View Full Version : Reintroduction Thread(Getting to know the Members here)

October 22nd, 2006, 3:35 PM
Like the one David made for the staff, I've decided to make one for some of thte members around here. This is like a reintroduction thread, where before, we were n00bs, now we were probably intellegent people. :(

I got permission from Kura for this so here it goes:

I'm Twilight sky aka Derrick. For my size, I think I'm kinda short..xD 5'6 1/2 is short for you? xD Anyway, I enjoy lots of videogames. Ones from RPGs to especially those of the racing game and whatnot(especially the racing kind..I play those 24/7. XD)

I have 7 cats and one dog. Six of the cats came to my house for shelter after Hurricane Katrina hit Florida. Well, who could blame them? I take care of them now. My mom isn't much of a cat person, which is why we have one dog, because she has taken a liking to dogs and not cats :<

Anyway, IRL, I'm a really quiet person around peoplethat I don't know. Pretty obvious behavior for a 13 year old kid. However, I do this sometimes even around people that I do know. And just to tell you, my behavor here is completly opposite IRL

I'm not much of a drawing person if you should ask. In fact, I rarely draw. In which I think is a bad thing. :< Though, if I do draw, I think of my drawing as either pretty good or crap. One or the other. There is no between, sadly.

I forgot to mention, I'm in the 8th grade currently and so far, I managed to do pretty decent. Though 8th grade is a lot tougher than I thought it was. I already have 2 projects due in a couple of days. Got to start on one when I'm finished with the other. It kills me, really. x__o

Anyway, if there's anything else I forgot to mention about myself, please let me know. I'm so absent minded sometimes that I leave the most important things out of discussion. x___x

Also, to the staff: if the thread name doesn't quite fit with what I'm saying and such, feel free to change it. I just copied David's little topic and changed it a few words..xD

Also, the staff are members, too. So they could reintroduce themselve here if they want to. Or for those staff who haven't introduced themselves yet.

~*!*~Tatsujin Gosuto~*!*~
October 25th, 2006, 2:51 PM
I'm Lati and I really don't like giving out valuable information so there it goes. I love Pokemon, Naruto, BLEACH and other Japanese anime's that are interesting (NOT FMA). I'm Gothic and Punk. Oh Yea go look at my myspace page

:t093:~*!*~Queen Boo~*!*~

October 25th, 2006, 4:15 PM
Oh why not? Most people here do not know me so I guess I should reintroduce myself properly.

My name in the real world is Tanya(ick), but I go by a variety of names such as Rho, Rhobbles, Kitteh, Hee-chan, Daaha, and Xhai. There are more of course but for me to name them all would take all night for me and at least an hour for you to read. Speaking of names, I typically assign nick names to everyone that I meet. Why I do this is a mystery even to myself. I am generally a distant person and I have a bit of trouble speaking. However, when I am writing or typing I am pretty good at articulating my thoughts and feelings. Around people I normally act insane and rude, sometimes even a bit like a little kid. It is an old habit of mine that several people have made theories about ranging anywhere from my dislike of humans forming bonds with me to the fact that I am just plain odd. Which of these is true is up to you, for I am not telling my own thoughts(they are biased after all). Normally I am very blunt when speaking and even when I am online. I am not afraid of making people upset and so this comes easy to me. Once again, I am not sure why this is. For some reason I am usually nicer online then I am in person, which I find amusing considering that most of the jerks I know are online(lawl). I have a dry sense of humor and will usually find a way to pervert anything that comes out of anyone's mouth (Er...hands...xD).

I am a little on the shorter side which I am a little annoyed by(Alright, very annoyed by) and I suppose you could say I am of an average build. I honestly think that I look more masculine then I should ( >< ) but I suppose that is alright at times. Despite being reserved, I am by no means quiet or conservitive. My hair at the moment is a fluorescent purple with black and white streaks(YAY!) and it has been cropped fairly short ( T_T ). Normally my attire consists of whatever I pull out of the closet (Or rather, nothing that I wear matches unless I really concentrate.)

Let's see, I am an avid roleplayer(Hence the length of this thing) and I enjoy writing very much. I also draw a good deal and I will admit that I am improving, however I have not reached my own expectations yet. Gaming is another hobby of mine and some of my favorites are Okami, Kingdom Hearts2, Star Ocean 3, and Final Fantasy XI. I also am a HUGE manga and Anime fan. My current obsession of the week is Escaflowne for some odd reason (-cough- Angel Boys -cough-). I am also a cosplay freak (even though I am far too poor to be one). Currently I am a sophmore in college (Scary thought) and I am 20 years old (Another scary thought). Ummm...yeah I am going to shutup now. Later all! ^^