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September 24th, 2003, 1:39 AM
i completed the game and also got the eon ticket by the codes.
now, "frostweaver" gave me some codes :- :disappoin

1.4.3 Southern Island Event Codes.

If you use theses codes, Nintendo might know that your Game has been

This code will enable Latios/Latias battle on the Southern Island.

70C6F3CC 16235BDF

Plus, if you have the "Eon Ticket", you'll be able to take the boat
that will bring you to the Minami no Kotou.

This code will allow you to battle Latios/Latias everytime you examine
the "stone" (or egg, or whatever it is) (without this code, you'll encounter
Latios/Latias only one time) :

1EC46531 BC58670E

The 1st code sets "on" the flag that says that the egg island event is avaible
(that means that you can take the boat to egg island if you have the "Eon
Ticket", and that Latios/Latias will appear if you examine the stone).

The 2nd code sets "off" the flag that says that you have already done the stone
island event (this flag is set on when you examine the egg and encounter Latios
/Latias (obvioulsy by using the 1st code I gave you). Once it has been set on,
you can't go to Southern Island / encounter Latios/Latias again).

I think you must have finished the game for the 1st code to work (or at least
that you must have gone far enought, so you can already take the boat to go to
battle tower or other places

can some1 tell me how to use em. i know how to insert em but nothing happens.
plzzzzzzzzz help!!!!

September 24th, 2003, 1:47 AM
The code MIGHT be fake or you use the wrong code...(use Jap. code on Us. code that will never work...)

September 24th, 2003, 6:21 AM
Please use the new Gameshark topic: