View Full Version : The Pie War! *Revived*

June 9th, 2006, 4:26 PM
Okay, first things first,
Was searching through my posts, found this! Let's revive it shall we?

*Throws pie at Missing*

Mr. Missing - 4 - Regular Pie
bgtfamily - 3 - Regular Pie
DarkThunder(Zombie) - 0 - Cookie
ZephyrPlusle - 8 - Regular Pie
Psychopathic Canine - 8 - Regular Pie
tnt974- 8 - regular Regular Pie
Dragon-Chan - 8 - Regular Pie
Sh4dow - 9 - Regular pie
No, you shall not. Please do not revive threads which are older than 30 days.

If you want to, you can start a new version of this thread, if one hasn't been made already.

actually, it was just inside(or outside, if so, my bad)the 30 days, but meh.
now for the rules:
In this game, you may throw ONE pie, and only one, at ONE opponent.
You start with 10 HP, and every time you get hit by a REGULAR pie, you lose 1 HP.

If you die, you aren't out of the game, you get to be a zombie which throws cookies.
If a zombie kills someone, they will be revived with half HP.
Look below for a list of weapons you can get for killing people.

Kill 5 people to always throw cookies(2 HP)!
Kill 10 people to get a pie gun(3 HP)!
Kill 15 people to get a pie sword(4 HP)!
Kill 20 people to get a pie cannon, which does 5 hp to 2 people, but can only be used once.
Every 10 kills after 20, you get another pie cannon.

The player chart goes like this:
[player name] - [player HP] - [player weapon] - [player kills]
e.g Mr. Missing - 7 - Pie Gun(3) - 11
Ok, let's GO! Remember, use the chart at all times.

Mr. Missing - Regular Pie(1) - 10 - 0