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Hiroshi Sotomura
September 22nd, 2003, 2:58 PM
On the older Pokmon Community, we had "Continuation of Continue this story in anyway you can" and it is coming back here. I just have to post the full story and then we are off to starting posting in the chain story. And it does mean a lot of posting in a row.

For those of us that wants to know what will happen please add to this one. It is best not to post here until you have read the older story here (http://pokecommunity.com/REFRENCE/showthread.php?t=2067) but you don't have to. Please try to go along with what others say and do not forget if thety siad something like the charecters are now somewhere else do not put them where they were before unless you directly state they went back. (We had problems with these things in the old one). Please keep this to a maximum of PG. Oh and remeber Ash is in Hoenn so he only has Pikachu, Treecko, Taillow, and Corephish. Now with the public servce messages out of the way let's begin!

Neo Shadows
By Shgeru-san and RocketShadow.

~~Saffron City~~
Shadow: "I will get out of here somehow, but how? Sabrina's Pokemon are watching every window and my Pokemon are in the TR PC and I have no computer...."
Sabrina: "Shadow! Mother wants to talk to you."
Shadow: "Grrr...Coming!"

~~Imagination Dimension~~
Neo: "I really want out of here! Get me out now!"
Green: "Its useless to try to leave."
Blue: "Yep. Your stuck here with us forever!"
Neo: "Noooo!!!!!"

~~Close to Mauille~~
Narrator: "We join Ash as he heads towards his next gym battle to earn the Dynamo Badge."
Ash: "I am just glad everything is back to normal."
Brock: "What is normal anyway?"
May: "Great. You were saying Ash?"

Ash: For one thing, everything is still not normal... we still remember Satoshi and Masamitsu...
May: And Miyamoto...
Masato: Brock... where are we going?
Brock: According to this map we are heading straight for Mauville.
Ash: And the area for my next gym battle... with Wattson!
May: Are you sure about our location?
Masato: It would be easier if I had my PokNav...

~Sabrina's house~
Sabrina's Mom: Shadow... Officer Jenny just called. She wants to press charges for the damages to Celadon City. Second, you will have to get work experience again to get a good career and lots of money...

Brock: "Oops I was Holding the map upside-down."
Everyone falls down anime-style.
Brock: "Let's see if we turned there and waled past there...I'd say we are completly lost."
Everyone who had just gotten up fall down again.
Brock: "Not to worry we'll just make camp here."

Masato: "What's for lunch?"
May: "Its time for dinner."
Ash: *sighs*

~~In the nearby bushes~~
James: "Its time we ate too."
Meowth: "I'm starving!"
Jessie: "Not to worry! I still have plenty of food from that PC celebration Celadon."

She dumps her food on a picnic blanket. Soemthing moves in some nearby bushes.
Meowth: "What was that?"
They go and take a look but there is nothing there. They return to find their food gone.
Jessie: "Where's our food?!?!"
They notice one candy bar left. They all grab and start to fight over it. A Gulpin comes along and eats it right out of their hands.

Meowth: "That thing ate our food!"
James: "Cacnea go! Pin Missle!"
Cacnea comes out and starts to attack the Gulpin.

~~Saffron Police Station~~
Celadon Jenny: "You now owe us 10 million dollars to rebuild all of Celadon!"
Saffron Jenny: "And you also need to return all the Poekmon you stole and pay some fees for their owners too!"
Shadow: *Sigh*

Shadow: Here is the money I owe...
Saffron Jenny: Now we need to find you a career.
Celadon Jenny: Take this test and we'll find a good one for you.

Saffron Jenny: We have found you a job. Computer Creation.

Narrator: What will Shadow do? Find out.

Shadow: "Hehehe. These fools have given me a job in which I can return to my seat of power in Team Rocket."
Saffron Jenny: "Hello. I'm right here."
Shadow: "Then I won't have to say it again! By the way where is the Celadon Jenny?"
Saffron Jenny: "She left an hour ago when you gave her the money."
Shadow: "So she did...."

Jenny: "I think we will have to give you the other job you were suited for....robot designing...."
Shadow: "Hehehehehehehehehehe"
Jenny: "O...K.... I think we will have to give you the only other job you were suited for, Stage Crew."
Shadow: "I'm was on it before... I was fired for making the directors fall through a trap door, and taking over their job."
Jenny: "What to do with you???"

~~Close to Mauille~~
Canea: "Cacne!"
Cacnea shoots many Pin Missles at Gulpin. Gulpin gets mad and uses Spit Up, vomitting some of the lunch onto Cacnea. Cacnea faints.

Jesse: "My turn! Go Dustox! Absorb."
Dustox just sits there with a confused look.
James: "It doesn't know that attack. Your thinking of Beautifly.."
Jesse: "I knew that! How about a Stun Spore?"
Dustox still just stands still.
James: "Dustox doesn't know that...."
Jesse: "Mega Drain? Giga Drain?"
Dustox, James, and Meowth start to sweat.
Jesse: "What do you know? How about Poison Sting?"
James: "That's Ar...."

Dustox fires Poison Sting at Gulpin.
James: "Never mind..."
Jesse: "How about Silver Wind?"
Meowth: "I think that is Beautfly only...."
Dustox uses Silver Wind and badly hurts Gulpin.

James: "Go Pokeball!"
James throws a Pokeball and Gulpin goes inside it. The Pokeball wiggles three times and then it makes a ding sound.
Jesse: "Hey! I weakened it!"
James: "But you have 3 Pokemon and I have one! We are supposed to be team aren't we? We can't do much teamwork if you have 3 times as many Pokemon as me."
Jesse: "OK I guess."

Mika walks down the road from where the twerps are camping. she is sluggish and dizzy and collapses leaving a cloud of dust and her pokeballs scattered on the ground.

Ash: huh?
Brock: What Ash?
Ash: I thought I heard something.
Brock: it was probably just the wind.

Team Rocket see the pokeballs on the ground and crawl out of the bushes and steal them in a sack. they crawl into the bushes again.

James: Wow! That was too easy!
Jessie: How many Pokeballs did we get?
*they look into the bag...*

suddenly they escape! An arcanine, an Umbreon, a Milotic, a Blastoise, and a Zangoose attack them! The Twerps hear the comotion...

Ash: I know that was something!
Masato:Let's go check it out.

Masato: "Let's go find out what it was!"
May: "You're not. You stay here."
Brock: "You both stay here and look after her." *points to Mika*
May: "I think she's dead."
Brock: "I think she collasped of exhaustion."
Ash: "I think she's drunk."
May: "You mean like you always are?"

Ash and Brock walk into the bushes while May and Masato look after Mika. Mika starts to wake up.
Masato: "She's coming to."

~~In the bushes~~
Ash: "Where'd that commotion come from?"
Suddenly some Poison Gas fills the air and they can't see. When it clears they see a cage with Mika's Pokemon in it get lifted up by Team Rocket's balloon.

Jesse: "Prepare for trouble!"
James: "And make it double."
Jesse: "To protect the world from devastation."
James: "To unite all peoples within our nation."
Jesse: "To denounce the evils of truth and love."
James: "To extend our reach to the stars above."
Jesse: "Jesse!"
James: "James!"
Jesse: "Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!"
James: "Surrender now or prepare to fight!"
Meowth: "Meowth! That's Right!"
Wobbuffet: "Wobbuffet!"

Ash: "It was you three!"
Brock: "Give back Mika's Pokemon!"
Jesse: "So that's who they belong to..."
James: "We just found them laying on the ground."
Meowth: "And we are going to return them...to Giovanni!"
They laugh evilly and some rockets come out of the balloon and they start to speend off.
Wobbuffet: "Wobbuffet! Wobbu!"
Brock: "Now what do we do?"

Jenny: "Its shocking, I think I just found a job for you."
Shadow: "What is it?"
Jenny: "You will be Wattson's helper. He needs someone to do errands and help him trap thegym and help Mauville. And if you get out of line his Pokemon can electricute you. I did say it was shocking."
Shadow: "(sarcastically)Funny..."

Mika wakes up and sees May and Masato.
Mika: Who are you two...Hey!
She sees team Rocket making off with her pokemon
Mika: What do you think you're doing with my pokemon! Arcanine use flamethrower to melt the cage bars!

Arcanine: Nine! Arca-niiine!*flamethrows the bars of the cages and jumps out*

Mika: Now melt the cable holding the cages!

Arcanine:*nods and melts the cable*
Zangoose slashes through the bars and sets the pokemon free

May: She's not half bad.
Ash:I still think she's drunk.
Mika:*whacks ash with a huge mallet*

Jessie:Grr! We'll get those pokemon back!
Meowth:*pulls out a huge extending hand* We can still get that Pikachu!
Ash: Pikachu go!

Pikachu:*blasts team Rocket off*

Hiroshi Sotomura
September 22nd, 2003, 3:00 PM
TR: We're blasting off already!
Mika:*whacks ash again* Misty was right! This is fun!
Ash: Hey! what was that for?!
May&Masato:*anime sweatdrop*

~~In Muaville~~

Wattson: I was going to rebuild this city but now that I have a helper I can focus on the gym! Hahaha!
Shadow: *groans*

Jessie, James, and Meowth are stuck on top of Mauville City Gym.
James: "That worked great..."
Meowth: "You said it..."
Jessie: "This is Mauville Gym?!?! I thought it was a powerplant at first..."
Meowth: "That gives me an idea..."
Jame: "What?"
Meowth: "We set a trap since we know that Ash and Piakchu will come here to win a gym badge."
Wobbufett: "Wobbu!"

~~South of Mauville~~
Brock (with hearts for eyes): "Hello my name is Brock. Would you like to go out for dinner and.......(keeps on talking)"
May: "Let me borrow this"
May takes Mika's hammer and hits Brock with it.

Masato: "So are you headed to Mauville too?"
Mika: "Yeah"
Masato: "Would you like to go with us?"
Mika: "Sure."
They head off towards Mauville.

~~Mauville Gym~~
Wattson: "First we need to work on a trap that I've been installing on the door which makes it so you need a password from somewhere in the city to get in the gym."
Shadow: "What do I get to do?"
Wattson: "You get to test it and write the password on one of the signs in the city."
Shadow: *groan*

Mika: Why don't we get on Arcanine's back.

Mika's Arcanine was rather large and could fit up to five passengers. Everybody gets on exept ash.

Ash: Wha?
Brock&Mika: take it back first!
Ash: awww...
Brock: Ash be mature and Take back that drunk comment.
Ash:*groans* ok...

They get to a point where they can see mauville over the hill.everybody gets off.

Mika: Return Arcanine.
Ash: There's mauville! Let's go!*runs*

~~In Mauville~~

Shadow is trying to escape...

Wattson: Magneton Thundershock!
Shadow: Ow.
*the phone rings*
Jenny: *over the phone* Shocking, isn't it?
Shadow: Indeed.

~~In the gym~~
Wattson: "Ehehehe. Thunderbolt!"
Magneton shocks Shadow.
Shadow: "I didn't do anything..."
Wattson: "I couldn't help myself."

~~Outside of the Gym~~
Brock: "This sign says we need a password to enter."
Ash: "Let's find that password!"
May: "Don't you think we should go to the Pokemon Center and heal our Pokemon first? We can also ask Nurse Joy if she knows anything about the password."
Brock: "I'm in if it involves Nurse Joy."
Mika hits Brock with the hammer and they walk towards the Pokemon Center.

Jessie: "So we need a password?"
James: "I guess so. Let me try and get through."
He touches the doorknob and gets electricuted.

Meowth: "What's this?"
Jessie: "What's what?"
Meowth: "There is something scribbled on the bottom of the Casino's sign. It says 'Pass: Shocking'. The handwriting is vaquely familiar too."
James: "Who cares about the handwriting. Let's use the password and go in!"

James types in: 'Pass: Shocking'. He touches the doorknob and gets shocked again.
Meowth: "You're not supposed to include the 'Pass:' part...."
Jessie: "Let me do it!"
She types in the password and goes through the door without getting shocked. Meowth walks in followed by James. Once inside they see Wattson and Shadow working on an electric fence.

Shadow, Jessie, James, and Meowth: "What are you doing here?"
Shadow: "I'm being forced to help Wattson here."
Jessie: "We are after that Pikachu."
James: "Yeah first we need to get rid of Wattson."
Shadow: "Already taken care of."
Wattson: "Huh?"

Shadow pushes a button and Wattson falls into one of his own traps. The door opens. Shadow and TR run and hide. Ash and friends and Mika walk in.

Ash: "Anybody here?"
May: "Hello!"
Mika: "We want to battle the gym leader!"
James who is dressed up similar to Wattson appears. He is holding Wattson's Pokeballs.

James: "Which of you want to battle first? How about you and your Pikachu. Electric types are always welcome here."
Jessie and Meowth walk in.
Jessie: "It will be a one on one match!"

Brock: "Who are you?"
Jessie: "I'm the referee. And this is our mascot."
Mika: "Why would an electric gym have a normal-type Pokemon as a mascot?"
James: "Well...ummm...its..."
Jessie: "You see... this gym was originally a normal gym and we never wanted to change our mascot..."
Masato: "I don't ever remeber Mauville having a normal gym..."
Jessie: "We did. So do you want to battle our gym-leader or not?"

Shadow is watching from the shadows.
Shadow: "Hehehe. Even if their plan doesn't work the gym traps which Wattson told me all about will get rid of those twerps. Hehehe"

James: Go! Magna-
Mika: Hold on A minute.
Mika: I'll battle you.(whispers to Ash & Co.)Theese guys look familiar, don't let down your guard...
James:Alright go Magnamite!
Mika: Go Zangoose!
JessieWhispering to james) We still have the New twerp's Pokemon to steal! hurry and tire the pokemon out and we'll steal them later!

Brock:*love mode* She looks so preetty when she battles like that...
May:*whacks him with Mika's mallet*

Mika: "Go get your own hammer!"
May runs out of the gym.
James: "Thunderbolt!"
Mika: "Dig now!
Thunderbolt missed as Zangoose went underground.
Mika: "Now come up and use Brick Break!"

Zangoose came out of the ground from under Magnimite and sent it flying towards the ceiling. It managed to stop before it hit.
James: "Swift!"
Magnimite started shooting out little stars.
Mika: "Dig!"
Zangoose dug underground but the stars follow.
Mika: "Swift only hits Pokemon using Dig in Res and Blue and Yellow..."
James: "Who cares? This is the anime."

Zangoose came from underground injured but not out.
James: "Swift again!"
Mika: "Counter!"
Jessie, James, Ash, Brock, and Masato: "Counter?!?!"
Mika: "I raised Zangoose from an egg and it had Counter when it was born."
Swift gets shot back at Magnimite barely hurting him.
James: "Finish it off! Sonic Boom!"
Magnimite glowed and caused a tornado to appear and blow Zangoose into the wall.

Jessie: "Zangoose is unabl...what in the world?"
Zangoose gets up and looks menacingly at Magnimite.
Mika: "Now Crush Claw!"
Zangoose jumps up and slices at Magnimite making Magnimite fall to the floor unconcious.
Jessie: "Magnimite is unable to battle. The gym leader has 1 Pokemon left."
Mika: "I thought you said one on one...."
Jessie starts sweating.
Jessie: "I meant two Pokemon each."
Mika: "Right... Well I don't care! Send out your next loser Pokemon."

Hiroshi Sotomura
September 22nd, 2003, 3:01 PM
May walks in with a pink hammer.
May: "What happened?"
Brock: "My love just won the..."
May hits him with the hammer.

James: "Go Manectric!"
Mika: "Slash attack!"
James: "Quick Attack!"
Manectric doges the attack and rams Zangoose knocking it out since it was so tired from the last battle.
Jessie: "Zangoose is unable to battle. The challenger has 1 Pokemon left."

Shadow: "He is actually doing good, even though his only experience with electric Pokemon is being attacked by Pikachu..."

Mika takes A fire-Mark Pokeball out of her pocket and gives it a kiss

Mika:"Go Charizard! Use slash!"
Charizard slashes Manectric's face leaving three big scratch marks.

Mika:"Now hurry and use Twister!"

Charizard flies in circles making a big tornado which hits Manectric hard and knocks the wind out of it by throwing it onto the north wall.

James:"Grr! Manectric counter attack with volt tackle!"
Charizard flies up avoiding the attack and swoops down on Manectric

Mika"You know what to do."

Charizard Picks up Manectric and flies up high before throwing manectric down through the hole in the celling of the gym. Manectric is hit on it's head and becomes unconcsious.

Jessie: No matter! We can steal--

Just then Wattson walks in and sees the comotion.

Wattson: "What is going here!! Why are those people impostering me!? Why is therer a hole in the celing?! *calls on the phone* Get The police down here Immedeately! Shadow I have a special job for you..."

Shadow: What now Old Man?
Wattson: You Fix that hole in the celing and that crack all over the wall.
Shadow:*falls down anime style*

~~Later on~~
Officer Jenny: Thanks for findoing Team Rocket they've been on the run for quite some time now.
Ash: Well seeing as I'm the leader most of the credit goes to me.
Mika:*whacks him with her mallet* I'm the one who battled them you little twerp!
Ash:*with a big bump on his head* G-aaah! You're right.

Two dynamo badges come flying out of the air and Mika & Ash catch them.

M&A: I Got a dynamo badge!
Mika:Jinks! The girl goes!
Mika: Hey, Misty had to leave and she gave me her mallet so if you leave I'll give you this master ball...

Narrator: And so Our new Heroes continue on their journey to...hey, where are we going to ...Brock?

Brock: The next town with a gym is Lavaridge city...
Mika: Well hurry and end the episode already!

Shadow's cell phone rings. He picks it up.
Shadow: "Who is it? Oh the Daycare Man! I almost forgot about my Pokemon I left with you! They had eggs?!?! I'll be right down! *hangs up* I gotta go and pick up something from the Daycare real quick Wattson."
Wattson: "OK but Manectric has to watch you. And see if my Raichu had an egg yet too."
Shadow: "Sure..."
Shadow and Manectric walk off to the Daycare.

~~Near the Fiery Path~~
Brock: "We need to take that Cable Car to the top to get to Lavaridge."
Mika: "But it is out of order..."
A female attendent walks out.

Attendant: "It will be fixed in a few days. You're Pokemon trainers aren't you? Then you can take the long way around. You just need to take the Fiery Path and go to Fallabor then go through the Meteor Falls then you will arrive at Rustboro. Then you need to go through the Rusturf Tunnel and you will be in Verdanturf Town. Then go to Maville and come back. By that time the Cable Car will be fixed and you will have gained a lot of experience and you should be able to beat Flannery."
Brock: "Why don't I just listen to my heart and stay with you forever?"
Mika hits Brock with the hammer.

Ash: "Let's take the long way. It will be better then to just stay here. And we may be able to risk our lives doing some crazy stunt to save the world or someone we don't even know."
Masato: "Uhhhhhh...."
Ash: "I mean it will be a great adventure, (whispering)that is to die for...(no longer whispering) Let's get going!"

~~Mauville jail~~
Jessie: "We need to get out of here."
James: "But how?"
Jessie: "Let's use our Pokemon!"
James: "But they took them away..."
Jessie: "Meowth can get them. Oh Meowth! MEOWTH WAKE UP!!!!"

Meowth who was sleeping in teh cell across the room wakes up.
Meowth: "What?"
Jessie: "Unlock your cage with your nails!"
Meowth sticks his nail into the cage and gets electricuted.
Meowth: "No good."
Wobbufett: "Wobbufettt!"
Jessie: "Wobbufett! Hand us our Pokemon!"
Wobbufett grabs the Pokeballs and gives them to Jessie and James. An alarm goes off.

Jessie: "We need to get out of here! Go Seviper! Poison Tail the bars!"
Seviper attacks the bars but hurts its tail.
James: "Jessie steel is immune to Poison attacks. Go Cacnea! Pin Missle!"
Pin Missle goes right between the bars hitting Meowth.
James: "Go Gulpin! Spit Up!"
Gulpin throws up and melts teh bars. Then they free Meowth and run away. Jenny runs in and sees the melted bars.
Jenny: "Since when did they get a Pokemon that could do this? And next time we put Wobbufett with Meowth..."

~~.::Lava Path::.~~
Inside the lava path They are attacked by a torkoal. Mika throws a pokeball at it, catches it, and gives it to Masato.

Mika: Use it in Verdanturf town. Thereare plenty of grass trainers you can raise him on.
Masato: Ok!
Brock: Why don't I have a pokemon?
Mika:Bcause You have pineco.
Ash: Why don't I get a Pokemon?
Mika: Because I'm not that stupid.
Ash:What's that supposed to mean?! Grr...

(Brock has Forretress not Pineco)

Masato: "Umm Brock you have more then Forretress... You caught a Mudkip and Lotad too."
Brock: "Oh yeah. I just forgot because of all the pretty girls I met today...."
He puts his hand on Mika's shoulder.
Mika: "Don't touch me!"

She shoves him onto a sleeping Slugma burning Brock and making the Slugma wake up and become mad. It evolves into a Magcargo and uses Flamethorwer on Brock. Ash and friends run out of the cave followed by Brock who is burnt to a crisp.

Masato: "Well that is a fast way to get through that cave..."
Ash: "Hey look at that sign!"
Mika: "Come rest your tired bones?"
Ash: "Sounds dangerous It may involve skeletons! Let's go!"
Mika: "You are scaring me Ash..."
Ash: "I know. You said so in your post."
Brock: "This must be because of his badge. He wants to risk his life. We must be in another movie...."

Shadow is walkign holding two purpleish eggs. Tehy start to crack.
Shadow: "Cool! They are hatching!"
The eggs hatch into a baby Nidoran male and Nidoran female. Shadow puts them in the Pokeball they came with. Then he remebers about Manectric. He sends out Nidoran Male. Manectric use Thunderbolt.

Shadow: "Counter!"
Thunderbolt hits Nidoran M then goes back and hits Manectric.
Shadow: "Now Confusion!"
Nidoran M throws Manectric into the wall of the Casino using psychic powers. Shadow throws a Pokeball and catches Manectric.
Shadow: "Hehehe. I love egg moves. Hehehehe."

Ash: "Hey look! Snow!"
Brock: "Ash no!"
Ash runs over and sticks out his toungue and eats the "snow" and then he starts choking.
Masato: "Ash that is ash not snow."
They hear choking and gagging in the bushes.

Jessie: "ITS WHAT?!?!?!"
James: "It did look like snow."
Meowth: "That's why that snow cream tasted horrible..."
JJ+M: "It was Ash Cream"
Ash: "Wha?"

Jesse: "Prepare for trouble from the best team!"
James: "And make it double we just ate ash cream."
Meowth: "That's Right!"
Wobbufett: "Wobb!"

James: "Go Gulpin! Sludge!"
Ash: "What's that?"
Ash reaches for the Pokedex but it isn't there.
Mika: "Don't you remeber Ash? Shadow sent your Pokedex flying into a Beedrill hive in one of the lost/deleted scenes of teh last story..."
Ash: "Oh yeah. Pikachu Thunderbolt!"

Gulpin uses Sludge and it hits Piakchu covering its eyes.
James: "Now Poison Gas!"
Smoke fills the whole area and when it clears TR is flying away in the balloon and it has a solid steel container attached and they have Piakcu in a glass bottle attached to it.

Mika: "They have all of our Pokeballs!"
Jessie: "We assessed all of your Pokemon and came up with a cage thats fire proof,"
James: "water proof, explosion proof, leaf proof,"
Meowth: "And everything else proof too. And did we mention that everytime Pikachu attacks it will hurt all of the other Pokemon?"

The balloon flies away but a Beautifly who is carrying a Torchic flies up to it and drops Torchic on the balloon. Torchic pecks teh balloon and it pops making TR fall to the ground. May appears.

May: "I saw that you needed my help. It hink both me and Mika can come along right Ash?"
Ash: "Ummm...sure I guess..."
Mika: "Now let's get our Pokemon back!"

Mika pulls out a wand from her pocket.
Mika:I had this from the last series, remember?
A laser beam comes out of the wand and melts the bars and sends TR blasting off again.
Ash/Brock/May: Cool/*Heart Eyes*/I want one!
Mika: We can use Charizard to Fly to Lavaridge now.

Hiroshi Sotomura
September 22nd, 2003, 3:02 PM
They all get and charizard's back and nearly fall off exept Ash and Mika.

Mika+Ash pull everbody up.
Mika: How come you didn't fall off?
Ash: I used to have a Charizard.
Mika: Ah.
May:*pouts* I thought you were supposed to be in love with ME Ash!
Ash: Yeah, whatev-WHAT?!?
Everybody else: *giggles madly*

Charizard: Cho-aaaaaarR!

Mika:What the? You can't see through the smoke?
Ash: You can understand that???
Mika: Can't every trainer?
Brock&Masato: She's good.

Mika: Charizard, time to land!

Charizard: Chaaaroaaar!

They land at the top of the mountain and find...
Mika: look at those guys fighting...
Ash: Who are they?

~Game Freak - Satoshi's office~

Satoshi looks at a finished DVD with Pokmon Heroes on it.

Satoshi: Edit this, edit that, edit stupid Miramax with a bat...

Satoshi edits the Pokmon Heroes DVD and fixes the incorrect and bad dubbing.

Satoshi: There! All done. Let's see what's on my schedule...

Go to TV Tokyo Dubbing and Editing department to check on the Pokmon World
Write script for next Pokmon game

Satoshi: I think I'll go to the dubbing and editing studio and check on them then.

~TV Tokyo - Masamitsu's office~

Satoshi teleports to the Masamitsu's office.

Masamitsu: Hey Satoshi!
Satoshi: Aye!
Masamitsu: Got any plans for another episode?

Satoshi turns to a TV screen to see what everyone is doing in the Pokmon Dimension, but gets shocked to see Mika.

Satoshi: Isn't... that... girl supposed to be in the... Imagination Dimension?!?
Masamitsu: Let's check there.

They turn on a TV, both falling down anime-style at the sight of an ambush at the dimension.

Satoshi: We need to stop that fight first...
Masamitsu: How could that girl get into our dimension?
Satoshi: I don't know... certainly not from a portal...
Masamitsu: You know what people can do there, don't you?
Masamitsu: But wait...
Satoshi: If not coming through a portal, SHE CAN MAKE WISHES DIRECTLY IN THE POKEMON UNIVERSE!!!
Masamitsu: Can't we edit her out?
Satoshi: No, I reckon she'd do something about it.
Masamitsu: We can't go anywhere near those dimensions.
Satoshi: But Miyamoto can help us get there.

~~On Chimney Mountain~~
Archie: "We shall fill the world with water!"
Maxie: "Land is much better!"
Archie: "Water!"
Maxie: "Land!"
Archie: "Water!"

Mika: "Stop fighting!"
Maxie: "Who are you?"
Ash: "Hey its the Team Aqua and Team Magma leaders from when Shadow stole Groudon and Kyogre!"
Archie: "You can't stop Team Aqua!"
Magma: "Think again! Its Team Magma that is unstoppable!"
Shadow: "I'm tired of you two! Team Rocket is the best! Hey its that girl that got rid of Dark Mika!"

Mika: "And I will get rid of you!"
Mika fires a lazer at Shadow using the wand.
Shadow: "Nidoran male Counter now!"
Nidoran(M) jumps in front of the lazer and sneds it back towards Mika but Mika jumps out of the way and the lazer goes into the volcano causing an eruption to occur.
Everyone: "Ahhhhh!"
They all run down the volcano towards Lavaridge.

~~Near the bottom of the volcano~~
Eusine: "According to Flannery many people have seen Entei near this volcano..."
He sees everyone runnign down the mountain followed by lava.
Eusine: "Ahhh"

Eusine runs away followed by everyone else. When they reach the entrance to Lavaridge, Suicune comes and uses Ice Beam and makes the lava harden and makes the eruption end and it runs off to Johto.

Eusine: "Suicune.... *notices Shadow* What are you doing here?"
Shadow: "I was trying to destroy Team Aqua, Team Magma, Ash, Brock, and Mika...."
May: "What about me?"
Shadow: "You are not a threat..."
Eusine: This is obviously a wild Suicune.

A Master Ball appears in Mika's hand.

Mika: Master Ball! Go!

Miyamoto appears quickly and disappears with Suicune, all in a split second.

Eusine: A Master Ball?!? This can't be. Mika in Hoenn, Shadow scaring people and Team Aqua and Magma, but what on earth is Mika doing here? And how did she get that Master Ball?

Mika: "I wanted Suicune...."

Shadow: "I don't care about Suicune because I've got big plans and its time to put them to work. All I need is a lot of electric Pokemon! Hand over your Piakchu Ash and hand over the location of Raikou and Zapdos Eusine or else!"
Masato: "Or else what?"
Shadow: "I'll have to take them from you by force, the hard way!"

Ash: "Pikachu Thund..."
Mika: "No Ash. His Nidoran male knows Counter and remeber what happened when I tried to use my wand?"
Ash: "Oh yeah. Treecko Go! Pound!"
Shadow: "Dodge then Confusion!"

Nidoran (M) dodges and makes Treecko fly into a tree using Confusion.
Ash, Mika, Masato, May, and Eusine: "It know Confusion!?!?!"
Shadow: "Yep. Hehehe. Now give me the locations of the legendary electric Pokemon and Pikachu!"
Eusine: "What makes you think I have the locations?"
Shadow: "Because you are always after them and you always find all the clues you can get to their locations."
Eusine: "*sigh* That is true, but I am not giving them to you!"
Shadow: "Then we have to do it the hard way! Nidoran female Nidoran male knock out Pikachu! Take Down"

Eusine: I don't think so. I choose you! Alakazam!

Alakazam comes out of the PokBall.

Eusine: Alakazam! Psychic!

Alakazam uses Psychic on the Nidoran Male, but it continues to stand, and poisons Alakazam.

Eusine: WHAT?!?!?
Shadow: Don't forget Nidoran Male's horn.

Alakazam seems to be losing power.

Hiroshi Sotomura
September 22nd, 2003, 3:28 PM
Shadow: "Take Down!"
Nidoran male and female attack Alakazam knocking it out. Tehn they both start to glow and they evolve. Nidorino uses Confusion to lift up Eusine's laptop and gives it to Shadow.
Shadow: "We will meet again when I ned that Pikachu! Adieu until we meet again my friends! Hahahahahaha!"

Shadow throws a box to the ground and there is a flash of ligth and he and his Pokemon are gone.
Eusine: "We need to stop him from getting Raikou and Zapdos!"
Brock: "But what is he up to?"
Mika: "We'll find out when we stop him!"
They run off.

Archie: "They forgot about us..."
Maxie: "Yeah well this proves land is better!"
Archie: "The sea is better!"

~~Down the road where Ash and friends ran off to...~~
Ash: "Wait where is Shadow?"
Everyone falls down anime style.

Mika: Gimmie that.
Masato: Hey! That's my Pokenav!
Mika:*holds it out of reach* trust me, I have a plan.
May:*pouts* I wish I had I plan
Masato: What a crybaby...
Mika:*takes may's master ball* now I have two
May: *pouts* No FAIR!
Ash, Mika,Brock,and Masato:SHUT UP!

Richie appears and starts to tweak the Poke Nav

Richie:There. Now we can track Shadow and stop whatever he's trying to do.

May:*pouts* I wanted to tweak the PokeNav!

Mika: was Shadow even doing anything?

everbody but Mika: falls anime style

Richie: He's closing in on Raikou!

Everybody: *attention shifts to the PokeNav screen

~~mean While~~

Satoshi: I must get that girl back to the Imagination dimension! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!
*suddenly A portal opens and he gets sucked in*

Satoshi: No... that wasn't right.

Satoshi reads a script.

Masamitsu *freaked*: O....K....
Satoshi: That wasn't my fault.
Masamitsu: Why can't we just enter that universe without scaring the readers?
Satoshi: It's Mika's imagination...
Masamitsu *freaked*: O....K....
Miyamoto: Well let's see... a script change.
Satoshi: Don't you think that's too dangerous to do?
Miyamoto: I think it was dangerous enough that we let Nintendo of America get rid of the Pokmon Communication Center.
Satoshi: Well Mobile Communications would be very intresting to see in America.
Miyamoto: Humph. I am still waiting for your plans on Pokmon Colosseum...
Satoshi: Well we don't have time to waste. Let's go to the Pokmon Universe!
Miyamoto: I haven't exactly opened any portals.
Satoshi: How 'bout do a rewind in the Pokmon Universe?
Miyamoto: Great. We will rewind the PokNav part and edit out Richie until later.
Masamitsu: Fine.
Satoshi: Fine.
Miyamoto: Fine.

Masamitsu holds up a controller and presses rewind. The Pokmon World starts going back a few minutes in time.

Miyamoto: Stop.

The Pokmon World stops going back in time.

~~Down the road where Ash and friends ran off to...~~
Ash: "Wait where is Shadow?"
Everyone falls down anime style.
Brock: According to this map we are here.

Brock points to Mt. Chimney on the map.

Brock: Shadow is heading towards the west.
Ash: That goes to Lavaridge!
Brock: Where you can get your next badge...

~Where Shadow is - Lavaridge Town~
Shadow: Well this is Lavaridge.

Shadow turns around and sees the Herb Shop.

Shadow: Oh yeah. There's a man there giving out Charcoal to those who buy herbs. Gotta steal some!

Shadow goes into the shop and buys some herbs.

Old man: Thanks for buying those herbs. Here's one Charcoal.

SHADOW put CHARCOAL in the items pocket.

Shadow: Thanks but I'll have more!

Shadow takes a bag from the old man.

SHADOW recieved 10 CHARCOAL!
SHADOW put CHARCOAL in the items pocket.

Shadow flees.


Hiroshi Sotomura
September 22nd, 2003, 3:47 PM
~~The Crystal lake~~
Shadow: "It is weird how I'm experiencing de ja vu. Its like I already stole this crystal earlier today... Anyways time to get that crystal and use it tohelp catch Raikou, Zapdos and all teh other electric Pokemon!"

Kenta: "Stop right there!
Marina: "We will not let you take the cystal!"
Junichi: "GO Meganium! Vine Whip!"
Shadow: "I'm afraid you are too late. I already have the crystal."

And with those words a Tentacruel Robot emerges from the water holding the crystal in its tentacles. Shadow jumps in the robot. Meganium tries to grab the crystal but the Tentacruel robot grabs the vines and throws Meganium into the water. Some jets come out of the Tentacruel and it flies off.

Kenta: "Now what do we do?"
Junichi: "We get Ash Ketchum to help!"
Marina: "Right!"

~~Devon Corporation, Rustboro~~
Ash's Taillow flies into the president's office and drops a note on his desk. The President reads it and gives Taillow a Pokenav and it flies back to Ash.

~~Near Lavaridge~~
Ash: "That was a good idea using Taillow to go get a Pokenav Mika. Where'd you ever get that idea from?"
Mika: "It just came to mind.."
Mika dropped her backpack and 5 large books came out and she stuffed them back into her bag.

May: "Here comes Taillow!"
Masato: "With my brand new Pokenav!"
May: "Don't lose it. Its your third one..."
Ash: "I thought it was his 4th one...."

Richie peaks from behind a tree.
Richie: "Can I tweak it now?"
Satoshi: "Yes."
Richie comes out and grabs the Pokenav and tweaks it.
Richie: "It looks like Shadow is closing in on Raikou!"

~~Near Ectureak~~
Shadow: "I finally have you right where I want you Raikou!"
Raikou roars and uses Thunderbolt.
Shadow: "Now that isn't very nice trying to shock me. Mirror Coat!"
The Tentacruel robot pulls out a special mirror like object which reflects Thunderbolt back at Raikou.
Shadow: "Hehehe."

~Near Lavaridge~
Ash: We need some way to get to Ecruteak Outskirts.

Eusine's 4 Wheel Drive arrives.

Eusine: Hop in!

Ash, May, Brock and Masato hop in.

Mika: Hey I was supposed to be next to Brock!
Brock: Don't worry my sweet.

Brock throws May out of the car and carries Mika in.

Mika: Oh Brock...

Mika smacks Brock hard.

May: Hey! Brock...
Eusine: Ok... that wasn't fair...
Mika *angry*: Who are you to decide who sits next to Brock? Me or May?
Eusine: May.
Mika: What the?

Mika's eyes turn into slits. She strangles Eusine.

Eusine: Get off me you...
Brock *still taken over by Mika's beauty*: Eusine! You don't have any right to say something to a girl who is much prettier than the person you want to sit near me in your car!
Eusine: Is something wrong with you Brock?
Ash: Uhhh...
Masato: Why don't I sit on your lap, Eusine? I've always wanted to be around a pro like you...
Eusine: Uhh.... o...k...

Masato hops onto Eusine's lap.

May jumps into the car and Mika sits next to Brock. The 4WD drives away.

Richie: Hey wait guys!
Eusine: Sorry! No more space!

Masato pokes his tongue at Richie.

~~Near Olivine~~
Eusine's 4WD slows to a stop.
Mika: *stangling Eusine* "Why did we stop?!?!"
May: "It looks like the tires are flat..."
Brock: "Eusine you just ran over a spike strip..."
Eusine: "But who put it there?"

Cassidy: "To infect the world with devastation."
Ash: "Its them."
Butch: "You interrupted our motto!"
Masato: "We hear Jessie, James, and Meowth's too much and we don't need yours..."
Butch: "We have received orders from Shadow to keep you from disturbing him while he is catching Raikou!"
Eusine: "So thats where the spike strip is from..."
Cassidy: "Spike strip?"
Butch: "We didn't put the spike strip there..."

Jessie: "Prepare for trouble!"
Ash: "You laid that spike strip!"
Jessie: "Don't interrupt the motto and yes we did lay that there so we could catch Pikachu."
Cassidy: "Well you can leave because Shadow gave us special orders to stall them!"
James: "Let's just try to work together for once..."
Meowth: "That's right!"

Butch: "Go Hitmontop and Primeape!"
Cassidy: "Drowzee, Raticate, Houndour go!"
Jessie: "Seviper, Dustox, Wobbufett go!"
James: "Gulpin, Cacnea go!"
Cacnea hugs James. Cassidy and Butch snicker.
Wobbufett: "Wobbufett!"

~~Near Ectureak~~
Giovanni and Shadow are talking on the phone in the robot.
Giovanni: "I see you escaped Shadow..."
Shadow: "Yes and I am about to catch Raikou and then Zapdos to fuel my new and unstoppable machine of EVIL!!!"
Giovanni: "This may help..."
A Masterball appears in the Pokemon transporter in the robot.
Shadow: "No thanks. I am going to catch it with the new improved Dark Ball. But thanks anyway. I could use it for something else..."

Raikou uses Thunderbolt again but the robot deflects it back at him using mirror coat.

suddenly all the dark balls in the world turn into superhappykawaii balls.

Masato: Go torkoal!
May:What the...?
Masato: I just let out toarkoal. Didja see?
May: Uhh...
Mika: What?
Brock: huh?
Ash: Where?
James+Butch: What The?
Cassidy: *slaps forehead*
May & Ash start Making out. Brock Tries to Make out With Mika but Mika hits him with a Rather Thick book. Meanwhile Richie looks at *censored* magazines

Satoshi: What are superhappykiwaii balls?
Masamitsu: Uhhh... I dunno, but they certainly are non-existant.
Satoshi: Wasn't Ash at near Olivine?
Masamitsu: Yeah.
Miyamoto: Rewind again?
Satoshi: Of course! But I'll just edit out the superhappykiwaii balls.

Miyamoto holds the contoller and turns time again.


Shadow: "No thanks. I am going to catch it with the new improved Dark Ball. But thanks anyway. I could use it for something else..."

Raikou uses Thunderbolt again but the robot deflects it back at him using mirror coat.

~Near Olivine City~

Masato: Go torkoal!
May:What the...?
Masato: I just let out toarkoal. Didja see?
May: Uhh...
Mika: What?
Brock: huh?
Ash: Where?
James+Butch: What The?
Cassidy: *slaps forehead*
May & Ash start Making out. Brock Tries to Make out With Mika but Mika hits him with a Rather Thick book. Meanwhile Richie looks at *censored* magazines

Eusine: Well...
Jessie: GET THEM!

Everyone except Eusine and Ash gets into a bashfight. Eusine gets some spare tyres and fits them in.

Eusine: Shall we go to Ecruteak?
Ash: You bet.

The 4 WD drives away but everyone is still fighting.

Hiroshi Sotomura
September 22nd, 2003, 3:54 PM
~~Near Ectureak~~
Eusine and Ash drive up.
Ash: "Give back Eusine's laptop!"
Shadow: "You want it? Then come on over and get it!"
Shadow throws Eusine's laptop into Raikou's mouth. Raikou chews it then spits it out.
Ash: "Eeeewww"
Eusine: "Now you won't know where Zapdos is!"
Shadow: "I already copied that file. Now! Go Dark Ball!"
Ash: "Pikachu. Thunderbolt the Dark Ball away!"

Pikachu attacks but the Thunderbolt heads for the robot and is reflected to Piakchu by Mirror Coat. The Dark Ball hits Rikou and catches it.
Shadow: "Hehehe."
Ash: "How did that happen?"
Kenta, Marina, and Junichi run up to Ash and Eusine.
Kenta: "Eusine, he has the crystal Prof Sebastion used to try to catch Raikou!"

Shadow: "You fools will never stop me! Now its time for Zapdos! But first I need to pick some eggs from the daycare here in Johto..."
Shadow flies away in teh Tentacruel robot. Eusien hops into his 4WD.
Eusine: "Quick to Zapdos!"
Ash: "But he has your laptop with the location..."
Eusine: "I remeber where it is. Now hop in!"
Ash, Kenta, Marina, and Junichi hop in the 4WD and they set off. Domino watches them from the bushes.
Domino: "There they are... I still need to hit Ash with the microphone again since that scene was deleted."
She starts laughing maniacaly.

Domino: I have a slight feeling someone is gonna yell at me for saying that...

~TV Tokyo~
Satoshi: Right you are... Domino... right you are...

Keisuke Iwatu, Takashi Kawaguchi and Masakazu Kubo, planners of Pokmon Advanced Generation appear on the spot. The production supervisor Tsunekazu Ishiara appears next to them. Also the show editor Toshio Henmi appears.

Satoshi: Hi guys.
Masamitsu: Hi crew!
Tsunekazu: Hey Satoshi!
Miyamoto: Hi!
Toshio: Ah! Satoshi, Masamitsu and Miyamoto!
Rest of crew: Hi!


Domino: Nobody is yelling at me... oh well...


Kenta: So is this location always in your head?
Eusine: Well just in case the real location was always in my head.
Ash: So he'll be heading the wrong area?
Eusine: Well isn't that obvious?

Eusine pulls out another laptop.

Eusine: I always use a false information-filled laptop around bad guys.
Masato: Funny.

Ash: Masato! How did you get here?
Pikachu: Pi pika chu!
Masato: I don't get into fights so I was in the trunk of the car.
Marina: Oh you poor thing.
Masato: No I'm alright.

Masato hops onto Eusine's lap again.

Eusine: Next time, ask...
Masato: So where are you guys going?
Eusine: Towards Zapdos' location.
Masato: And who are you guys?

Masato is looking at Kenta, Marina and Jun'ichi.

Eusine: Masato, this is Kenta...
Kenta: Aye!
Eusine: Marina...
Marina: Hi!
Eusine: And Jun'ichi...
Jun'ichi: Hi.

Ash: Anyway, how did Shadow find Raikou?
Eusine: For confidence in himself to find Zapdos.
Ash: Heh!

~~Somewhere in Mexico~~
Shadow: "Zapdos isn't here...I'll get that Eusine. I can use the crystal to attract Zapdos hehehe. Oooo tacos!"
Shadow runs over to a resturant and orders some tacoes.

~~Kanto Powerplant~~
Eusine and Ash and them drive up to the powerplant.
Eusine: "Zapdos should be here."
All of a sudden Zapdos flies out of roof and heads towards Cerulean City.
Ash: "Where is it going?"
Kenta: "That's right. Shadow has that crystal. It must be luring Zapdos to him."
Masato and Eusine: "Let's go!"

~~Top of Mt. Moon~~
Zapdos flies towards Shadow who has the crystal. Shadow sends out Nidorino and Nidorina. Zapdos uses Thunderbolt. Nidorino and Nidorina try to Counter but it is too powerful.
Shadow: "It is too strong... I know!"
Shadow looks around and finds 2 Moon Stones and evolves Nidorina and Nidorino.
Shadow: "Now Counter!"
Zapdos tries to shock them again but they Counter uit and severly damage it.
Shadow: "Confusion Nidoking!"
Zapdos flies straight to the ground and is knocked out. Shadow throws a Dark Ball and catches it just as Eusien drives up in his 4WD.
Eusine: "Don't you dare catch...oh you already caught Zapdos didn't you?"
Shadow: "Yep. Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha!! !!"

Hiroshi Sotomura
September 22nd, 2003, 4:00 PM
Eusine: No...
Ash: No...
Shadow: Yes... mwahahahahahaha!

A giant blimp comes near. Meanwhile Misty rides her bike out with Togepi.

Misty: It's a nice day, isn't it Togepi?
Togepi: Tog, tog...
Misty: Huh?
Togepi jumps off the basket attached to Misty's bike. Misty stops riding.

Misty: Togepi!

Togepi points to the blimp.

Misty: Team Rocket!

Jessie: "Prepare for trouble with a glass of Kool-Aid."
James: "Make it double we're back on the Blimp Brigade!"
Misty: "What the....?"
Ash: "Huh?"
Eusine: "Eh?"
Kenta: "Wha?"
Marina: "Who?"
Junichi: "What?"
Shadow: "What?"
Nidoking + Nidoqueen : "?????"

Shadow: "Oh you mean the old Bimp Brigade that Giovannin only puts people who he wants to get rid of on and so he can collect the insurance on the blimps."
Jessie and James: "What?"
Mewth: "That's right!"
Jessie: "You knew that?"
Meowth: "I just remebered...."
Jessie and James start attackign Meowth. Togepi starts waving its hands then the blimp explodes sending Jessie, James and Meowth blasting off. One of Jessie's Pokeballs falls to the ground. Shadow picks it up and throws it releasign Dustox.

Shadow: "I'm keeping this and I will raise it better then Jessie ever could!"
Dustox : ^.^
Shadow: "Now I must be off to catch some more electric Pokemon! I will be back for Pikachu though!"

Mika Rides up on Suicune. Misty huggles suicune

Misty: MUAHAHAA!! Your Suicune is mine!

Suicune looks with flamng eyes of hatred and kills misty with hydro pump. Since Misty's Pokemon have no owner, they go to Mika.

Togepi Walks up and sess Misty Dead.

Togepi: Pri! Priii!!*celebrates*
Togepi walks up to Mika and smiles; High Fives.

Eusine then tries to steal Suicune. Suicune Beats eusine up.
(Mika's evil sentence removed in this version... why? because it's got raping in it...)
Shadow Becomes confused

~TV Tokyo~
Satoshi: Oh my!
Toshio: Miyamoto... may... I... have... the... controller?
Miyamoto: ......sure...
Toshio: Mika's imagination has gone wild.

Toshio presses the remote and turns time back 1 minute.

Satoshi: Let's see...
Toshio: Should I press this erase button?
Satoshi: On Mika, yes.

Mika is deleted from the show.

May: Who am I supposed to be bashing now... ahh... Mika!
Cassidy: But she isn't here.
Butch: Get her!
May: Ahhhh!

~Mt. Moon~
Ash: "Strange... I feel dizzy."
Shadow: "Now I must be off to catch some more electric Pokemon! I will be back for Pikachu though!"

Shadow runs off.

Misty: Get him!
Ash: C'mon Pikachu!
Eusine: Wait for me.

Eusine gets his 4 Wheel Drive and Ash hops in. Misty rides her bike and Masato hops onto Eusine's lap in his car.

Eusine & Misty: Let's go.

Hiroshi Sotomura
September 22nd, 2003, 4:06 PM
~~South of Goldenrod~~
Daycare Man: "Here are some Poekmon eggs from teh Poekmon you left here months ago..."
The Daycare Man hands Shadow 4 eggs.
Shadow: "Thanks!"
Eusine, Ash, and the rest of them drive up.
Eusine: "Stop right there Shadow! Give back those eggs!"
Shadow: "They are mine you idiot. They are my Pokemon's eggs!"

Ash: "Didn't all your Pokemon get confiscated?"
Shadow: "Only my team and my PC. I had some extras in the daycare."
Eusine: "Ah. Well give back Zapdos and Raikou!"
Shadow: "I caught them legally. If you take them you will be breaking the law. Now if you excuse me I'm off to Vermilion City!"
Shadow's Tentacruel robot emerges from the river near the Daycare and he jumps in and it submerges again.

Ash: "To Vermilion!"
Misty: "He will beat us there. We need to know his next target..."
Ash: "What about Wattson?"
Eusine: "No he has his Poekmon but I have an idea. He may be going to New Mauville next!"
Ash: "Let's go!"
They drive off.

Shadow: Hmmm... those guys don't seem to be following me... Ah I know! Instead of go to Vermillion, I'll go to New Mauville. Yes that's it... they went there to ambush me. I guess I'll ambush them instead!

Shadow changes direction and heads towards Hoenn.

~Drive back to Hoenn~

Ash: Ah! We are returning to Hoenn.
Eusine: Correct.

Misty catches up to the 4 WD.

Misty: Guys!
Ash: Misty!
Misty: Are you going to Hoenn? Me too then.
Eusine: Whoop! That's the boat to Hoenn!

They all stop at a boat to Hoenn. They are allowed to load cars on the boat to Eusine drives into the boat and Misty pulls the bike onboard.

~~New Mauville~~
Shadow: "Hehehe. Step one. Catch a Voltorb."
Shadow wonders around and finds a Voltorb. He makes Nidoking use Confusion then he catches it.
Shadow: "Step one cmplete. Now for the trap."
He starts to build a machine.

The ship to Hoenn arrives. Prof. Birch greets them.
Birch: "Ahoy! Prof. Eusine! Glad to see you! We are in the middle of an important experiment and we need your help!"
Eusine: "Not now! We are in the middle of stopping Shadow from taking over the world."
Misty: "We are going to set a trap for him in New Mauville."
Birch: "Allow me to come and help!"

Birch jumps in his 4WD and Eusine, Ash, and Masato jumps in Eusine's. Misty starts to get on her bike.
Birch: "You can't keep up with us on a bike! Get in here!"
Misty throws her bike in the backseat and jumps in next to Prof. Birch. Both 4WD's speed off.

~~Near Mt. Moon~~
Brock, May, Cassidy, Butch, and Richie stop fighting.
May: "Where did everyone go?"
Brock: "Must have gone to stop Shadow."
Kenta, Marina, and Junichi runs up.
Kenta: "Yep, but they left us behind."
Marina: "they are headed towards New Mauville"
Brock, Richie, and May: " Right."
They all run off.

Cassidy: "Come back here!"
Butch: "You won't get away!
Jessie, James and Meowth fall on Butch and Cassidy.
Butch: "Get off of us!!!"

Mika in a world of nothingness: e_e Where am I?
Devil: In . you were being a selfish disgusting little hypocritical B++ch.
Mika: I guess you're right.
Richie: Hmm, Where'd Mika dissappear to?

~~Satoshi's office~~
Satoshi: "Hmm that's bad..."
Miyamoto: "Yeah his love for her made him remember her unlike everyone else."
Satoshi: "But what about Brock?"
Miyamoto: "He just loves every girl but he hasn't experienced true love such as Richie's..."
Satoshi and Masamitsu: "Ah."

~~Near New Bark~~
Ash: "Mika? Who's that?"
Richie: *sigh* (thinking) "Why don't they remeber her? Must be connected with her disappearence... What was I thinking about again? Oh well"

~~Satosi's office~~
Masamitsu: "That took care of that...."
Satoshi: "Well least I won't be blamed for getting rid of Richie's memory of Mika."

~~New Mauville~~
Shadow: "All done. Now to place Voltorb where it goes."
Shadow places Voltorb on a pedastel on the machine and pulls out a group picture of Ash.
Shadow: "When you see this person walk on the 'X' use Thunderbolt on the platform you are on and that's all."
Voltorb: *nods* "Voltorb!"
Shadow: "Excellent. Heh heh heh."
Shadow runs off and hides behind the machine.

Eusine: According to your PokNav... New Mauville is a very long way away.
Masato: Like?
Eusine: 60 Metres...
Ash: So it'll take an hour or so to get there?

Professor Birch drives past.

Birch: Fraid so Ash.

~Prof. Oak's~
Tracey: Well that should do it.

Tracey is with Bulbasaur helping it out with it's morning runs.

Professor Oak: Tracey, c'mon over here.

Tracey gets into the lab. He shows on a computer screen a Mystery Egg.

Professor Oak: Tracey, I need you to deliver this to the daycare center near Mauville city. A plane will take you there.
Professor Oak hands Tracey a ticket to Hoenn.

~~On plane~~
Tracey: "I wonder what's in the egg?"

~~Near Slateport~~
Ash: "Well that 45 mintues went by fast..."
Eusine: "We are almost there..."

~~New Mauville~~
Shadow: "Where are they? .......huh?"
The eggs he had hatched into a Venonat, Tentacool, Seviper, and a Zubat.
Shadow: "Finally...and they all have unique egg moves! Let's see. Venonat ahs Signal Beam, Tentacool has Mirror Coat, Seviper has Body Slam and Zubat has Gust."

~~Near the Trick House~~
Jessie, James,a dn meowth are digging a hole. James and Meowth are doing all the digging though.
James: "Why do we always have to did holes?"
Meowth: "Its our job..."
Jessie: "Once those twerps come by they will fall into the hole and we will get that girl's Beautifly!"
Meowth: "I thought you liked Dustox better..."
Jessie: "I do but having both would be even better."
James: "Aren't we after Pikachu?"
Jessie: "We can get that too..."
They stop digging and cover up the hole and go and hide in the Trick House.

~~Mika in The blank place~~
"Now How do I get out of here...DUH!"
She uses her wand just in time for the others to fall on top of her.

Mika:*twitching* Ow...

Neo: "Who did we fall on?"
Red: "Hey Mika you're back!"
Blue: "Now we can torture both of them!"
Silver: "Let's make all the bug Pocket Monsters use Silver Wind on them!!!"
Gold: "Let's incase them in gold statues!"
Mika and Neo: "Uuuggghhh"

~~Route 117~~
Shadow: "While I am waiting for tehm to fall for my trap I may as well train my Pokemon."
Shadow sees a Roselia and sends out Zubat.
Shadow: "Gust!"
Zubat uses Gust and sends Roselia flying into a tree. Many Beedrill come out.
Shadow: "I though Beedrill didn't leave in Hoenn... Oh well...Gust!"
Zubat sends them all flying off and then starts to glow. Zubat evolves into Golbat.
Shadow: "Yes!"

~~Trick House~~
James: "What's that?"
Jessie: "What is what?"
James: "I saw a light under the table."
James looks under the table and the Trick Master comes out.
Trick Master: "You found me! Do yuo want to take my challenge and get a reward?"
Jessie and Meowth: "Reward!?!?!"
Meowth (thinking): "Maybe its a lifetime supply of catfood!"
Jessie (thinking): "Maybe its lots of gold and jewels!"
James (thinking): "Maybe its a buffet resturant!"
Wobbufett thinks of a female Wobbufett.
Jessie, James and Meowth: "We'll do it!"
wobbufett: "Wobbu Wobbufett!"

Hiroshi Sotomura
September 22nd, 2003, 4:21 PM
TRickMaster: Great! That'll be fifty million yen.

~TV Tokyo~
Satoshi: Well that went well...
Toshio: More than we bargained for...
Miyamoto: No one has to pay for the Trick House...
Satoshi: Has she even played Ruby and Sapphire? I feel upset that not everyone is playing our games but watching the TV show... sometimes.

Masamitsu presses a button and quickly presses it in half a second.

~Trick House~
Trick Master: Well then!

The Trick Master disappeared.

Jessie: Huh? Where'd he go?
James: Oooh a scroll!

James walks to it.

Meowth: There's light coming through it. Let's move through that scroll, Jimmy!
James: Wait... it could be dangerous.
Wobbuffet: Ww..w... w.. wobbuffet!

Wobbuffet slips onto Jessie and James and Meowth and they tear the scroll and land in a room full of mazes.

Jessie: Your fault Wob! Return!

A wall then starts to move and falls on them.

~~Trick House~~
Jessie: "Get off you stupid wall!"
James: "Looks like when in here you need to move constantly...."
The wall then moves and blocks the entrance. TR get up and move on until they run into a shrubbery in the way.

James: "Looks like we need to get rid of that..."
Jessie: "Right!"
She picks up Meowth and throws it at the shrubbery. Meowth hits it and falls to the ground, unconcious.
James: "It would have worked if you hadn't thrown him...."
Jessie: "Don't tell me what to do! Go Dustox!"

She grabs for Dustox's Pokeball but it isn't there.
Jessie: "Where's my Dustox?!?!"
Meowth wakes up.
Meowth: "In the herd of wild Pikamachusssss."
Meowth faints again.
James: "Perhaps you dropped it the last tiem we blasted off. When we get out we could post posters about it. Some trainer is bound to find it..."
Meowth wakes up again and slashes the shrubbery and they continue on. The come to a small cracked boulder blocking the way.
James: "Now what?"

~~In front of the Trick House~~
Eusine and Birch's 4WD's go around the trap and continue towards New Mauville.

~~Route 117~~
The swarm of Beedrill come back and head towards Shadow who is still training. He sends out Golbat who uses Gust and blasts them away again. Golbat evolves again.
Shadow: "Yeah! I've got Crobat!"

~Close New Mauville~

Birch: Nearly there...
Eusine: Whoa!

They stop at a large pit on the road.

Birch: This wasn't here last time...

~Bike Bridge~
Masamitsu and Satoshi are riding on bikes. Miyamoto is on a hot air balloon.

Masamitsu: Are you sure it's ok to watch them here?
Satoshi: As long as those bikers don't crash into us.

A biker rides past and looks at Satoshi's bike. He then starts chanting Rydel Rydel Rydel...

Masamitsu: Did you get that from Rydel's?
Satoshi: Of course... (Satoshi then notices Eusine) look!

They see the 4WDs at the pit.

Masamitsu: Should I call them?
Satoshi: Maybe not yet.

~New Mauville~
Shadow: Well what has Ash stumbled upon? My pit or my defending Pokmon?

He laughs maniacally.

~ New Mauville ~
Shadow calls over a private agent and tells him to go inspect the pit.

Shiro (over videophone): Yes, it's Ash. He fell into the pit. I'm getting him out now.

Shadow (over videophone): YOU ----!!! WE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE KILLING HIM!!!

Shiro (over videophone): Oops.

Shiro hangs up.

Satoshi: Oh dear...
Masamitsu: How deep is that pit?
Satoshi: How am I supposed to know?
Masamitsu: Toss the rope?
Miyamoto: You know the world of video games...
Satoshi: You need to expect the unexpected.
Miyamoto: C'mon then let's help them!

~~Trick House~~
Jessie: "It sure was weird how we got past that Dragonite..."
Meowth: "And that herd of Pikachu."
James: "At least we have the code and the door out is right there."
Wobbufett: "Why? Wynaut!"
Jessie: "Act your age!"
Wobbufett: "Wobbufett!"

~~Near the Pit~~
Shadow and some man ride in in a helicopter.
Shadow: "You will not free Ash!"
Miyamoto: "Who is that with with Shadow?"
Shadow: "It is your rival Bill Gates! Hahahahahaha!
Miyamoto: "He doesn't have any power here!"
Bill Gates: "Actually I just bought out Rydel Bikes and the company that made that rope you plan to free Ash with!"

Bill Gates waves his hands and the bikes and rope disappear with the director's wallets. He runs off laughing.

After Bill Gates left...

Satoshi: You think you have the monopoly power Gates...
Miyamoto: That... that...
Satoshi: Oh he won't trick me into selling Game Freak...
Miyamoto: But what about our bikes?
Satoshi: Does Toshio have the remote?

Satoshi turns around and finds Miyamoto gone.

~TV Tokyo~
Toshio: Ahhh! Where's the controller???

All the Pokmon Advanced Generation crew search under desks, under Toshio and under shelves, under the editing computer, under Masamitsu's laptop, everywhere...

Toshio: Does this have anything to do with something?

Bill Gates: Well let's see... I've bought the company that produces Righty ropes, bought Rydel's Bike Workshop, and now bought the company producing the Anime World Controllers...
Shadow: Nice meeting you... ehehehe...
~Apple Computer Inc.~
Narrator: Steve Jobs is the CEO of Apple Computer... but what are we at his office for?
Miyamoto: Steve...
Steve Jobs: Yes...
Miyamoto has a long chat with Steve Jobs about the current happenings.

Bill Gates: "Anything else?"
Shadow: "We may need some ninjas....
Some ninjas drop in from the ceiling.
Shadow: "That was quick...."

~~TV Tokyo~~
Masamitsu: "How could you lose the remote?"
Toshio: "Who says I lost it?"
Masamitsu: "Just keep looking..."

~~Apple Computer Inc.~~
Jobs: "Why would Bill Gates help someone like Shadow?"
Miyamoto: "Maybe he promised Bill Gates more money or something...."
Jobs: "Let me help you beat them."

Bill Gates: "Just keep up your end of the deal..."
Shadow: "That when I take over Pokemon the next Pokemon games go on the X-Box and PC."
Gates: "Why stop at Pokemon when we can get all of Nintendo?"
Shadow: "And then the only thing left will be Sony..."
Gates: "We wont have to worry about them now... I jsut want control of the Gamecube!!!"
Shadow and Gates: "Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!"
Shadow: (thinking: "And everygame will be about evil and taking over the world!") "Hahahahahaha!"
Ninjas: "Hahahahahahahaha"
Shadow: "Shut up you ninjas!"

~~Near New Mauville~~
Ash: "Hello? Anyone want to help us out of this hole?"
Satoshi: "Oh sorry."
Satoshi makes a ladder appear and Ash and friends climb out.

Birch: My 4 Wheel Drive...
Eusine: I just bought mine...
Satoshi: No problem... I'll just...

Satoshi looks in his pockets to find his controller and grabs it out.

Satoshi: Hmmm... my other world time changer must still be at my office...

He points his Time Changer Controller at the 4 Wheel Drives.

Satoshi: There!
Eusine: We need to know where to go next...
Misty: Well let's go!
Masato: Where?

Tracey appears from the north.

Tracey: Hi guys!
Ash: Tracey! What are you doing here?
Tracey: Professor Oak sent me to Hoenn to deliver an egg!

~~Trick House~~
Jessie, James, Meowth, and Wobbufett come through the door to the Trick Master's room.
Trick Master: "Well you made it to me. Here is your prize."

Team Rocket recieved one MAGNET.
Team Rocket put the MAGNET in the ITEMS pocket.

Jessie: "A magnet?"
James: "What are we supposed to use it for?"
Trick Master: "It powers up electric Pokemon...."
And with those words the Trick Master disappears.
Meowth: "Like we ahve an electric Pokemon..."
Jessie, James, and Meowth sigh.
Wobbufett: "Wobbufett!"
Jessie: "Get back in your Poekball!"

~~Near New Mauville~~
Misty: "Could you quiet down? Togepi is asleep."
Ash: "Sorry..."

Shadow: "Ninjas, go steal that egg! It must be rare and valuable if he sent it with a good Poekmon Watcher such as Tracey..."
The ninjas leave.

Tracey: I need to deliver this egg, Professor Oak said it's a very vaulable egg. He wants me to take it to the daycare nearby.
Ash: Let's take it there then.

Old Man: I'll raise this valued egg for old Sammy...
Tracey: Do you know Professor Oak very well?
Old Man: Well yes, I was a student of his.
Ash: A student, huh?
Tracey: Well you can take this egg for a while.
Old Lady: It's in good hands.

The ninjas drop in from nowhere.
Ash: "Where did you come from?"
Tracey: "I don't know..."
Misty: "Well at least you didn't say "beats me"...."

Random Ninja: "We snuck in on you using our awesome ninja skills."
Old Man: "I heard that line somewhere before..."
Random Ninja: "No you didn't.... Now hand over that egg!"
Old Lady: " Never!"
Random Ninja: "Then we will have to take it from you by force, the hard way."
Old Man: "I know I have heard that line too...."
Random Ninja: "Uhhhhhh get the egg!"

The ninjas take Togepi who is asleep. They disappear in a puff of smoke.
Misty: "Togepi!!!"
Old Man: "They mistook Togepi for the Odd Egg...."
Ash: "It will be egg-citing fighting ninjas to get it back."
Masato: "No Ash. No... No horrible egg puns...."
Ash: "Awwww...."

Misty began to cry. It wasn't the first time her Togepi's been gone from her.

Ash: Don't worry Misty. We'll find Togepi.
Pikachu: Pi Pika chu!
Masato: Where to find them?
Tracey: Uhhh......

Ninja: Here's the egg sir!
Shadow: good...

He unfoils the sack and finds Togepi.

Tpgepi (crying): Brrrriiiiiii!!!!!!!!!

Hiroshi Sotomura
September 22nd, 2003, 4:23 PM
The entire room shakes like there is an earthquake.

~~Outside Daycare~~
Tracey: "Go Marril. Listen fo Togepi!"
Tracey sends out Marril. Marril hears something and wonders off. It stops at some bushes. Misty immediately lunges at the bushes. She grabs soemthing and comes out of the bushes with a Togetic.

Misty: "This isn't Togepi."
Misty cries again and Togetic flies off.
Tracey: "Marril try to listen for crying."
Maril points at Misty.
Tracey: "No. Crying that sounds like this."
Tracey pulls out a tape recorder and pushes play.
Marrils covers its ears and jumps back in its Pokeball.
Ash: "Well that went well..."
Misty: "I want my Togepi! Waaaaaahhh!"

~~The evillest place on Earth aka Microsoft~~
Shadow: (trying to yell above Togepi) "YOU IMBECILES! THIS ISN'T THE RIGHT EGG! GET IT RIGHT!!!"
Ninja: "What did he say?"
Otehr Ninja: "I think he said we did it right..."

~~Outside Daycare~~
A Ninja runs bye.
Nina: "I'm late! I'm late! Bill Gates will have my head for sure!"

Ash: "Let's follow him to the Shadow!"
Everyone else: "Right!"
They run off after the ninja.

~Back at Apple~
Steve: Maybe since Bill Gates is cutting edge at technology, Shadow possessed him.
Miyamoto: Possibly...
Bill Gates: Why not buy Apple Computer?

It was true. Shadow could be seen holding a remote in his hand. As he steered Bill Gates out, the ninja's following, cream pies were dropped all over them. Bill Gates didn't have any emotion about the happening, although the Ninjas complained and moaned.

Shadow: Hmmm... the prank that was pulled on Bill Gates a while ago is happening again, by who though?
~TV Tokyo~
Toshio: Ehehehehe...

Toshio holds the editing controller he made.

Shadow pushes a button on his remote and BIll Gates hands him a million dollars.
Shadow: "This should pay for royalty fees..."
Shaodw runs to the roof and hops in a helicopter and flies towards Japan.

Ash and friends arrive at Microsoft by following the ninja.
Ash: "Let's go in!"
Eusine: "We need a plan first so they don't catch us."
Masato: "I got a floorplan right here."
May: "Where did you get that from?"
Masato: "The ninja dropped it..."

Sega of Japan
Shadow's helicoper lands on the street and he goes into the Sonic Team building. He then procedes to the president of Sonic Team, Yuji Naka.

Yuji Naka: "May I help you?"
Shadow: "I request permission to use the Death Egg, Metal Sonic, Silver Sonic, Metal Sonic MKII, the seven Chaos Emeralds, and all of the Eggmobiles. And in return you get a million dollars and the use of anything from Nintendo or Microsoft."
Yuji Naka: "No..."
Shadow puts a mind control spec on Yuji Naka.
Yuji Naka: "I'll let you use them for free."
Yuji Naka signs a piece of paper and hands it to Shadow who runs off to Sonic Team's storage center.

~Microsoft Skyscraper Top Floor~
Ninja: Boss told us to drop Togepi so c'mon.
Togepi: Brrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiii!
~In front of the Microsoft building~
Misty: I can hear Togepi!
~Microsoft Skyscraper Top Floor~
Ninja: Drop it!!!!!

The other ninja drops Togepi.
~In front of the Microsoft building~
Ash tries to catch it but misses, however Masato, right underneath Ash, makes a lucky catch.

Misty: "Togepi!!! Yay!!!!"
Misty runs to Togepi and grabs it from Masato making him fall down. Suddenly everything becomes dark. Everyone looks up and sees a giant sphere shaped space station flying low over Microsoft.
Shadow (over loudspeaker): "Behold the magnificent Death Egg! I borrowed it from Sonic Team. Now prepare to lose your Pikachu!"
A robot in an Eggmobile coems down from the Death Egg. It uses an attached claw to pick up Pikachu. It then flies away. Then Metal Sonic MK II gets in the way and curls into a spike ball. It rolls towards teh Eggmobile. Pikachu manages to squirm free right before Metal Sonic MK II hits the Eggmobile destroying it. Metal Sonic MK II then runs towards Pikachu but Pikachu dodges.

Ash: "Pikachu!"
Shadow: "Don't think you can save it! I have something else to keep you occupied!"
Another Eggmobile flies down. Attached to it is some chains with a giant sphere, called the Checker-Wrecker Ball, at the end. It flies towards Ash and friends and tries to hit Ash but he dodges.
Misty: "We need to get into the Death Egg to stop Shadow!"
Masato (narrowly dodging the Checker-Wrecker Ball): "Yeah but how?"
Shadow: "Hahahahahahahahahaha!!! Hahahahahahahahaha!!! Mwahahahahahahahahahaha!!!"

Hiroshi Sotomura
September 22nd, 2003, 4:24 PM
I'm done. Now to continue the story!

September 23rd, 2003, 12:28 AM
Hey! Whatabout Neo?


A boy is riding on a bike, and then all of a suden, a vortex sucks him in.


Shadow is drinking a cup of coffee*zooms into the jar of coffee*

Ash: You still have time to drink coffee?!
Brock: Hey thats a nice smell.

Shadow: Game Over guys, coffee is the last thing you will ever see.*spills the coffee*

September 23rd, 2003, 3:25 PM
Ash: "Hey why did you spill it?"
Shadow: "I hate coffee. Now die!"
Director: "Cut!"
Shadow: "What the?!?!"
Director: "I am in charge of 4kids and you are not allowed to use the word die, dead, or dieing in this dubbed anime."
Shadow: "Grrrrrrr. You think I care?!? And besides Satoshi is in charge!"
Director: "I beleive we are speaking in English which means it is dubbed and who dubs this anime?"

Shadow's eye twitches. He pulls a lever and the 4kids Director falls down a hole.

Ash: "Thanks."
Shadow: "No problem. Now die!"
Ash: "Pikachu Thunderbolt!"
Piakchu uses Thunderbolt to overload MetalSonicMKII causing it to explode. The Eggmobile with the Checker Wrecker ball flies towards Pikachu but Pikachu grabs onto the sphere and shocks it causing the Eggmobile to explode.

Masato: "Now to get Shadow in the Death Egg."
Misty: "Now how do we get up there?"
Ash: "I don't know..."
Togepi: "Toge Toge Briii."
Togepi waves its arms and then Ash, Misty, May, Masato, Brock, Eusine, Pikachu and itself appear in the Death Egg.

Misty: "How did we end up here?"
Eusine: "It doesn't matter. We need to get to the main control room to beat Shadow."
Brock: "But how do we get there?"
Masato: "There is an information slot over there. And look it is compatible with the Pokegear."
May: "How is the Pokegear going to work with that?"
Masato: "I bought a new PC link for it and it will fit into that slot."
Ash: "Cool."
Masato plugs his Pokegear into the information slot and starts downloading maps of the Death Egg.

Hiroshi Sotomura
September 26th, 2003, 2:26 AM
I thought May and Brock were atill at Olivine, apparently fighting their heads off with Jessie, James and Meowth.


Satoshi: "Where did those two come from?"

Satoshi watches them from a height, in a helicopter. He gets his controller and teleports them out, and wipes out their sudden teleportation to Microsoft.

.: Olivine City :.
Cassidy: "This is pointless..."

Brock and May stand right outside, watching Jessie, James, Meowth, Cassidy and Butch fighting.
Cassidy: "Houndour! Fire spin!"

The Fire Spin only worsens the situation however, as fire flares right around them. Meowth scratches everyone, Houndour burns Cassidy, Butch does a Take Down without even knowing he can and Jessie is pushed out, and as she is mad at Cassidy she charges and Tackles everyone onto the door of the Olivine Gym, where they get inside to the currently empty gym and pandemonium reign as they start a horrific battle.

September 26th, 2003, 12:49 PM
Togepi teleported them there,
but now they are back and I don't care.
~~Death Egg Main Control Room~~
Robot: "Masato has downloaded the maps."
Shadow: "Hehehe. Little do they know that the map file contains a tracking device and one of my special viruses."
Robot: "They are now in Corridor 54, Section 3"
Shadow: "Send Missile Wrist after them."
Robot: "Right away sir!"

~~Corridor 54, Section 3~~
Masato: "We have to walk about 5 miles to get to the control room."
Ash: "This place is huge."
Eusine: "And look at all of this advanced machinery!"
Misty: "Look at this thing. It looks like it has legs, arms and a head, but it has missiles for hands and it is jsut a machine."
Suddenly the machine Misty was talking about turns on and its dome head turns to look at Ash. It then lifts its arm and fires its missile hand at Ash. Ash ducks and barely misses getting hit. Then the missle hand, which is attached to a long cord, is retracted back into its place on the machine's arm.

Shadow: "I bet you can't beat this robot. Now Missile Wrist attack!"
Ash: "Pikachu Thunderbolt!"
Pikachu shocks it but it doesn't effect it.
Shadow: "Hehehe. Fire!"
Missile Wrist aims at Pikachu and fires, Piakchu jumps up and avoids it.
Ash: "Pikachu jump on its hand!"
Pikachu lands on Missile Wrist's hand, and Missle Wrist retracts it. Missile Wrist then raises its other arm and tries to smash Pikachu but Pikachu uses Agility and runs away causing Missile Wrist to smash its hand. Missile Wrist then aims at Piakchu with its remaining hand and fires. Pikachu dodges the attack and Missile Wrist's arm flies into the wall and gets stuck. Missile Wrist then fires missiles out of its chest. Pikachu runs away and goes under the wire connected to the hand in the wall and the missiles hit the wire breaking it. Missile Wrist fires some more missles and Pikachu runs under Missile Wrist making the missiles hit him causing him to explode.

~~Control Room~~
Robot: "Sir Missle Wrist has failed to stop them."
Shadow: "I knew it would."
Robot: "Then why did you send it?"
Shadow: "It delayed them. The device is almost complete. They will never make it in time to stop me! Send in a random robot pilot in the Egg Viper. Hehehe."

May: "We should find Ash."
Brock: "What about Team Rocket?"
May: "Its best not to disturb them"
Jessie (screaming from inside the gym): "YOUR STUPID HOUNDOUR RUINED MY HAIR! YOU WILL PAY!!!!"
James (screaming from inside): "No wait Jessie I'm on your side!"
James, Meowth. Cassidy, Butch, and their Pokemon all scream in horror.
Wobbufett (from inside): "Wobbufett! Wob. WOBBUFETT WOBBUFETT! WOOOOOOOOOBBBBBBUUUUU!"
Wobbufett comes flying through a window with all sorts of cuts and bruises.
May: "We should definitly leave now."
Brock: "Yep, Jessie gets angry when her hair is messed up. Must have been pretty bad to make her this mad. Hey that rhymed."

October 11th, 2003, 7:00 PM
~~Main Control Room~~
Shadow: "Ah. Finished. I won't use this in this story though. Hehehe."
Shadow puts a remote control in an escape pod which flies towards his house.
Shadow: "Now to finish the weapon on this space station!"
Robot: "Wasn't that what you were working on?"
Shadow: "No! I was working on something else to use in another chain story."
Robot: "Ohh. Ash and friends have destroyed the Egg Viper...."
Shadow: "Then use the Egg Golem! I'll be at the weapon control room if you need me!"

~~Corridor 47, Section 10A~~
Masato hacks into a control panel to open the door into the next room. Ash walks through and almost falls into a giant circle shaped hole in the middle of the room.
Ash: "Who put this hole here?"
Eusine: "Is that quicksand at the bottom?"
May: "What is that vibration?"
A giant stone statue comes out in the the middle of the hole. It then tries to punch Ash but Ash dodges by an inch.
Misty: "What is that?"
Ash: "I don't know but let's get out of here!"
Ash runs towards teh door but it is closed and he runs into it. Masato points towards the statue's head.
Masato: "What is that on its head?"
Eusine: "It is some sort of machinery I know, but what is it for?"
Ash: "Thunder Pikachu!"
Pikachu shocks the device on teh Egg Golem's head and it explodes. The Egg Golem then goes crazy and starts tearing up the room.
Misty: "Ash you idiot! Think before you attack!"
Ash: "Sorry."
The Egg Golem throws something at the door across the room, breaking it down. Ash and friends run through it and down the hall.

May and Brock are running towads the Pokemon Center while Jessie chases them.
May: "What do we do?"
Brock: "I got an idea."
Brock throws one of his Pokeballs back to Jessie. It opens and Forretress comes out and explodes knocking Jessie out. Brock grabs his Pokeball, withdrawls Forretress and they run off to find Ash.