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November 2nd, 2006, 2:01 PM
Yeah, it does. I filled half a page with Pikachu tails as I discovered how to draw them while my teacher babbled on about functions.

Keep in mind that these are random scribbles from school, largely in-class, so don't expect anything too sophisticated.

[Lots and lots of links ahead]

Vulpix, for some reason leaning on a book named 'POKÉMON' (http://jupiter.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/vulpix.jpg) (tinted in ImageReady)

Descith, the adorable pre-evolution of Scyther from my NaNo (http://jupiter.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/descith1.jpg) (front view, tinted in ImageReady)

Descith again (http://jupiter.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/descith2.jpg) (side view, tinted in ImageReady)

A Pikachu wondering what the heck that Diaruga leg is supposed to be (http://jupiter.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/pikachudiaruga.jpg)

Random eye I drew on my schedule at the beginning of the semester (http://jupiter.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/eye.jpg)

What my school papers usually begin to look like when I get in a really scribbly mood (http://jupiter.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/scribbly.jpg) (from top to bottom, left to right, two random Scyther scythes, one random Scyther leg, one random Scyther with no body, one random Scyther head, one random Charizard head, two random instances of the word "Jabberwocky" and one just plain freaky... thing o_O)

...and what the back of my school papers usually begins to look like when I get in a really scribbly mood (http://jupiter.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/scribblyback.jpg) (random dragon, Polaryu, Thunderyu, Volcaryu, dragon wing, part of a mustached face, random ribbons, random horse head, random eye and Suicune)

The head of May from The Quest for the Legends (http://jupiter.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/mayhead.jpg)

Gasp! It's the PHANTOM! :o (http://jupiter.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/phantom.jpg)

Random Omanyte-like shells (http://jupiter.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/shells.jpg)

Some vaguely humanshaped curved X's with heads (http://jupiter.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/humanx.jpg)

Okay, so it wasn't quite half a page, but Pikachu tails (http://jupiter.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/pikatails.jpg)

Whirlwinds and eights (http://jupiter.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/whirlwind8.jpg) ("eights" are actually a creature that I made up when I was little that looks like an eight, bounces around and sometimes sits on doors where it looks like an infinity sign, locking the door for infinity)

Pidgeot (http://jupiter.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/pidgeot.jpg)

I was in a scribbly mood again... (http://jupiter.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/scribbly2.jpg) (random eye, random dragon thingy, some sort of a shooting star, some attempt at remembering what Diaruga looks like from memory, random attempt at Diaruga's metallic thingies, really bad Aruseusu from memory with some scribbles, random horns, Diaruga's metallic head blade thingy again, more scribbles, eye, Butterfree, Scyther scythe, Diaruga's metallic thingies, more horns, gems of some sort, Scyther without arms/legs/wings/pupils, Charizard head with no pupils, another random gem, some fish, more Scyther scythes, Scyther wing, Omanyte shell, another attempt at Diaruga, another fish/eel/thingy, more Scyther scythes)

Poliwhirl, cat and Chansey (http://jupiter.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/policatchansey.jpg)

Thunderyu's head (http://jupiter.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/thunderyu.jpg)

Some random semicircle-thingies (http://jupiter.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/semicirclethingies.jpg)

Mathematical calculations (http://jupiter.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/calculations.jpg) (don't ask why I'm even putting that in Fan Art; I just felt like it)

Um, yeah. Say whatever you feel the need to comment on. o.o

November 6th, 2006, 4:59 PM
The vuplix is very cute. ^^ -huggles it- Ironically, it is drawing on homework that seems to improve an artist's skill greatly. LOL! I know that most of my homework papers are coated in doodles...and my head is equally coated in lumps from my prof's ruler after seeing said doodles. lol. Good job on these, even if they are sketches. Your scyther drawings are very good too. ^^

Forest Grovyle
November 7th, 2006, 3:38 AM
Really cute sketches ^^ I'm taking it you did these without any references which makes them even more impressive! :) You're doing NaNo? Cool! I didn't know people did fanfic for that! ^^

Keep up the good work as usual ;)


Chibi Pika
November 21st, 2006, 10:22 AM
Lol, reminds me of some of my old sketches that I did on youth group papers. (although those were often intentionally retarded.) But I came up with my most famous fakemon while doing my Math final. xP nowadays most of my homework has random Lucario body parts all over it.

Why is it that drawings come out the best when you don't mean them to. xD I hate it when I have a masterpiece pic on torn lined paper or something.

Descith is cute. =3

Functions = evil! xP *drew lots of random eeveelutions on old pre-calculus homework.*

Anywho, nice drawings! I notices lots of Diaruga, is it one of your favorite new Pokemon?


December 21st, 2006, 9:49 AM
I also use to draw Pokémon during math lessons! If not Pokémon it's math-demons like Sin, Cos or Tan . . .

December 22nd, 2006, 9:11 PM
Darnit, I can't see any of them, when I click the links it just says the URL on a blank white screen. :(

King Boo
December 26th, 2006, 8:10 PM
Same here its says Error.I think you used a temoparary uploading site use thease below!

Use Imageshack or Photobucket

Imageshack (www.imageshack.us)
Photobucket (www.photoucket.com)

I think your links are expierd!

~Snowy Rayquaza

January 8th, 2007, 8:03 AM
The links didn't expire and it's not a temporary uploading site; that's an alternate server for my website which just happened to be down for a few days. Works fine now.

But now school has started again, and therefore I can doodle some more. :D

Random Scyther drawn on the back of my schedule, with disturbingly small feet, weirdly-positioned scythes and a really 2-D head (http://jupiter.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/schedulescyther.jpg)

A couple of Letal and Letaligon masks, plus a chibi unicorn head thingy with a disturbing expression (http://jupiter.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/letamasks.jpg)


January 8th, 2007, 10:30 PM
you have some pretty boring work there... i can read it but your artworks cool, love the eye and the vulpix. its awesome

January 17th, 2007, 12:53 PM
Three of the main legendaries of The Quest for the Legends (http://jupiter.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/threelegendaries.jpg)

From left to right: Chalenor (fake Pokémon); Chaletwo (who yes, has the body of Mewtwo; if you're dying to know why I'm afraid you'll have to read the fic); Mew. It has its problems and Chaletwo probably looks extremely incorrect since I've never drawn Mewtwo before and did not have any reference, but I actually rather like it overall. Maybe I'll color it... Drawn on some German work, as you'll be able to tell if you know German.

January 17th, 2007, 3:42 PM
*Loves the equations* Hmm i need to follow these ya know. Nice sketches :]

March 24th, 2007, 8:18 AM
Okay, looots of new doodles...

This is the most random of all that is random, but random Mewtwo legs without a body (http://jupiter.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/mewtwolegs.jpg)
An evil-looking Scyther head that I really like for some reason (http://jupiter.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/evilscytherhead.jpg)
A cute little Charmander (http://jupiter.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/littlecharmander.jpg)
A little Ekans that I took some liberties with (http://jupiter.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/littleekans.jpg)
A cute Letaligon that I might make into a sprite (http://jupiter.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/cuteletaligon.jpg)
Leta - might be made into a sprite with some tweaking (http://jupiter.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/newleta.jpg)
Letal - I'm definitely making a new Letal sprite out of this; I really like it, and ripping off Ponyta's pose is kind of lame (http://jupiter.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/newletal.jpg)
A Descith whose scythes have begun to grow - I might make a sprite out of this with some tweaking, too (http://jupiter.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/newdescith.jpg)
Angel Pikachu - inspired by/ripped off from a picture by Dannichu (http://jupiter.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/angelpikachu.jpg)
A Scyther with really weird eyes and pretty large claws, but somehow I kinda like it anyway (mostly because I usually can't draw full-body Scyther) (http://jupiter.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/weirdscyther.jpg)
A quick Absol with monstrously huge paws and claws (http://jupiter.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/hugepawsabsol.jpg)
Dialga head which is probably all wrong because I had no reference, a couple of close-up Letaligon paws, and the word "Dawkins" because I randomly wrote "Richard Dawkins" on it (http://jupiter.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/dialgaletaligonpaws.jpg)
Teddiursa (http://jupiter.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/teddiursa.jpg)
Bird thingy (http://jupiter.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/birdthingy.jpg)
Beedrill (http://jupiter.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/beedrill.jpg)
Bug thingy that's slightly reminiscent of Beedrill (http://jupiter.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/bugthingy.jpg)
Sad-looking Trapinch head (http://jupiter.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/trapinchhead.jpg)
Some weird thing o.o (http://jupiter.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/weirdthing.jpg)

March 24th, 2007, 10:53 AM
VERY nice sketches.
Some of the best pictures are ones drawn in class. :D

April 16th, 2007, 11:48 PM
Yay, Mathmon, Mathematic Monsters. It's fun to draw pictures where the numbers and caculations should have been.

April 24th, 2007, 11:27 AM
This was drawn in German class, but I outlined and colored it on the computer so it doesn't really technically count as a scribble anymore. However, since my other thread died, I'll just post it here.

Chibi Mark from my fic being panicky (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v94/antialiasis/chibimark-1.gif)

EDIT: I scanned a couple more:

Chibi May (another main character from my fic) being all annoyed (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v94/antialiasis/chibimay.gif)
Flareon leaning on some kind of brick wall (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v94/antialiasis/flareonsketch.jpg)
Espeon just sitting there (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v94/antialiasis/espeonsketch.jpg)