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Cipher 2008
August 21st, 2006, 10:16 AM
Devil's Duty has had a full redraft and is now called Crawdily. The deck list is below; any comments will be appreciated.

Pokémon (x19)
1x Crawdaunt ex (HP) #99
2x Corphish (HP) #63
1x Cradily (Delta Species) (HP) #2
2x Lileep (LM) #56
1x Gengar (LM) #5
3x Haunter (LM) #35
3x Gastly (LM) #52
1x Aggron (LM) #2
3x Aron (HP) #58
2x Holon's Electrode (DS) #21

Trainers (x23)
2x Professor Birch (EM) #82
2x Wally's Training (EM) #85
2x Energy Switch (UF) #84
2x Mary's Request (UF) #86
2x Professor Elm's Training Method (UF) #89
2x Protective Orb (UF) #90
2x Holon Researcher (DS) #95
2x Switch (DS) #102
2x Fieldworker (LM) #73
2x Strange Cave (LM) #77
2x Root Fossil (LM) #80
1x Rare Candy (HP) #90

Energy (x18)
4x Fighting Energy
4x Psychic Energy
4x Metal Energy
2x Darkness Energy
2x Rainbow Energy
2x React Energy

Protective Orb is useful for cards such as Cradily and Gengar. Plus it helps keep some of the other Pokémon in play.

With Strange Cave I can put Lileep on the bench (though I have 2 Root Fossil just in case). I can evolve that into Cradily (with the use of Wally's Training if needs be). Attach Protective Orb to Cradily to stop the Fire weakness.

If I have a Root Fossil on the bench/in my hand, and Cradily is in my hand, and there's no sign of a Lileep or they've all been KO'd, Rare Candy can be used though its top priority is to evolve Aron into Aggron.

Oh, yeah, two Holon's Electrode which can only be used as Double Rainbow Energy, due to the absence of any Holon's Voltorb (purposely).

Corphish and Crawdaunt ex? Corphish can be either a stall or just a "get-out-there-and-evolve" card. Crawdaunt ex will play only off Rainbow Energy and Holon's Electrode (and usually other Energies as I only need one Rainbow for the Water energy).

Gengar's just cool. :p

Any feedback would be vastly appreciated as I want to perfect this deck.