View Full Version : Defend the Ghost Tower

The King of Water Pokemon
April 18th, 2004, 4:23 PM
((Since the Ghost Tower RP died out, I'm going with my plot idea and starting a new one. You can join in as any Ghost Pokemon you would like. My first post should explain the plotline.))

Misdreavus curiously looked out the dust covered window of the Ghost Tower. Outside, strange looking machines were being set up. Strange yellow pieces of wood were placed outside of her home, preventing people from coming in.

Misdreavus, being the curious little ghost she was, wanted to check this out. She made herself transparent, and teleported herself down to the tent where the humans went in and out. She went inside tent where several men were standing.

"Well, the mayor said the destruction of the tower will begin tomorrow. It's a shame. That tower is one of Kanto's greatest monuments. But, they're paying us great money," said one man.

Misdreavus shrieked, which from a Banshee Pokemon, could make a person go temporarily deaf. The men's hands shot to their ears and looks of pain appeared.

The Ghost Pokemon quickly teleported herself to the tower, where she screeched and screamed. "Guys, guys! The humans are going to tear down our tower! What should we do?"