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Matt & Vulpix
April 12th, 2004, 9:01 AM
Welcome to the thread to my fic: "A Journey In Kanto".
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Follow the adventures of young Kira and Nathan thought Kanto, following their dreams to be Pokemon Masters. Along the way, they will meet many other trainers, and evil masterminds that they must fend off. Will they succeed in their quest? Read and find out...

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Chapter 1

I cant believe these are my last cereals ever! Kira Varon said, as she quickly ate her cereal bowl. She wasnt late, but she was perfectionist with everything.

Of course, she was dreading what she was getting ready for. She would be heading off to the laboratory to meet with Professor Oak to choose her starter Pokemon on her journey to be the greatest Pokemon Trainer she could be. Kira, however, could not understand why everyone went there so happy.

If it were her choice, she wouldnt be going off on her journey. Well, she would, but not at this time. Starting her journey was like dropping her life to start a new one. It just simply made no sense to her.

Im just going to miss this fridge so much! she said, as she washed her dirty, empty bowl of cereal after finishing. She was just going to miss everything, down to the very last details.

She hastily ran up the wooden stairs, crying still, going to miss every last step, including the one that always made a noise when she walked on it, getting her into trouble many times when she would sneak out to meet friends. She went into her bedroom, and smiled at the sight of her pretty little pink bed, with her desk next to it, with all her things on it: from her favorite book to her late homework.

She had painted the walls of her rooms only a few weeks ago; going with the theme of her room, they were pink also. She liked pink, but not so much, to the surprise of many people. Next to her white wooden door, there was her closet, with her complete wardrobe in it, only missing the clothes found in her dresser. On the floor of her closet, there was her backpack, and to the surprise of many, it was blue.

Stupid backpack she muttered as she filled her backpack with things she would need on her journey. She had had a pink backpack, but it had been stolen at school not too long ago. When they had caught the prankster, he had pawned it for money, so they bought her a new backpack, but it was blue, to her disappointment.

She was putting her math homework in the backpack, and laughed loudly. Thinking about the theft was making her so distracted; she had packed all the wrong things! She took her out homework, and put in a potion her mother had given her. It was homemade; her mother was a full-time teacher, but she was a great mom with many old concoctions from her family line. Adding to the contents of the backpack, she put in a manual to raising and caring for Pokemon, and a CD Player with a radio included.

If only this was happening in like two months, Id be so happy to do it but now? I just want to relax and finish up some of my studies, then leave once this grade is over! the young Kira said to herself, as she looked at herself in the mirror hung up near the dresser.

She skipped back down the stairs, and headed into the living room. Looking at the red couches, and the green painted walls, and the TV inside the wooden cabinet they had made especially for it. Her father was great with constructing; too bad he was never around. He had some job or another that was really important and he was never around, but Kira ignored what the job was completely. She saw her father so rarely; she really wanted to make him quit his job.

Despite her father being out of town so much, her mother was really great. Her name was Amy. She got money from Kiras father to pay for the bills, and food, and the likes. They were still married and very much in love, but Kira saw clearly how tough it was for her mother. But still, they managed to survive. Amy was a librarian at the school, and that was the main source of income.

Kira also had brothers; a younger and an older one. Her younger brothers name was Steven, and he was six years old. He went to school, and he had many after-school activities, but he still played with his sister a lot. Her older brothers name was John. He was seventeen, a whole ten years older than his brother, and already was an experienced Pokemon Trainer, traveling the world, looking for more Pokemon. He came home often, and Kira saw him enough, but she wished all her family could be in one place, all at once.

As she sat down on the red couch, looking around the living room, she just wished all her family could be with her at that moment, just to watch TV, to catch up, to talk to be together. A tear fell down her eye, but then again, she already was sad she was leaving for her journey in Kanto.

Dwelling over it wont make things better. she said as she got up to head towards the lobby, with her backpack over her shoulder. She was wearing tight blue jeans, and had a tank top on. It was very hot outside.

Her mother was busy doing some work on the computer in her bedroom, and her brother was still asleep. After all, it was a Saturday morning, she couldnt expect much from Steven.

Do they even care about me? If they wont even bother sending me off on my quest I guess not. she said smiling a bitter smile, turning around to head outside.

Ms. Kira Varon! You stop right that instant, right that foot! Amy Varon yelled to her daughter, No child of mine is going off on a Pokemon journey without saying goodbye, or taking the essential needs!

Essential needs? Mom, I took some of your homemade potion, and I have my manuals, and I have some change of clothes Kira rambled on.

Yes, but you dont have a tent, you dont have any lucky charms Amy began, but was quickly interrupted.

Lucky charms? Excuse me, mom? Kira said, stumped.

Yes, lucky charms. My potion might be good, but youll need some more things from me. I made you another potion just for luck, and inside, theres a special ingredient its a four-leafed clover. Amy said.

Mom, thank you, but I wont need luck. Ill have the experience, I have my manuals Kira began.

But that wont help you when youre battling. Well, maybe, but not entirely. Some of it is just life experience, and lucky charms have never hurt anyone. Amy said, Just take it.

Fine. Kira said, taking the potion and stuffing it in her backpack, Anything else?

This tent. Itll fit in that backpack it did in Johns. Also, this is something I made a long, long time ago. Its a little golden box, and you can put your badges inside it. Amy said, taking out the cutest, prettiest golden box from behind her back. Her smile was so wide; it almost hit her brown hair off her face.

Oh mom, this is so pretty! Kira said, opening it, and saw red velvet inside. She quickly put it in her bag, and continued, Ill never lose this. Ill treasure it forever.

Thats pretty much it. Good luck, and Kira its not just the achievement that counts, but the journey does too. Please try to make some traveling buddies to travel with you make friends. Amy said.

Fine. Kira lied, not believing shed need it. She kissed her mother on the cheek, and left the building, in direction for Oaks laboratory.

As she walked Pallet Towns roads, she thought about her mothers last piece of advice. Kira didnt believe in needing others; she would achieve greatness on her own. She would soon realize how important friends are, in any journey, especially a wonderful one through Kanto.

After about fifteen minutes of walking through the town, Kira stopped to catch her breath. She was almost at Oaks laboratory, and she was sure to be the first one there, as it was only ten to nine.

Now, I never really thought about what Pokemon I want to start with. Maybe Bulbasaur, hes so cute and cuddly Kira let her thoughts trail on, as she began to see the laboratory in the distance.

Hi Professor! Kira said joyfully, as she entered the laboratory, which was atop a little hill.

The old man with white hair turned around, and smiled at the sight of Kira.

Why, youre quite the early riser! Oak chuckled.

Well, early worm catches the bird. Kira said, then, realizing her mistake, laughed, You know what I mean.

Yes, I do. Now, have you thought about which Pokemon you want for your starter, on your long quest? Oak said, closing his white coat, and going over to a table that was nearby. Kira followed.

Bulbasaur, possibly. I mean, what girl wouldnt want a Bulbasaur? Kira said with a joyful smile. The Professor sighed deeply.

Sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but someone has already chosen Bulbasaur. Oak said, patting her on the back.

Well, thats ok. I guess. Kira lied through her teeth, So, its between Squirtle and Charmander then?

Yes, and this Pokemon that I recently received from Professor Birch in Hoenn. Its name is Mudkip. Oak informed Kira.

Kira, putting her long black hair over her shoulder, began to think, as Oak headed off to get the three Pokemon she had to choose from. He came back several minutes later, with three white and red spheres in hand.

So, have you made any decisions? Oak said, Im sure you know what they look like.

I do for Charmander and Squirtle, but I have never even heard of Mudkip to be honest. Kira said, blushing.

Thats quite alright. No one should start a journey knowing everything about Pokemon! It takes the fun out of it. Oak told her, as he posed the three Pokeballs on the table.

Well, I would like to take Charmander or Squirtle. Mudkip is from Hoenn; it would seem odd to choose him Kira trailed off.

Well, take your time. This might influence everything you do from this point on! Oak told her with a chuckle. Seeing her now nervous face, he continued, Oh come on, I was joking. Make a decision that seems right to you.

I choose Squirtle. Water type Pokemon are very reliable, arent they? Charmander just gives me the creeps a little. Kira said, looking at the Pokeballs, not making a move.

Well, thats an odd reaction to Charmander. I myself had guessed youd choose Charmander, but they are all good choices. Oak replied, then paused as he stared at Kira, Arent you going to take your Pokeball?

I would, if I knew which one he was in! Kira giggled.

Well, sometimes its good to take a Pokeball you think Squirtles in, its a good sign. Oak told her, Do it for fun! he continued when her face disapproved.

Looking at the three identical spheres, she chose the middle one and hoped for the best as she threw it onto the ground. Out came a lizard Pokemon with red skin, and a short tail, lit by a fire. Disappointed in herself, she sighed as she looked from the Pokemon up to Professor Oak.

Its not a Squirtle. Thats a Charmander. Kira said, in a timid voice.

Well, I guess thats true, but it was a lot of luck involved. Squirtle was in the left Pokeball, here you go. Oak said as he took the left Pokeball and gave it to Kira, Go ahead, and give it a toss.

She tossed it on the floor, right to the right of the Charmander, and out came a blue-skinned Pokemon with a shell that looked as hard as rock, with a smiling face. It was so cute!

Squirtle are so cute in person! If only they were pink Kira sighed, I love him!

Thats good to know. Oak said as he returned Charmander to his Pokeball, Now, youll need some things before I send you off.

Things? Ive already packed. Kira told him in delight.

Oh, but you dont have these things. First and foremost, heres your Pokedex. Itll identify Pokemon for you, and itll tell you information about them. Quite handy, if I do say so myself. Oak told the young girl.

Well, of course, you invented it. Kira joked.

True, true. Anyways, youll also need some Pokeballs to start you off, to catch Pokemon with. These are the basic-most ones; you can buy better ones in the PokeMarts around Kanto. Also, several individuals make Pokeballs from apricorns Oak said, as he handed her a red device with a blue dome-like thing on it, and five spheres, like the one that Squirtle had been in.

Nice! Kira said, putting everything in her backpack.

Also, youll need a PokeNav, so you can record different types of information in it, such as telephone numbers, and just notes generally. Also, it has a map of Kanto, so youll never really be too lost. Oak said, handing her another device, this one a bit bigger and heavier than the Pokedex.

Okay Kira said, noting all the information mentally in her head.

Thats about it, Kira. You can go now, I recommend you first go to Viridian City, just north of here. Oak said.

Thank you Professor. Ready to go Squirtle? Kira said, bending down to her new Pokemon, and smiling.

Squir. Squirtle said, looking at her quickly then looking away.

He doesnt seem to like me very much. Kira said, now depressed again.

Dont worry, hell come around. Make sure to catch him some Pokemon friends, and I can always store your Pokemon here in my lab! Oak said, as she began to leave.

Bye Professor Oak. she said as she turned around and stepped outside.

Oh! I almost forgot! Kira, watch out for berries growing on trees. They can be useful. Oak said, wiping a sweat off of his forehead, then remembering something else, And beware of Team Rocket!

Thanks for the advice. Anything else you forgot before I leave? she replied, putting her hands on her hips and laughing really loudly.

No, I think I got all the information to you! Oak chuckled, Goodbye now.

Kira went outside, and began to speak pointlessly to Squirtle, and he only replied with sounds, and it sounded like he didnt even care. As she looked around Pallet Town, her hometown, a tear fell from her eyes again.

A hundred days have made me older, since the last time that I saw your pretty face.

She looked at her house in the distance, and two tears fell.

A thousands lies have made me colder, and I dont think I can look at this the same.

She looked at her old school, and remembered all the good times she had there

But all the miles that separate disappear now with the breath of your face.

She looked back at her house, and thought about all the holidays and gatherings she had had with her family.

Im here without you I think about you and I dream about you all the time.

She thought about her mom, and the times they had spent in the kitchen, trying to get the homemade recipes into Kiras mind.

Im here without you, mommy, but youre still here in my dreams.

She then thought about her brother John, and all the times they had spent together in Pallet Town.

The miles just keep rolling, as the people leave fast to say hello Ive heard this life is overrated, but I hope that it gets better as it goes.

She then thought about the task she was about to take on, and how big it was.

Im here without you Steven, but Ill dream about you all the time.

She then thought about her brother Steven, and all the games they had played.

When the last tear falls, when its all said and done, its hard, but it wont take away my love for my family.

Goodbye, Pallet Town. I'll miss you. she muttered in a very low voice.

A last tear fell, and she turned her back on Pallet Town, ready to take on her journey, ready for anything waiting for her beyond Pallet Town. She was ready now, all her goodbyes were said and done, and she was ready mentally.

I cant believe this is really it. Im starting my journey. Kira said, happier than she was only an hour ago about starting her journey, Whether Im ready or not, here I come Kanto!

[ Copyright to 3 Doors Down for their lyrics to their song, Here Without You.]