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October 9th, 2006, 6:00 PM
Hi, I play Maplestory, and I was wondering if anyoneelse here does?
If so, type your Characters name and World here.
Mine is CelticLuck, Scania.

October 10th, 2006, 3:35 AM
Name: DrakHermit
Class: Rouge
World: Bera
Level: 19
Money: 2.3mil left after spending more than 50mil on races i set up ( i bought mesos)
Intresting info: he has all the items he need up to level 40 (including mapleclaw)
also he is gona be a sin/bandit.(bandit with 7stars maxed out and gona get the sweet bandit move that does alot of damage in 1 hit)

Name: DrakPaladin(not sure why i named him that)
Class: mage
World: bera
Level: 20-26 (not sure)
Money: 2-50k
Intresting info: um not much except that i droped aa maple crow with him since noone wanted it. (hardly use him)

I stoped playing maplestory since i got addicted to it. so my mom change the internet to dail-up and i used manual patches so now the datfile for my maplestory is corupted so now i have to download the 400mb setup file and guess howmany days it will probably take in dialup. in otherwords, ill play maplestory after i get my repord card and it has no less than a B-. so yeah. my life sux.
OH yeah i also go to a Private school so guess how h ard that will be.

October 10th, 2006, 9:10 AM
I am still in level one,
am dead and teleported to somewhere cant get out of there.
And also forgoten now my 4 digit password.:(

October 10th, 2006, 12:26 PM
my goodnes how do u die on level 1 0.0

October 10th, 2006, 12:41 PM
XD, i know its easy,
i was not really playing the game,
A friend told me about the game an I was just testing how the game is, without much interest.

October 14th, 2006, 2:25 AM
I played it for a bit. It's the only MMORPG that would run on my computer..i got hooked, but I moved on..