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Ark Kuvis
October 3rd, 2006, 4:52 PM
Lets find somewhere to dump all my stuff on...ah here's a place!


For an old Pixel Art Project I was gonna do. Krump, Vaati, Charleh, and Sponge from left to right.


One of my oldest characters. Tyson Oliver Koopa. He got a reamp into Neo Geo Fighter style for a comic me, Toony, and PK were doing. I've always liked the new design...


Logo for my comic "Leet Hammer Friends". Nothing special. The lettering was done custom. and I recolored some old skool Hammer Brother and placed him there.


My character along side another of my characters. Definatly better than my old character...*shrudders*


Escargoon. From the Kirby Anime. Was done a long time ago, doesn't really match the style of the comic it was for (Some may have remembered "Meta Knight's Revenge"?). I may remake it.


A size friendly ToK. Fully custom. I use this one when I comic with Del's Krump and Matt's RDG, more size appropriate. The coin he holds is "Filbert", a joke I made up way back in the day. I still like this, even if it is old. May make more poses...


More recent pixel art. though, I didn't find this one to great. Matt's in it again. and the Silver haired guy is Krump. Since he gave me a moustashe, I was able to give him silver hair =p


Dark Daviku, the more emo and dark version of me. again, another pixelart I didn't find good. His sword, "Deviats" is the worst thing since ever.


A bunch of Fire Emblem styled stuff for a comic. I never did proceed with it, but I do like my sprite (In battle, not the recolor). Some of this stuff was done by others...Matt made his In Battle Sprite. and Devil G made his Mugshot. Other than that, a bunch of recolors and edits.


Cory the Umbreon. A three minute quicky I made to PO Infin, since he doesn't like Sonic Style. Edited off Knuckles.


Balloon Fighter! Some may recall my Balloon Fighter sprites way back when. I was inspired to make a new one, so I made this one. Yeah, I need a new pallette...



My best sprite yet, but even so, it needs work. Pianta from Super Mario Sunshine in Yoshi's Island style. Yeah, I made him too skinny...>.>

October 4th, 2006, 7:25 AM
Your main problem lies in colour choice and shading, as none of the line arts are bad. I like the new MMZ sprite you've done, and the newer ToK, I also like the log for LHF, if you want help, you can always ask me =D

October 4th, 2006, 11:03 AM
See, this is why I love you <3

yeah, what matt said, need to work on your shading. but your still win.

October 7th, 2006, 10:08 PM
Great stuff here. Lineart and anatomy looks splendid. Shading is a little off in a few places, but overall it's done well. Keep it up man...keep it up. =]