, more and more that saying: “Well, it sounded good on paper.” is starting to play more and more of a role when it comes to writing for me now-a-days. But then again, that’s probably what makes the Pokemon fiction one of the more interesting things to deal with.

A lot of possibilities and combinations with this field. I can’t deny any really. Even if it’s not in my interest. Maybe I’m just saying this is just due to this feel of “tension” that’s falling into the Pokemon fiction world these days...

Maybe it’s just me though…

Thanks for listening to my ramblings all the same and see you next chapter.