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August 12th, 2006, 3:00 PM
Here are two of my fakes that i made based on the unrevealed silhouette.

The Aimpom Evo.
I remember someone saying how it was strange Ash got an Aipom so late in the series, but I didn't think it really mattered, but decided to try it out anyway when this silhouette was revealed. I got a picture of Aipom, and there are some similarities. The hair on the head, the huge ears, the tail divided into three things. And then the two spiky fur things or something could be because of evolution. So I put an Aipom face and coloured it. Then I decided it wouldn't really fit cause it doesn't make much sense that Aipom would become four-legged, and its tail 'fingers' wouldn't be fingery anymore since it would be really important especially if it evolved into a four-legged. Figuring that, I gave up on it XD

My PokeFake.
You can see I spent time on this one XD Though I'm 99% sure this won't be anything like the actual Pokemon that will be released.. The other possiblity I thought this silhouette to be was the Rattata/Sentret/Zigzagoon or something since Mukkuru seems like the Pidgey/Hoothoot/Tailow of Diamond and Pearl. Don't ask how this came to be the result... I don't know either XD I just coloured and drew and stuff.. but I remember that I wanted it to seem normal for two things to be sticking out.. It could have been fur.. but I didn't want it to be fur because I thought it looked weird when I did make it fur... So the result is a big eared panter-ish body thing with a mask... Don't ask how the mask makes sense cause I dont know either...! XD But I like my fake =) However those ears are so big it ruins it! hmph.

MS Paint for both of them.

Forest Grovyle
August 17th, 2006, 8:19 AM
Nice! I never thought of it being an Aipom evo, but your rendition makes me want it to be now!

The other one has a really interesting design. It looks like a dark type to me, and I like the use of black and red together.

Good work - very creative! :)