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Hiroshi Sotomura
October 28th, 2006, 7:51 PM
As part of community tradition, we celebrate Halloween with a Chain Story. This will be stuck until 11:59 PM, October 31.

Halloween Haunt: 2006 Halloween Chain Story

For the use of keeping the story clean, it's best to keep the story at a tolerable rating - and no sex, please. Also, the Pokémon world is the primary basis of this chain story, so don't use the Dark Cloud to warp Ash and company out of it or it shall be retconned.

That said, the dark cloud can warp charatcers from any game or anime. Introduce them humourously into the story using it! Have fun! Or, introduce yourself!

Of course, you don't have to come from the cloud - your character could already BE in the Pokémon world (like Kenneth, Shadow, Kent and Jack are). :>

Story start!

Ash and friends continue to move along in the Kanto region. Ash hopes to complete the Battle Frontier, while May walks towards the nearest contest hall. What they don't realise is the date - and a spooky Halloween is rather imminent for our heroes...

Max: "Hey guys, my PokéNav is broken."
Brock: "That can't be good. Well, we could always utilise the sky to tell the time."
Brock looks up at the sky, seeing the dark, blue-less sky above.
Brock: "... If there was one. I swear, we've a storm coming up."
Ash: "This can't be good."
May: "Can't we enjoy a blissful autumn for all it's worth?"
A Jack-O'-Lantern falls from the sky from a thick, contrasting black cloud.
Max: "Umm... does anybody think we're in for another dreadful annual day called..."
The Jack-O'-Lantern starts to rise off the ground and fly around the group, throwing fire from its mouth.
Max: "RUN!"

On a cliff nearby...
Shadow: "Could it be my turn to help the twerps out this time?"
Kenneth: "I recommend not, sir. Besides, I see this as an opportunity to storm onto them."
Shadow: "So, I guess it might be better if I..."
Kenneth: "If you what, sir? Something to do with that cloud?"
A zombie appears behind Shadow. Kenneth points, but Shadow ignores it.
Shadow: "We'll hock any technological marvel that comes from that cloud. Then, we'll use them on Ash and company. They won't know what hit them!"
Kenneth: "Uhhhhhhhh... Shadow......"
Shadow: "We've gotta keep our business persona! No interruptions, more planning!"
Kenneth: "Turn around!"
Shadow: "Huh."
The zombie makes an ear piercing scream. Shadow is grabbed by it, which promptly begins to suck on his head.
Shadow: "Oh god, it's a ReDead! Kenneth, it's sucking the energy outta me!"
Kenneth: "Allow me to pry it off you."
Kenneth throws a dagger through the ReDead's head, allowing Shadow to wriggle free out of it.
Shadow: "So as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted..."
Kenneth: "Sir, your 'business persona' doesn't care when you're into near death!?"

Berlin, 1927 (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Alphonse Elric: "Brother, can we stop flying now? We've already gotten into flying into this huge rainstorm!"
Edward Elric: "I can't stop it, though! This plane seems to have a mind of its own! It's going crazy!"
Alphonse: "We're approaching a humongous black cloud!"
Noah appears from the back of the plane.
Edward: "You followed us, Noah!?"
Alphonse: "Steer away, brother!"
Edward: "I can't! It's sucking us in!"
Noah screams. The Dark Cloud consumes the entire plane.

Kanto region - present Halloween (Pokémon)

Ash: "Look! The Dark Cloud is flashing!"
Edward Elric's plane comes out, dropping altitude towards Ash and friends.
Max: "It's coming towards us!"
May: "Keep running!"
The group continues to run as the plane comes their way. The Jack-O'-Lantern follows, continuously tormenting them.
Edward: "Look out!"
The plane crashes into the Jack-O'-Lantern while Ed, Al and Noah land on ground as the plane is burned up by the Jack-O'-Lantern's fire. The floating vegetable is defeated.
Al: "Are we even in Germany anymore?"
Edward: "Certainly not Amestris. But hey, I can use alchemy!"

The Vince Knight
October 28th, 2006, 8:06 PM
Black Hole Army HQ
Lash: "Tee hee hee! The allied geeks have already beaten von bolt and sturm!"
Hawke: "As if I would do anything about it...."
Lash: "C'mon Hawke! Don't be lazy!"
Hawke: "Okay, build me an airport."
Lash: "What for?"
Hawke: "None of your business! Do as your told!"
Lash: "Fine...Black Coffee consumer..."
Hawke: "What?!?!?"
Lash: "Errr....nice weather eh?"
Hawke: "No it isn't! It's raining!"
Lash: "Hey look Black cloud behind you!"
Hawke: "Thats the stupidest joke I've ever..."
The black cloud consumes the tank that they were riding on.

Kanto Region
Hawke: "...Heard."
Lash: "Hawke, you just got wrecked!"
Soldier: "The gas is about to explode sir!"
Lash: *jumps off*
Hawke: "It's not blowing up..."
Lash: "Why not? By my calculations...It should blow up...."
*tank explodes*
Lash: "Now."
Hawke: "Five seconds off I see..."

October 28th, 2006, 9:00 PM
In a balloon conveniently located where Ash and Co currently are:
Jesse: Oh look, it's the twerps. And they seem to have company.
Jesse: Not if you keep shouting like that! They'll hear you!
Jesse hits Meowth across the head, knocking him out of the balloon.
In an attempt to catch Meowth, James hangs over the edge of the balloon, shifting the balance and therefore knocking Jesse and himself out of the balloon.
Jesse: GAH! James you idiot, now we have to walk!
Meowth: Well this is your fault, if you wouldn't have hit me.
Jesse: Well if you wouldn't have been SCREAMING, I WOULDN'T HAVE HIT YOU.
James: What's that?
A group of wild Bellosom are staring at them from a bush.
Flash to a dreamy scene, Giovanni is sitting in a chair.
Meowth (as Giovanni): Boy, it sure is hot in here, I wish I had something to cool me off.
Three Bellossom come walking through the door holding some leaves.
Giovanni: Oh yes, that's right, my best minions Jesse, James and Meowth brought me some Bellossom, they surely are the best of my grunts.
Giovanni is getting fanned by the Bellosom and the scene returns to Team Rocket.
Meowth: YES, THAT'S IT.
James: But isn't that what you said about the Mawile?
Jesse: And he's rich enough, what makes you think he doesn't have an airconditioner?
Jesse: Oh fine, but they're getting scared, we better catch them now!
The Bellossom run off, towards Ash and Co.

Hiroshi Sotomura
October 28th, 2006, 9:22 PM
Ash: "Hey look, there are people that came out of that plane."
May: "Should we help them out?"
A severed arm comes out of the ground.
Ash: "What is that?"
Max: "Whatever it is, it sure doesn't look happy to see us!"
May: "Guys... THAT'S AN ARM!"
The arm pops out of the ground and crawls towards Ash with its fingers.
Ash: "RUN!"
Ash quickly runs forward towards an animated skeleton.
May: "Ash, no!"
The skeleton turns towards Ash and grabs ahold of him.
Ash: "Eeeeeek!"
Ed: "I don't know where we are, but let's help that kid."
Al: "Sure thing."
Ed runs towards the skeleton to help Ash out, but not before the Gummi Ship, apparently coming from the Dark Cloud, begins to malfunction and fall towards Ash. May helps Ash out of the skeleton's grasp and they both run before the ship falls on the skeleton, breaking it into pieces.
Ash: "This seems vaguely familiar..."

Mario's Pad
Mario: "Luigi, I've got a letter to attend a picnic with Princess Peach."
Luigi: "I'm coming along, bro."
Mario: "Let's a-go!"

Peach: "I'm so glad you came, but Toadsworth says there'll be a storm just about..."
The area rains. Mario, Luigi and Peach are wet.
Mario: "Yes, about that..."
The cloud comes and zaps them.

The Vince Knight
October 28th, 2006, 10:11 PM
Kanto Region
Hawke: "Hey I see some children to taunt!"
Lash: "Why are they standing there doing nothing?"
Hawke: "Because they are?"
Lash: "I see a yellow little mouse near one of them, It's a Pikachu!"
Hawke: "What's a Pikachu..? And what are those Sphere like things?"
Lash: "The sphere like things are....pokeballs Hawke. Tee hee hee I have a plan!"
Hawke: "NO I HAVE A PLAN! Wait what was it again?"
Lash: "Hey I see some shell-like things!"
Hawke: "What are they?"
Lash: *takes out wardex* (wardex): Info not classified. This war machine is not a war tool."
Hawke: "Errrrr......."
Lash: "They're cloyster! Hey they all have pearls in their shells..."
Hawke: "I have a brilliant idea!"
Dream Scene
Hawke (As sturm): "Man I wish I had something to sell, I need money."
Hawke: "Then the cloyster we sent him appears."
Hawke (as sturm): *looks inside* "Wow diamond pearls!"
Hawke: "Then he trys to open it as he trys with his bare hands."
Hawke (as sturm): *kicks the cloyster* "OWWWWW! This is the worst present hawke and lash ever gave me, and their going to pay!"
End Of Dream
Lash: "One thing, strum is dead. Remember?"
Hawke: "Lets just steal them."
Lash: "I'll get the tanks...."

October 31st, 2006, 4:07 PM
Duke Fabre's Manor, Baticul: Capital of Kimlasca, Auldrant (Tales of the Abyss)
Tear (http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y38/Toomuchfreetime/Tearstatart.jpg): "Luke, is there some specific reason you've dragged us back to your father's manor at a time like this? We need to lower the outer lands into the Qlithoth, remember!?"
Jade (http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y38/Toomuchfreetime/Jadestatart.jpg): "Now, now, Tear. Give young Luke a chance to explain himself. I'm sure he wouldn't dare bring us back here for no reason. I mean, after all, he is our all great leader, after all."
Guy (http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y38/Toomuchfreetime/guystatart.jpg): "Jade, we have been travelling non-stop for a while now. We could use a rest. And besides, why are you still bugging Luke?"
Jade: "Remember what I said way back? I've made it one of my personal goals to annoy you youngsters to death. I'm old after all. My bones are achey, and there's all of that memory loss..."
Anise (http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y38/Toomuchfreetime/Anisestatart.jpg): "Colonel, you're only in your thirties!"
Luke (http://moecon.net/temp/toa-luke.gif): "Yeah, yeah. Are you guys done yet? The reason I brought you here was because my father always holds a large Halloween party on the court during this day."
Anise: "Halloween? What's Halloween?"
Natalia (http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y38/Toomuchfreetime/nataliastatart.jpg): "Well, I'm not surprised you haven't heard of it, since you were raised in Daath. It's a holiday unique to Kimlasca. One where children dress up and go from house to house collecting candy."
Anise: "Aww... why can't we collect money? <3 Or maybe collect me a rich husband? <3"
Tear: "This is strange. Listen to that."
Luke: "Listen to what? I don't hear anything!"
Tear: "Exactly. If there was a party taking place, would we not hear it by now? Not to mention there isn't actually anyone here at all."
????: "Sharp as always, Tear Grants."
Tear: "Who said that!?"
????: "Me."
-> A boy, no older than 14 appears before the group in a blast of smoke, dressed in an outfit consisting of a black cloak with orange hair and red eyes. There was a black staff in his right hand with a bat on the top.
Tear: "Valsc!"
Valsc: "That's right, Tear! You fools down in Yulia City thought you had cast me away from this world forever. But, here I am! Ready for the consequences you and your friends are about to face? It may not have been them that caused this fine little mess of yours, but I guess they may get in the way if I leave them here."
-> Valsc begins chanting, a light consuming the group.

Kanto Region
-> The group appears nearby Ash and Co. in a flash of white light.
Luke and Guy: "Ugh, where are we?"
Jade: "Judging by how that young man spoke, an alternate dimension."
Tear: "Jade, you could tell that much from what he said?"
Jade: "Well, they don't call me the Necromancer for nothing. Plus, I always was better than Saphir at solving problems."
Anise: "Oh Guy <3! What are we going to do? You'll save us, right?"
-> Anise clings to Guy, who jumps away due to his fear of women.
Guy: "Gah! S-s-stay away from me!"
Jade: "Nice to see his phobia still remains, even in a different realm."
Luke: "We really should get out of here. Jade, any ideas?"
Jade: "Well, I suggest we learn more about where we are before figuring out how to get back to where we came from."
Luke: "Yeah, maybe you're right. Let's ask those kids over there!
Mieu (http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y38/Toomuchfreetime/myu_pic03b.jpg): "Yay! Kids!"
-> The group walks over to Ash and Co.

Hiroshi Sotomura
October 31st, 2006, 9:03 PM
Ash: "Who are you?"
Luke: "We are..."
A rolling, blue hedgehog rolls between the company, being chased by headless zombies.
Ash: "RUN!"
The entire group runs from the zombies.

Edward: "Let's follow them!"
Alphonse: "You... do that. I'm not particularly a fan of... the dead."
Noah: "But you're alchemists!"
Al: "So what? I can't defend myself against...!"
The Grim Reaper appears in a flash.
Grim Reaper: "I have come... for the little alchemist."
Ed: "You mean Alphonse? Oh, I don't need a scared little brother."
Al: "ED!!!"
Grim Reaper: "I have come for Edward Elric!"
Ed: "... little!?"

Luke: "This isn't exactly what I had in mind!"
Max: "Just keep running! This is Halloween for you, kid!"
Tear: "We should NOT have come to the palace today then!"
Mieu: "SCARED!!!"