View Full Version : Could one imagine a PKMN iPod???

June 19th, 2006, 6:46 PM
I like to fantasize quite a bit, and was wondering, if Apple were to produce a limited edition Pokemon iPod, what would it look like, would it have any unique features, and other items. I do play Pokemon on my iPod (Of course it is possible. I play it on my nano with iPod linux) and my GB, and was wondering what it would be, mixed together.

June 20th, 2006, 5:30 AM
it'll be cool. I don't actually own an iPod, but I've seen iPod designs and they're pretty unique. So I think it's gonna look nice. Am currently imagining a white bg with pikachu diagonally at one bottom corner... or a treeko popping in from another corner... lol :D

June 20th, 2006, 7:19 PM
I dunno what'd it be like, but I'd have one! XD
That'd be awesome.
They'd probably have a few of them, in different colors, with different Pokemon on them... *_____* ....so pretty...

June 21st, 2006, 6:32 AM
It's definitely gonna be pretty.. I mean, you can easily imagine the designs.. even any simple designs would be perfect for me.. I'd bug my dad to buy one. If he doesn't, I'd at least bug for a casing of the design (if it has...)..

call me crazy if you wish, but that's what I'd do XD

June 21st, 2006, 7:39 AM
It'd have some of the more popular Pokemon songs and audio of the episodes pre-loaded.

June 21st, 2006, 8:33 PM
ooh... yeah. like some special limited edition stuff...
"get a treeko design and within it is a preinstalled episode of 'show title'.. get it while stocks last!" (lol)

I can see it now... hahas :P

June 23rd, 2006, 7:58 AM
It would be cool that after you registered it, you could get like, 10 free Pokemon songs or videos in the iTunes Store. They have that stuff on iTunes, I've just never cared to buy it. Perhaps it could have better support for MIDI file types. I can only find Pokemon GB music in MIDI format at certain websites. To get it onto my iPod, I have to convert it to .wav. What really sucks is that it changes the file size from 6KB to 9MB and makes my PC run slow. *Sigh...* If only...

June 23rd, 2006, 6:36 PM
Hey~~! PikaRom!! I liked what you did with your signature.. Pikachu iPod.. interesting =)

June 23rd, 2006, 7:17 PM
A Pokemon Ipod? I can see that XD

You know they made a Neon Genesis Evangelion Ipod..

But that's like....50,000 yen XD

June 23rd, 2006, 7:23 PM
They've made a Pokemon iPod actaully! When I went to the State Championship TCG tournament, the winner got this silver iPod with a Pikachu ingraved on it.

June 23rd, 2006, 7:34 PM
wow.. state championship tcg tournament.. cool. my country only organised once when I was 10 and that's it. no more tounaments.. *miyo is getting jealous* (lol)

hmm.. sry if I went out of topic :P

June 23rd, 2006, 8:18 PM
Heh. Imagine if that kind of item was to grow. Comparing to sites like FreeIpods, you'd see FreePokeIpods.


Idiotic thought. I know.

June 25th, 2006, 8:51 AM
That would be nice if they had different designs for different models. They probably would put the designs on the newer generation iPods like the Mini, Nano, and Video. What would the commercials be like, though? Since most of the commercials have random people dancing wildly on psychadelic backgrounds, it would be cool if it had a Pikachu dancing to the Pokemon Rap to a strange background. I did see a Pikachu Rap one time. It was pretty explicit which was pretty funny. Who could ever think that Pikachu could cuss? lol Sorry I got off topic

June 25th, 2006, 11:50 PM
I can't seem to imagine pikachu dancing the 'ipod style' though.. it's kinda unnatural to see pikachu shaking its butt and its head like some disco dancers..

I'd prefer an advertisement with Pikachu just being itself and cute and natural.. yeah, something along those lines.. :P

June 27th, 2006, 12:32 PM
Yeah... You're right. Random dancing for any mp3 player commercial is actually sort of stupid.

June 30th, 2006, 5:11 AM
hey.. it may sound out of topic, but I just realised that the unmodified pikachu ipod picture in your signature was the exact same picture I had used to put as a wallpaper on my cellphone.. no wonder it looked so familiar.. lols :P

June 30th, 2006, 8:16 AM
They've made a Pokemon iPod actaully! When I went to the State Championship TCG tournament, the winner got this silver iPod with a Pikachu ingraved on it.
That's awesome, I'd totally dig one of those.