View Full Version : Halloween Haunt 2006: Scream Contest

October 28th, 2006, 7:53 PM
Ok. It the is the scarest part of the year where we see something the scarest things from girls in scary revealing outfits to fat men in tiny school girl uniforms.

Still what do we do when we see these scary things. Of coarse we will scream our brains out. Here on PC this year we are having a screaming contest. Post your scarest scream here and it will be judge by vote starting on MOnday. Then in the mist of Halloween night the results will be posted and the winner will be dean the scarest screamer.

You going to need a microphone install on your computer to do this and know a place that can allow/host your sound clip. That is on your own.

I admit I not too big on rules but just make sure that your scream is long and not something that just a two seconds long.

So post your sceam of fear here. Will it be a little girl scream that wins or the scearm of a departed soul. We just have to see.