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May 31st, 2006, 2:12 PM
Pokémongo is a Pokémon brazilian radio soap opera.
I'll post here the translation of the series. It's not made by me!

Parody name converter:

Ash Ketchum = Osh Ketchup
Pokémon = Pokémongo
Professor Oak = Professor Deck
Pikachu = Pikacu
Meowth = Mingau
Monkey = Mongay
Brock = Drill (Broca in the original)
PokéDex = PokemongaDex
PokéBall = PokémongaBall
Officer Jenny = Officer Jemmy
Caterpie = Pooperpie (Cagaterpie in the original)
Geodude = Gelgrude

Episode 1

Osh is sleeping.
- Mom: Osh, wake up, this is your great day!
- Osh: Mom, I'm in underwear!
- Mom: But, go anyway!
- Narrator: Osh is now 15-years-old! Now he can run like a crazy gazelle in the green fields to became a Pokémongo Master!
- Newscaster: Breaking News - To avoid trouble now Professor **** is now called Professor Deck.

At Prof Deck's Lab
- Prof Deck: Are you naked, son?
- Osh: Well, whatever. But want my pokémongo.
- Prof Deck: Sorry, but there is only one pokémongo, the pervert pokémongo.
- Osh: What is it?
- Prof Deck: It's Pikacu. But it isn't domesticated, because of its pervertness.
- Osh: I'll domesticate it! Count on me!
- Prof Deck: Here are your 4 PokémongaBalls and PokémongaDex. [After that] Thanks goodness he got that crazy Pikacu! I can't sit for while! Darn!

Outside of Prof Deck's Lab
- Osh: Let's see if this Pokémonga-things are alright, because Prof Deck buys everything in a peddler. Go, pokémongaball!
- Pikacu! Pikacu!
- PokémongaDex: Pikacu, the pervert pokémongo. Its attack of biting the opponent's butt hurts a lot.
- Osh: It's strong! Cool! Hey, what are you looking at?
- Pikacu! Pikacu!
- Osh: Stop it! It hurts!
- Narrator: To be continued...

Actually there are 10 Pokémongo episodes. I'll post the ones I obtain. Say what all you think about Pokémongo.