View Full Version : my fighting deck pleas rate/fix

June 25th, 2006, 12:44 PM
ok here we go

pokemon 19
x4 golem (legend maker)
x3 graveler (legend maker)
x4 geodude (legend maker)
x2 porygon (unseen forces)
x2 prygon2 (delta species)
x4 plusle (deoxys)

trainers: 25
x3 rare candy
x1 holons lass
x2 holon mentor
x2 holon adventurer
x4 energy root
x4 celios network
x4 meteor falls
x2 holon scientist
x3 holon transceiver

energy :16
x3 Holon energy FF
x3 Double rainbow energy
x3 fire energy
x7 fighting energy

there it is for now pleas feel free to make any suggestions that you think would help.