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April 10th, 2004, 11:55 PM
what's your favourite place in pokemon? mine's Kanto!

April 11th, 2004, 12:24 AM
oo; Woo...Never had Colloseum, so I guess I dun know how Orre is like. Chances are, I never will. :'(

So, I'll just choose...hmm...Hoenn! Kanto comes in a close second! And third is Jotho.

The Overlord
April 11th, 2004, 1:39 AM
Im not to sure if this is spam or not next time EDIT the thread but lets see johto is the best region of them all cause it has the coolest pokemon.

Chairman Kaga
April 11th, 2004, 4:27 PM
Kanto is oldskool all the way, the area of the best games and best season of the anime.

April 11th, 2004, 4:28 PM
Johto, then Hoen, then Kanto (I have no Colosseum yet, so I can't place Orre up there yet)

April 11th, 2004, 4:32 PM
Gotta be Johto for me! That'z where Morty iz, and that'z the zeazon Lance apeared in^_^
Next iz Kanto, then Hoenn, and finally orre.
I juzt recently got Collosseum and I didn't really care for Orre very much >,<
Johto iz alzo home to Suicune, Enti, and Raiko^o^

April 11th, 2004, 4:46 PM
Trust me, guys. You probably wouldn't like Orre very much. What's in Orre, you ask?

2. It's a big desert.
3. Only a handful of gyms.
4. No badges from said gyms.
5. Oh yeah, it's a big desert.

I chose Kanto and Johto because they're the places with the coolest Pokmon. Hoenn is cool too, but there's an aura from the old school places that wants to keep me there.

April 12th, 2004, 10:56 AM
For me it is also Kanto and Johto.
Because that is where the best episodes came on. :knockedou

April 12th, 2004, 6:12 PM
I cant pick! all of them, although my favorite city is the under in Orre

Hikaru's Twin
April 12th, 2004, 6:22 PM
I'd say Kanto, then Hoenn and lastly Johto.
I've never been to Orre.......

April 13th, 2004, 2:35 AM
1) Johto, 2) Kanto, 3) Hoenn.