View Full Version : How do I draw Traditional Anime Magna?

September 23rd, 2003, 6:14 PM
I need a tourial that shows how to draw Anime Magna. Computer Tourials. It's time fo me to go to the next level in art so this is why I am asking any artist this question.:P

September 23rd, 2003, 6:43 PM
you can try...


Then just follow it from there.

Q Man
September 23rd, 2003, 8:27 PM
Well, there's also BakaNeko (http://http://www.bakaneko.com/) and Polykarbon (http://www.polykarbon.com/tutorials/index.htm), those are two other sites (besides How To Draw Manga) that I visit if I need help.

September 25th, 2003, 7:26 PM
I should take one of these too...*ponders* Then again may be not.....*ponders*