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Ice Lugia
April 9th, 2004, 1:59 PM
Above the city of Alto Mare, atop the grassy hills, the battle raged on. Once again, long time arch rivals stood facing each other, locked in a deadly stalemate. Once again, it was Charizard verseus Pidgeot, fiercely battling it out in the competition of the elite. There had been a tournament there that day, and Terry wouldn't miss it for the world. This was his time, time to finally become a master of Pokmon. It was a perfect day for a battle, and he was too willing to oblige. He was ready, and Team Luna would fall by his hand.

The battle started with a powerful Fire Blast from Charizard, with emphasis on the word powerful, but he wasn't worried. He knew that Pidgeot would be agile enough. Sure enough, Pidgeot dodged the attack effortlessly. Charizard would not give up, however. It circled around, but Pidgeot was still ready to counter. Pidgeot dodged another jet of flames and returned fire with a Gust attack. Charizard dodged, but was temporarily blinded by the Gust attack. Pidgeot struck.

Charizard didn't know what had hit it, just a flurry of feathers and it was down, but Team Luna was not giving up. The opposing trainer, Blaze, had quite a few more tricks up his sleeve. He had more than enough hyper potions to outlast Pidgeot. Then, he signaled for an attack.

Charizard flew up high, higher than the treetops. Pidgeot followed, but could not keep up. Pidgeot struggled against the high winds, and that's when Charizard struck. It used the awesome power of gravity to aid its Seismic Toss attack. Pidgeot was too exhausted to dodge. Charizard let forth another stream of flame, and it and Pidgeot tumbled downward at an alarming rate in a blurry of fire.

Terry tried, but he couldn't move. He was petrified by the battle and the condition of his Pidgeot, and then, Charizard struck the ground with Pidgeot held firmly in its claws. Terry was engulfed in a mass of fire. He couldn't move. Then, he saw something.

"No!" yelled Terry, as he faded from consciousness.

He couldn't remember much of what happened next, but then, he saw a face.

"Terry," said the voice. "Actually, we did win the Civil War. America is still a unified country."

Wait a minute, thought Terry. Civil War? America? Then the classroom faded into view. Terry blushed. This was definitely very embarassing, for this was the third time that week he had been daydreaming in class, and Ms. Greeson was not impressed.

If only Pokmon were real. Then he'd show everyone what for.


Meanwhile, an all too real force was gathering, and the Pokmon were all too real as well. The tide was about to turn, and dark would reign once again...

Yay! A fanfic.

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