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July 8th, 2006, 3:29 PM
Hello again! I'm starting on a new game called Pokemon Lance.

1 Cities
2 Places
3 Introduction
4 Team
5 The region of Flora
6 Credits

1 Cities
Daisy Town
Evergreen City
Blue Wing City
Ash City
Green Garden Town
Bluetree City
Fireyaru Town
Morning Sun City
New Grande City

2 Places
Battle Tower
Pokemon League
Victory Road
Hedo Cave (You catch a pre evo of Groudon there)
Aquador Cave (Pre evo of Kyogre)
Space Center
New Forest
Old Forest
Mount Fire

3 Introduction
Well, right now I'm at a planning stage, so I'm working on finding a team first.

4 Team
If you'd like to, you can be in the team! I'm loking for one right now.
I'll need:

Scripters/Script Finders
Namers (To name the Gym Leaders)
Somebody w/ a good story
Any ideas?

5 The region of Flora
FLORA is a beutiful region with nice people, beutiful settings. It's located on top of Kanto.

6 Credits
Illusion Gaming


Illusion Gaming
July 8th, 2006, 6:17 PM
i'm pretty skilled at scripting I might be able to help with scripting it. I just need to know first what types of scripts do you need?all the pokemon system scripts or some and some new ones?well anyway i'll be able to help so if you want me to script for you just pm me ok :). I like the name of the game "Lance"awesome it reminds me of dragons because of the Lance on rby