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Hiroshi Sotomura
April 8th, 2004, 5:31 AM
By the way, yes I am Masato (or Vito).
And a fresh start will do well, wouldn't it? "Continue this story in any way you can!" was my original name for a chain story. Anyway, this is the... 7th?... chain story I made in my PC life (since November 29, 2002).

Chain Story: The Prolonged Secrets
Ash, May, Max and Brock continue their adventure through Hoenn. One secret, one day, and many others has unfolded in Ash's path to be the world's greatest trainer, and has one yet stopped him? Our heroes may may end up in some pretty tough adventure...
Ash: "So where are we heading Max?"
Max looks at his PokNav, then looks up at Ash's face.
Max: "Err... for some reason my nav isn't showing the direction we are..."
May, who was just looking straight, had turned her head towards Max in despair.
May: "WHAT?!? You mean we're lost?"
Brock: "C'mon, we've gotten lost so many times and yet we've always pulled through."
May: "Well I sometimes can't stand being lost. With my nice bike..."
Ash turns around and interrupts May.
Ash: "What? You'd not be following me if you had a bike. If you were, I'd like to see you 5 metres ahead of me!"
Brock sees something in the distance.
Brock: "A cave!"
In seconds, dark clouds start forming around the entire area.
Ash: "Oh great... rain."
Brock groaned.
Brock: "Quit your whining."
Max: "Hungry..."
May: "Tired..."
Ash: "Hungry..."
Brock groans. They decide to go set up their camp stuff and have rest while Brock cooks stew. The rain subsides, and Brock has finished the stew.
Ash: "Tasty."

Jessie, James and Meowth stand nearby, watching Ash and friends eat.
Jessie: "Oh I'm so hungry..."
James: "Me too."
Meowth: "Well I'm not! And as always in every episode, movie or fanfiction, we should get to stealing that Pikachu!"
Jessie: "But I'm hungry."
Meowth: "Why don't we just nab their food and their Pikachu?"
James: "Can't... think..."
Jessie: "Hungry... haven't eaten anything for at least a day..."
Meowth groans and begins slashing Jessie and James heads, angering them.
Jessie: "Why you little!"
James: "Can't you let us off you pea brained kitty?"

Ash: "That was delicious Brock!"
Brock smiled.
Brock: "Who's up for seconds? Thirds?"
A large smoke ball rolls into their camp spot.
Ash: "Oh no... I'm not falling for these again..."
Max: "The PokNav says that Team Rocket are nearby, just south in those bushes!"
Ash throws the smoke ball, but instead of south, he threw it north.
Max: "Umm... can't you look at my Navigator before you do something?"
May: "You know Ash... he can be..."
A large explosion fills the area.
Jessie: "To know we have smoke balls two!"
James: "And if they didn't work we'd have gone for goo!"
Jessie: "To protect the bad guys from twerps like you!"
James: "And with all our weapons this will be true!"
Jessie: "Jessie!"
James: "James!"
Meowth jumps in.
Meowth: "You skipped a bit!"
Jessie: "Hem hem... to... Prepare for trouble!"
James: "And make that double!"
Ash, May, Max and Brock stare blantantly.
Jessie: "To know we have smoke balls two!"
James: "And if they didn't work we'd have gone for goo!"
Jessie: "To protect the bad guys from twerps like you!"
James: "And with all our weapons this will be true!"
Jessie: "Jessie!"
James: "James!"
Jessie: "Team Rocket, giving weapons the go go go!"
James: "And... JESSIE I can't rhyme with that!"
Meowth comes in sighing.
Meowth: "You totally rightfully wrecked this motto, all right..."
Wobbuffet pops out.
Wobbuffet: "Wwwwww...ww...wwww....woooobbbbbufffettttt!"
Ash: "To think we need you."
Brock: "Just ignore them."
Ash gets up lazily.
Ash: "Pikachu... Thunderbolt..."
Pikachu does so, sending Jessie, James, Meowth and Wobbuffet sky high.
"Looks like Team Rocket's blasing off again!!!"

Ash: "Uh oh..."
Brock: "What?"
May: "Over... there..."
Max: "Another interdimension hole?"
Ash: "I see grim fate in the Pocket Monsters dimension! Run!!!"

Team Rocket Kanto Facilities Hideout
Giovanni: "So yet again Hoenn Team Rocket members have yet again witnessed Jessie and James fail, Laura?"
Laura: "Yes, but we've noticed something... more."
Giovanni: "What is it?"
Laura: "It looks like a time warp. When I look in it, I see some new areas and different areas of the Kanto region. But there's more..."
Giovanni: "What is it?"
Laura: "Remember Larousse City? When Team Rocket members were secretly around the city, Ash Ketchum has witnessed Pokmon such as Deoxys and Rayquaza. Deoxys has been located on an island that we've uniquely labeled Island 9. There's 9 islands around the outskirts of the Kanto region. I could use the portal to tour it, and I might have to see if I could get you into the portal to extend not only the present Team Rocket facilities, but the future facilities as well!"
Giovanni steps up from his chair.
Giovanni: "Well then, get Bisashu, the Iron Masked Marauder, and my 2 Altomare spies, Annie and Oakley. We're going for some new goals, and no one will be able to stop us!"
Laura: "Except for the fact Annie and Oakley..."
Giovanni: "Master thieves have their ways out. And I heard they escaped just recently?"
Laura: "To pilfer Lawrence the third's aircraft full of neat collections, worthless to us as of yet."
Giovanni: "Ah yes. Anyway, also gather the combat unit. Let's go..."

April 8th, 2004, 12:03 PM
Orre Region; Realgam Tower
Cipher Head Evice: "Did you really think you could stop our Shadow Pokemon plan? There is no way you can beat my ultimate Shadow Pokemon! Go Tyranitar!"
Evice sends out Tyranitar and a strange black ball is thrown in from the stands. The ball hits Tyranitar and catches it. Shadow enters from the stands.
Shadow: "Hehehe, the "ultimate" Shadow Pokemon caught in a Dark Ball. This should be useful..."
Evice: "Give that back!"
Shadow stares at him and Evice is lifted into the air and thrown off the arena.
Shadow: "Hehehe..."

Near the Orange Archipelago; Lawrence III's aircraft
Annie: "Well here is the main computer, I think..."
Oakley: "I wonder why Shadow wants the data from it."
Annie: "He said something about Articuno. Anyways we are getting a big reward for this so start let's start downloading it onto our laptop!"

Saffron City; Silph Co.
Keith opens a hole in the ceiling and comes down on a rope. Kent tries to come down on the rope but it breaks loose and he falls to the floor.
Keith: "Be quiet! If they hear us, they'll put the new Masterball under top security!"
Kent: "Well even if they do, Shadow said if we can't get the Masterball, then go and steal Sabrina's most powerful Pokemon."
Keith: "Well yeah, that's bound to be the easiest thing ever! Listen, Sabrina would kill us if she read our minds and found out we were trying to steal it for Shadow, so let's get that Masterball!"
Kent: "Right."

Hoenn Region; Lilycove City; Team Magma's Base
Maxie: "Our next goal is to steal an orb witht he power to wake the great Groudon! Tonight, we head for Mt. Pyre!"
Grunts: "Yeah!"
Maxie walks up to Fred.
Maxie: "I'm going to be busy trying to pinpoint Groudon's location so I need you to steal the orb."
Maxie walks away.
Fred: "Yes I'll steal it...for Shadow. Maxie and that twerp Ash are both blissfully unaware of our plan which even I don't know entirely. All I know is that Shadow wants the orb that can wake Groudon."

Hoenn Region; Cave
Ash: "I am blissfully unaware of any evil plans that may be brewing."
Max: "What?"
Ash: "Oh nothing."

Hiroshi Sotomura
April 9th, 2004, 1:08 AM
Lawrence III's Aircraft - Top floor
Computer: "Intrusion Alert. Data files being copied."
Lawrence III: "Abort the data and send a virus to the hacker. Make the virus destroy any downloaded data and add a password which I type."
Lower floor
Oakley: "..... we have a problem..."
Annie: "What is it?"
Oakley: "It seems that the computer data has stopped downloading."
Annie turns around and looks at the screen.
Computer Alert: Virus detected. File destroyed by virus. Unrecoverable.
Annie: "Just access the database again!"
Oakley sighs and turns towards Annie.
Oakley: "Apparently there's a different password to the one Shadow told us..."
Annie drops her laptop and a bag full of Lawrence's collectables.
Annie: "Darn it! At least my computer is durable, but now there's broken glass."
Oakley: "Shall we leave?"
Annie: "Affirmative."
Team Rocket Main Facilities Center - Floor 2
Giovanni: "So most Team Rocket troops have gone in?"
Laura turns to the screen.
Laura: "Yes, but it appears that Shadow is there too..."
Giovanni dropped a goblet he was drinking out of.
Giovanni: "WHAT?!? They have gone there?!?"
Laura: "Who's they?"
Hoenn Region: Surplus Forest
Max: "I've detected our area. Surplus Forest."
May: "So anyway, should we check that portal?"
Brock (whispering to Ash): "Is that Domino?"

Domino: "Okay guys, move it!"
One of the combat unit members turned around.
Gaven: "What about the aircrafts?"
Domino: "Portable ones, in what I call a pod. A small PokBall-like device, only it holds devices. Part of Devon Corp. in Hoenn."
Laura: "You are as crafty as all seems."

Ash: "Yes it is. But I doubt she'll know us other than that little accident in Professor Oak's lab."
Team Rocket Main Facilities Center - Floor 2
Giovanni: "Shadow's best 2 people that is. Two betraying members. And I also found that Annie and Oakley don't just spy for us, but him..."
Laura: "Do something about it?"
Giovanni: "We'll see Laura, we'll see."
Surplus Forest
Mobile: Connection with Giovanni closed.
Laura: "Head in, all of you!"
All the Team Rocket member get in the portal.

Ash: "Team Rocket..."
Max: "Let's follow them!"
May: "Oh no Max, you stay with mom and dad."
Max: "But..."
Brock: "Let him off May, we've plenty of stuff to do anyway besides send Max home."
May: "Whatever.'

April 10th, 2004, 12:26 PM
Lawrence III's Aircraft - Top floor
Lawrence III: Release the security robots
Computer: They were all destroyed in the crash.
Lawrence III: Fine then, just boot them out somehow.

Bottom Floor

Annie: We better go now.
Oakley: Whats the rush?
Annie: ........

Team Rocket Main Facilities Center - Floor 2

*the goblet he was drinking out of landed on persian and made it angry*

Hoenn Region: Surplus Forest

Domino: and we're off

Ash: come on lets go
May: Too... hungry...
Max: We just ate!
May: SO! You little twirp

Altomare: Secret Garden
Beonca: I sense something is wrong.
*Latias starts flying in circles*
Beonca: Do you wanna go check what it is?
*latias nods and flys away*

Hiroshi Sotomura
April 11th, 2004, 3:22 PM
I get that feeling that when I start this type of plotted story I can't twist in too much action...

To my short bit to the story:


Ash: "Well... I just can't sit and wait for anything bad to happen. Time to go in that portal!"
May: "But..."
Brock: "Maybe it's time we left May behind."
Max indeed nodded, and May looked blatantly at Brock.
Ash: "C'mon Max, and you too Brock! And we can't leave May behind either."

A new world to be in
Ash and company fall down onto soft ground. They are in the city of Vermillion.
Ash: "Vermillion? But... Hoenn..."
Ash clenches his fists.
Brock: "There's Domino!"

Domino: "And I want you people to hurry with those supplies onto the boat! On the double!"
Executive: "Bah! On the double coots!"
Domino looks at the Executive.
Domino: "This may work out after all. Boat to Mystery Islands, and we then raid!"

April 11th, 2004, 4:48 PM
Orange Archipelago; Fire Island
A Blizzard covers the Island in snow and ice, angering Moltres, who flies out and melts some of it with Flamethrower and then flies to Ice Island to meet Articuno once again.
Shadow: "They taught you a variety of moves, Tyranitar. Some of which are perfect for tricking Moltres into thinking Articuno wants to take over its territory."
Shadow withdraws Tyranitar.
Shadow: "At least we found out how territorial these birds were before Lawrence tried to infect your laptop."
Annie: "Yeah. And why was that Tyranitar so mad?"
Shadow: "It's a Dark Shadow Pokemon. It is pure evil and its heart is sealed off to the world. It isn't afraid to attack people, hehehe..."
Annie: "Why are we even here if all you want is Articuno?"
Shadow pulls out his laptop and selects a movie which starts a holographic demonstration. On it, Moltres flies to Ice Island and attacks Articuno, defeating it. Annie and Oakley then capture Articuno and the forces of nature are upset bringing Lugia to the surface which Shadow attacks with Tyranitar and catches. Latias and Latios come because they fear Altomare will bwe one of the first one to be destroyed due to being an island. Lugia and Articuno attack Latios and Shadow catches it. The simulation then ends.
Shadow: "And that is only part one..."
Oakley: "Won't this plan cause lots of natural disasters?"
Shadow: "That is one half of the plan, the other half is to make an unbeatable team."

Kanto; Pallet Town
Prof. Oak: "This tea sure is nice Mrs. Ketchum."
Daelia: "Thanks. Mimey convinced me to add lots of sugar."
Mimey: "Mr. Mime!"
News Reporter: "We interrupt this regularly scheduled program for a special report! It seems that the legendary bird Moltres is attacking Articuno for some unknown reasons. Researchers fear that the effects on nature could be disasterous. In other news, the head of the criminal syndicate in the Orre region was put under arrest after some stranger, claiming to be a member of Team Rocket, stole his Shadow Pokemon Tyranitar. Authorities are searching for this Team Rocket member as the Tyranitar is very dangerous. More breaking news, it seems that suspicious activity in Vermilion City has been blamed for a mysterious portal there depositing 3 boys, a girl, and a Pikachu. Vermilion police are investigating and we will bring you any further developments."
Prof. Oak: "3 boys, a girl, and a Pikachu."
Daelia: "My boy is back in Kanto!"
Mimey: "Mime!"
Prof. Oak: "Now, it may just be a coincidence. Speaking of Vermilion, I was invited to a special meeting of the Pokemon Fan Club there tomorrow."
Daelia: "Can Mimey and me go as well just in case it is my Ash?"
Prof. Oak: "Sure, why not?"