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August 1st, 2006, 11:50 PM
Heya trainers,

Sorry if this is in the wrong section :(

I have been trawling through miles of Poke-pr0n and other things and have found several Offline Pokedexes that you can view without being totally connected to the internet 24/7, I have included a list of the ones I have found below;

Crossover Pokedex - Rubbish, In german
Offline Pokedex - In german, but with english translations.
Gastly & Haunters Pokedex - Only covers the first 251
NW's Pokemon Program Suite 2006 - My own. Currently BETA, still missing some info, covers all 386 with information on other things, not just Pokemon but berries and other things too.

Feel free to add some to the list :)