View Full Version : pokemon diamand

April 7th, 2004, 11:22 AM
:chu: Where can i find pokemon diamand cheats ? i seeking realy long but cant find them

April 7th, 2004, 1:24 PM
sorry for double posting but please answer

April 8th, 2004, 3:00 AM
there is no diamiod. gamefreak are working on the american verison of fire/water.
they maybe make one but not now

April 8th, 2004, 3:02 AM
try searching for telefang power version chects because pokemon diamond is a hack of telefang

April 8th, 2004, 4:17 AM
i did not know there is a pokemon dimond
is it fake?

April 8th, 2004, 5:00 AM
ok and mewbaby yes its fake but i like it :)

April 8th, 2004, 3:35 PM
yes it is fake but its a hack of telefang power version while jade is a hack of telefang speed version

April 8th, 2004, 3:51 PM
Nintendo Power had a question talking about this a year or two ago. (Runs off, gets Nintendo Power back issue) Um...When someone mentioned it, they said "The product you refer to is counterfeit and would probably not work on a Game Boy, if at all." Trust pokcommunity, we would have said something about it. So if we or nintendo.com haven't mentioned it, "be it Pokmon Diamond or Pokmon Hot Pink..." It's not really Pokmon.

April 9th, 2004, 3:10 AM
lol i now but i like telefang power version

April 9th, 2004, 3:19 AM
i know i like telefang power version aswell ut wouldnt you like telefang 2!!!!! speed version even better its for gba improved graphics and all well im translating it search for speed version in the search on pc

April 9th, 2004, 5:19 AM
its ok but i will wait till you translation is ove 50 %

April 9th, 2004, 4:08 PM
ok master-bart i understand because you wanna read alot of it first instead of little bits