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August 2nd, 2006, 8:50 AM
Hey guys! Some of you may remember me, but I haven't been able to get on here in a looooooong time. From now on I'll try to get on as often as I can...

Anyway, right now, I'm asking for a really big, but quick, favor to ask of you guys. We need as much support as you can give.

Please vote and help. My cousin is in this year's Miss Teen Philippines USA contest! Voting will really help her chances. It would mean so much to all of us! If you're willing to help us out, please vote for:

Jasmin Marie Ducusin

Please and thank you people! Also vote daily!

Here is the link: Miss Teen Philippines USA (http://www.phhoso.com/missteenphilippinesusa/voting/index.php)

Some pictures of her:




August 2nd, 2006, 7:30 PM
Um.. I'm not sure if this is allowed..
so.. I'll check~

*closes for now*

Edit: I'll keep the link since it isn't linking to another forum. But I'm keeping this closed because it's advertising.