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The Shining
June 13th, 2006, 3:49 PM
I'm allowing people to make up the Trainers and there teams for my story. Here is what I'll need:

Trainers name:
About Trainer:
Pokemon 1:
Pokemon 2:
Pokemon 3:
Pokemon 4:
Pokemon 5:
Pokemon 6:

When making your trainers and teams there are also some rules:

~ No legendaries. There will be legendaries in my story but no trainer will have one.

~All Pokemon must have nicknames so we can tell them apart from others that other trainers have.

~ You must list the Pokemon's four chosen moves.

If you're lucky your trainer may appear in my story.

Have fun.

June 13th, 2006, 6:16 PM
Why not just use your own characters? Most of the time becuase you are the author you can come up with characters that fit your story better than anyone else can. A fanfic is not a RPG after all...

The Shining
June 13th, 2006, 6:22 PM
I just went and did that. ^_~ You can see my story (with my own characters) in the fanfiction section. It's called Sething Darkness.

June 21st, 2006, 2:37 PM
David Xeler
Age: 11

About David: He grew up in a poor family, and the only pokemon they had were Houndour and Bagon. David's family did not care about anything except food and sat around wasting their lives and eating and sleeping. David, however, spent time reading about pokemon and studying their habitats, behavior, moves, and overall purposes in the world. Finally, discouraged by peers but longing for a life of substance, David went to get his trainer liscence at 10, and left his relatives behind. He visited Odale, leaving behind his region as well, to get pokeballs. Then while scouting the area, he found a Corphish. Using the Rollout technique his starter pokemon Phanpy knew, he defeated the pokemon, making sure to use defense curl before he attacked to power up the move, as he had learned to do while lying around his house studying torn pokemon books he had found dumped on the sidewalk, with a sticky note attached that read "free to take" on them.

Soon after he challenged a gym and beat Roxxane, and left Rustboro with strengthened team members and was unsure of where to go next. David traveled the globe, finding challengers and just collecting pokemon, hoping to pave a path for his quest as time progressed.

His current team:

Donphan -Donphy- Moves are Rollout, tackle, and stomp. Will later learn rock smash.

Crawdaunt -Clampinch- Moves are Bubblebeam, Water Gun (Replacement-Protect), Safegaurd, and crabhammer

Ivysaur -Leavine- Attacks consist of giga drain, razor leaf, body slam, and later on solarbeam

Pidgeotto -Pidget- (Is introduced into the story as it is flying up into the sky with its mate, now released after a gang of thugs attempted to take David's Pidgeotto from him because she knew useful moves) Moves were Aerial Ace, Steel Wing, Razor Wind, and rapid spin (flight style)

New catches:

Raichu -Elechu- Attacks known are thunder, Mega Punch, Charge, and lastly double kick (Was abused and David catches it in battle, because he knew nobody else would keep him)

Ninetales -Ember- (Evolves during story when it is exposed to a fire stone) Moves are Fire Blast (Replacing ember in evolution), Will-o-wisp (Soon deleted for Fire Spin), Fury Swipes, and Attract.

Croconaw -Hydroconaw- (Rescued from Team Aqua Pursuers attacking with their pokemon) Moves consist of Water Spout, Metal Claw, Take Down, and Bubble (Replaced later with Taunt)

October 13th, 2008, 1:25 PM
Trainer name: Kayla Parks:classi c:
Age: 13 :bandit:
About Trainer: Kayla grew up on Full Moon Island. She lived poorly and always wanted and dreamed of training pokemons. Kayla searched for pokemon in her backyard. One day she found a pokemon. She trained the pokemon. Her Grandmother found out what she was doing and angrily banished her from the island. Today she wanders around looking for more pokemons to train. She hopes that she will train the greatest of all pokemon. And to find some friends in that process. :shocked:
Six pokemon
1. Pikachu (nickname Pika or Chu)

2. Castform (nickname Weather)
rain dance
sleep talk
ice wind

3. Flareon (nickname Flare)
Body slam

4. Jigglypuff (nickname Giggle)
Hyper Voice
Wake up slap
Fire punch

5. Marill (nickname Sweet)
Hydro pump
Aqua Ring
Water gun

6. squritle (nickname Squrit)
Mega Punch
Ice Punch
Hometown: Full moon island[/FONT]

October 13th, 2008, 1:35 PM
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