View Full Version : The Wave-doing Circular Stepdance Party in a Thunderstorm

Bad Ludicolo
August 22nd, 2006, 12:26 PM
I posted this at the Pokemon Zeo forums (I'm Jirachi there) but it's been inactive there lately.

What this is here is a Wiggly-colo deck with a bit of MassDestructor (Electrode) and PsnPayback (Cacnea evo line). It dosen't follow any formats becides unlimited as no tournaments/leagues are held around where I live and that I have more cards from past sets than the EX series, so I don't have to worry about having to comply with a certain format....

Kangaskhan x1 6/112 EX-FRLG
Furret x1 33/92 EX-LGNDMKR
Sentret x2 63/75 NEO-DIS
Jigglypuff x2 54/64 JUNGLE
Wigglytuff x1 19/130 Base2
Ditto x1 18/62 FOSSIL
Chansey x1 19/112 EX-FRLG
Electrode x2 5/101 (can't remember it's set name, but it's code number is 09G-5WY-ESR)
Mewtwo [DLTA specimen=LTNG type] x1 24/110 EX-HOLON PNTMS
Voltorb x1 80/109 EX-TRR
Voltorb x1 80/101 (can't remember it's set name, but it's code number is E3U-BR6-R66)
Minun x1 6/12 EX-TRNRKIT (Minun half-deck)
Holon's Electrode x1 21/113 EX-DLTASPS
Pikachu x1 60/106 EX-EMERALD
Pikachu x1 6/10 EX-TRNRKIT (Latios half-deck)
Raichu x1 51/110 EX-HOLON PNTMS
Dark Raichu x1 7/110 LGNDRY COLL.
Cacnea x2 57/100 EX-SNDSTRM
Cacturne x1 2/100 EX-SNDSTRM
Lugia x2 29/115 EX-UNSEEN FORCES
Lapras x1 8/92 EX-LGNDMKR
Lotad x2 66/100 EX-SNDSTRM
Lombre x1 46/100 EX-SNDSTRM
Lombre x1 45/100 EX-SNDSTRM
Ludicolo x1 10/107 EX-DEOXYS

Celio's Network x2 (SPTR) 88/112 EX-FRLG
Energy Recycle System x1 84/97 EX-DRAGON
Multi Technical Machine 01 x1 (TM) 144/165 EXPED.
Holon Mentor x1 (DLTA) (SPTR) 93/113 EX-DLTASPS
Gold Berry x1 (PKMNTOOL) 93/111 NEO-GENESIS
Nightly Garbage Run x1 (RSM) 77/82 TR

WTR x10
LTNG x11

Feel free to provide with any words of improvement, like what cards to replace with another, etc. Also check from if it's 60 cards, in case I miscounted. Need help in the trainer department, help in that area is welcome, might need to shed off a few of the Pokemon...