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April 14th, 2004, 7:30 PM
Kaiser Kycoo is a fourteen year old boy. He has black hair, black eyes, is 58, and very athletic. Kaiser lives in Newbark town in the region of Johto. He woke up one morning more excited as usual. Yes, today I am starting my pokemon journey. He said getting dressed. He put on his signature clothes. The clothes everyone knew him for. He put on his baggy black jeans, a black athletic shirt, and a blue, hooded sweatshirt. He grabbed his black back pack and went down into his kitchen. He wrote his mother a note and went off to Professor Elms laboratory.

On his way he saw many pokemon. He saw some Pidgeys, some Sentrets and two Furrets most likely their parents, and some Rattata. About an hour later he finally reached Professor Elms laboratory. When he got there he was disappointed. He saw three kids about a year younger than him leave with pokeballs. Hey Professor! Are you in here? he asked.

Why yes I am Kaiser. Please come in here. the Professor replied. Kaiser walked into the room as the Professor was placing three new pokeballs onto a table. Im guessing youre here to choose your starter? Well go ahead and choose. The pokemon are as follows: 1) Cyndaquil 2) Totodile and 3) Chikorita. Now go ahead and choose one.

Kaiser walked up to the one containing Cyndaquil and said, Ill take Cyndaquil I always liked him. He tossed the pokeball but nothing came out of the ball. Hey whats the deal?

Whoops, I forgot, I gotta get three new ones. They wont come until next year. Sorry but you have to wait. the professor said.

Aww come on professor. I waited long enough. Dont you have a pokemon you can give to me? Kaiser asked.

Well, there is one. The professor replied pressing a button. A table opened up and a pokeball was pushed up. The professor walked over and grabbed it. I just got it and was about to do some research on it. But I think youre much better suited to take care of it. The professor handed him six pokeballs (one containing the pokemon), a pokedex, and a Pokegear.

Thanks professor. Ill do my best to take care of this pokemon. Kaiser said putting a letter K on it. Its just so I know its mine.

Now that pokemon is extremely rare. So I expect a report on how its doing whenever you get to a new town or city, ok? the professor asked.

I will dont worry. Kaiser said walking out of the building. I wonder what pokemon I should get first. Thought Kaiser as he stuck his pokemons pokeball in his pocket. He opened up his pokedex and started flipping through the pokemon. He finally spotted what he wanted. A Larvitar. Man, I would give anything for a Larvitar. he said to himself. He exited Newbark Town and was on his way. On the way he encountered an Abra. Whoa, thats an Abra. Those are supposed to be rare. Kaiser said getting out his pokedex. He pointed the eye of the pokedex towards Abra. It said- Abra- Abras must get over 18 hours of sleep. If they dont they will die. If attacked while sleeping this pokemon immediately teleports out of danger. Cool, I need one of those. This one must have had sleep because its walking around. Hey Abra I challenge you to a battle. If I win I get to catch you ok? Abra looked at him and nodded its head. Alright, pokeball go! he threw his pokemon onto the field. There was a blinding light and then it took form. It was a Larvitar!

Alright a Larvitar! Kaiser exclaimed happily. He opened up his pokedex to get its moves. Okay, so my Larvitar knows Rock Throw and Earth Quake. Larvitar use Earth Quake! Larvitar nodded its head, jumped in the air, and stomped on the ground causing it to shake violently causing Abra major damage. The Abra got up and started glowing blue. Larvitar was then picked up and slammed to the ground. Psychic, dang thats a strong attack. Larvitar! Use another Earth Quake! Larvitar got up wearily. Larvitar jumped in the air and slammed down again. This time it knocked Abra out. Pokeball go! Kaiser yelled throwing the pokeball. It shook once, twice, and then it stopped. Yes, you did great Larvitar! Larvitar jumped around happily. {Thank you} Kaiser jumped back a little. Cool, I can communicate with my pokemon. Ok, do u wanna walk with me to Cherry Grove City or go in your pokeball? {I wanna walk!} Ok, lets get going.

It eventually grew dark and they had to setup camp. Ok come on out Abra! Kaiser said releasing the psychic pokemon. Kaiser went and got some firewood as Larvitar and Abra played. When he got back he started a fire and started cooking some rice and stew for him and his pokemon. All of a sudden he heard the bush behind him start rustling. All of a sudden a Houndour walked out of the bushes. Hey you look hungry. You wanna eat some food with us? Kaiser asked. The Houndour barked happily. Larvitar walked up to it, {Hey you wanna play with me and Abra?} he asked it.

{Sure, what are we playing?} Houndour replied. Kaiser continued cooking the food.

{Were playing Hide n Go seek. Abras it.} Larvitar replied.

{Cool, am I aloud to use attacks?} Houndour asked.

{No, were playing normal tag.} Larvitar replied. {I hope you decide to travel with us. Kaiser is really nice. And youre really fun!}

{I just hope he likes me.} Houndour said.

{Hey, you go play with Abra and Ill go ask Kaiser if you can travel with us.} Larvitar said running towards Kaiser. {Hey Kaiser!}

Oh, hey Larvitar. Whats up? Kaiser asked continuing to cook.

{Its about Houndour.} Larvitar said.

Kaiser stopped cooking. Is something wrong with it? he asked.

{No, shes fine. I just wanna know if youll let it travel along with us?} Larvitar asked.

Of course I will. Ill let any pokemon that wants to come with us travel along. Kaiser replied. Why does she wanna come along?

{Yeah, she sure does. Ill go tell her!} Said Larvitar running off happily. {Hey Houndour!}

{So, what did he say, I bet he said no.} Houndour said sadly.

{No, he said you can come along if you wanna. You just have to tell him you wanna come.} Larvitar replied. Before he even finished his sentence Houndour ran off towards Kaiser.

Kaiser heard barking and turned around and saw Houndour. Hey Houndour, so have you decided whether or not you wanna travel with me? Houndour barked happily. Here, let me put you in this pokeball and release you so I can understand what youre saying. Kaiser said pulling out a pokeball and putting Houndour in it. He then let out Houndour. So, are you guys ready to eat?

{YES!} All three of the pokemon said rather loudly.

Ok, come over here and Ill give it to you. Kaiser said pouring food into four bowls. He placed three of the bowls on the ground and started to eat his. Houndour at his food next to Kaiser, Larvitar at with them, and so did Abra. When they finished Kaiser set up his tent. He pulled out his sleeping bag and set it up inside the tent. Inside his tent was six slots for pokeballs. Ok, time for you guys to go in your pokeballs for the night. Kaiser said getting their pokeballs out.

{I dont wanna go in my pokeball. I wanna sleep out of it.} Houndour said.

Fine, but dont expect this every night. Any one else wanna sleep out of their pokeballs? Kaiser asked. Only Larvitar said yes. Kaiser returned Abra and went inside his tent. Larvitar and Houndour followed. Kaiser put all his pokeballs in their slots and got into his sleeping bag. Houndour fell to sleep next to his head and Larvitar slept next to Houndour. Kaiser then fell to sleep. The next morning he put everything away. Houndour had to get up; he just left the tent and fell to sleep outside. After he returned Houndour he started walking to Cherry Grove City. I wonder if well encounter any trainers on the way. Kaiser said to Larvitar.

{Who knows if we will Kaiser.} Larvitar replied. All of a sudden he saw a trainer with a Cyndaquil walk by. {Lets battle him Kaiser!}

Alright. Kaiser replied running towards the kid. Hey, you wanna battle?

Sure, Two-On-Two sound good? he asked.

Yeah, sounds fine. My names Kaiser whats yours? Kaiser asked.

Names Kamon. Ok, go Cyndaquil! Kamon shouted. His Cyndaquil ran to the field.

Alright. Go, Houndour! Kaiser said unleashing his pokemon. His Houndour howled when it came out. Ok, lets get it on. Houndour use Faint Attack! Houndour barked in agreement and disappeared. Cyndaquil looked around trying to find it. Houndour appeared behind it. Now, use Bite! Houndours teeth started glowing black as he bite the back of Cyndaquils neck.

Cyndaquil use ember! Kamon shouted. Cyndaquil shoved its tail into Houndour. The flame burnt Houndour causing it to let go. Ok, now use Tackle! Cyndaquil ran towards Houndour claws ready.

Houndour use roar! Kaiser commanded. Houndour let out a piercing howl that cause Cyndaquil to run away. Now, use ember! Houndour let out a burst of flames from its mouth and knocked Cyndaquil out.

Cyndaquil, return. Kamon said returning his pokemon. Go, Bagon! Kamon said unleashing a dragon pokemon. Use Headbutt! The dragon pokemon ran and headbutted Houndour knocking it out out.

Houndour you did great. Return, go Larvitar! Kaiser said as Larvitar ran onto the field. Larvitar, use Earthquake! Larvitar cried out and then jumped into the air and slammed into the ground. The ground shook so hard it shook Kaiser up. An Earthquake that strong caused Bagon major damage.

Bagon use Ember! Kamon said.

Incase you didnt know, Larvitar is a rock type. Kaiser said.

Crap, Bagon stop! Kamon said. Too late, Bagon unleashed the burst of fire which cause Larvitar no damage at all.

Larvitar, finish this off with another Earthquake! Kaiser said bracing himself against a tree. Larvitar did the same as before and knocked Bagon out.

Dangit, Bagon return! Kamon said angrily. You cheated. The only way you couldve won was by cheating!

How did I cheat? Kaiser asked.

I dont know yet. But I have never lost a battle. So the only way you couldve won was by cheating. Kamon said glaring at Kaiser.

What ever, we all know I didnt cheat. Kaiser said continuing to Cherry Grove City. Youre just really bad at loosing. Youre such a little baby. Kamon heard this and ran after him. Kaiser turned around. Larvitar, use Earthquake! Larvitar did so. He slammed into the ground and knocked Kamon on his butt. Next time you wanna battle, make sure you dont have weak pokemon. Kaiser walked out of sight into the town. When he got there he saw two guys beating up someone. Thats just mean. Kaiser ran towards the group. Hey, what are you guys doin?

One of the guys turned around. He had blonde hair, hazel eyes, was 16, and was 59. Why dont you mind your own business. he said.

This is my business. Quit beating that kid up! Kaiser yelled grabbing Houndours pokeball.

The other guy turned around, he had brown hair, green eyes, 16 years old, and was as tall as the other guy. Why dont you go away and leave Team Dark Fire alone?

I heard of you. Why are you beating that kid up? Kaiser yelled unleashing Abra and Houndour.

Fine, how about a two-on-two battle, if you win well leave you alone and this kid alone. Whats your name? said the blonde.

Names Kaiser and a battle sounds good. Whats your name? Kaiser asked.

The blondes name is Maha. said the kid with brown hair. My names Vailo. Go, Ladyba! Vailo yelled unleashing it.

Go, Spinarak! Maha yelled!

Thisll be easy. Kaiser said. Houndour, use ember on Ladyba. Abra, use Psychic on Spinarak! Houndour used Faint Attack on Ladyba and then hit it with an ember knocking it out. Yes, good job Houndour. Abra started glowing blue and then Spinarak was thrown into the ground over and over again. Abra, finish this off with a Psybeam! Abra stated glowing red and shot a beam out of its forehead and knocked Spinarak out.

Dangit. Vailo said returning his pokemon. Next time we Dark Fire soldiers wont go easy on you! Vailo and Maha disappeared. Kaiser walked up to the kid that got beat up.

Hey are you ok? Kaiser asked as Larvitar walked up to the kid and tilted its head. {Hey Kaiser, is he ok?} Larvitar asked. Hey, Im gonna ask again, are you ok?

Yeah, just give me a while. snapped a female voice.

Ok, you dont have to get mad at me. Kaiser snapped back. Whatever, Ill see you around. Kaiser then walked off towards the Pokemon Center. He got into the Pokemon Center and gave his pokemon to the nurse. He then walked into the cafeteria to get something to eat. After he ate he walked to the pokemart next door to get some supplies. He got 10 Ultra balls, food, pokemon food, some bottles of water, and paper plates. He handed the cashier his credit card and went back to the pokemon center where he saw the girl from before. She walked up to him.

Hey sorry I got all angry when we first met. The names Faith Weaver. she said shaking his hand.

My names Kaiser Kycoo. he replied. I should be apologizing.

Nah, its ok. Faith said.

Why were those guys beating you up? Kaiser asked.

Because I beat them in a pokemon battle. Their pokemon were horrible, I easily beat them with my Totodile and Squirtle. she replied.

So I guess you really like water pokemon. Kaiser said walking towards Nurse Joy to get his pokemon. He rented a room and put his stuff in it. He then came back down with Larvitar and his pokemon.

Yeah, theyre my favorite. she replied sitting down at a table. I have a Totodile, a Squirtle, and a Marill.

Cool, as you can tell I have my Larvitar, an Abra, and a Houndour. Kaiser replied. My dream is to become the toughest Gym Leader there is. So I am gonna go through all three regions and toughen my pokemon up. He said giving food to his pokemon.

That sounds like fun. I can tell by the way you battled you have really strong pokemon. Faith said. Well, I have to go. I hope I see you again on your journey.

Ok, you to. Kaiser replied going up to his room with his pokemon. Well, we got a long day ahead of us, we better get to sleep. Kaiser said good-night to all of his pokemon and fell to sleep. The next morning he returned all of his pokemon except Larvitar and left the pokemon center. All right, hopefully we dont run into that Kamon kid again.

Did someone say my name? Kamon said as soon as he finished that sentence.

What do u want? Kaiser snapped.

I want a rematch. This time a double battle. Kamon yelled. But this time I wont lose!

Fine, choose your pokemon. Kaiser said enlarging Larvitar and Houndours pokeballs.

Go, Scyther and Beedrill! Kamon yelled unleashing the two bug pokemon.

Oh crap. Go Houndour and Larvitar! Kaiser said unleashing his pokemon. Houndour use Faint Attack on Beedrill! Larvitar use Rock Throw on Beedrill! Houndour used his Faint Attack and knocked Beedrill to the ground. Larvitar then used its Rock Throw on Beedrill knocking it out.

Dang, Beedrill, return. Kamon said. Scyther, use fury cutter on Houndour! Scyther ran forward and slashed Houndour. Again! Scyther did it again and again until Houndour fainted.

Crap, Larvitar, use Rock Throw! Kaiser yelled the command. Larvitar launched the rocks and hit the Scyther dead on with all of them.

Scyther, use Fury Cutter! Kamon yelled.

Larvitar, use Dig! Kaiser said. Larvitar dug down just before Scythers blades hit. Now hit him with a Take Down! Larvitar popped out of the ground and tackled Scyther to the ground. Now, Earthquake! Larvitar jumped in the air and slammed the ground right by Scythers head fully knocking him out. Yes, good job Larvitar! Right then Larvitar started glowing. When he stopped glowing he was a different pokemon. He was a purplish looking cocoon with eyes. Yes, I got a Pupitar.

How come you cant stop cheating? Kamon yelled.

How did I cheat? Kaiser asked. I didnt do anything but battle you. You can even ask those people that watched.

Hes right. He didnt cheat. I saw the whole thing. said a girl walking out.

Oh, hey Faith. Whats up? Kaiser asked.

Oh nothing much. I saw these people and decided to see what was goin on. she replied. Youre just a sore loser. Youre mad because you thought being a pokemon trainer would be easy and everyone would let you win. Youre never gonna be a good trainer if you think like that. She told Kamon. Lets go get something to eat Kaiser. Faith said walking back into the city.

Cya later Kamon. Kaiser said following her. That kid just doesnt seem to understand he doesnt raise his pokemon properly.

I know, lets just rent a room at the pokemon center and get to sleep. Faith replied. Youre gonna have a hard time beating Falkner tomorrow. So they went into the pokemon center to get some rest. Who knows, maybe theyll encounter Kamon again.