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November 26th, 2006, 2:42 PM
ok, the thing is that I"m planning an Rp based on this... but I need help, so anyone who is willing please help me make this one that people will jump onto! (oh... I also posted this before, but it accedently got deteted, so if you posted before could you post again please. ^_^")

Dessert Rose.
(Spirits Captured, Powers given, a world worth saving? You decide!)

The fabled Treasure Island, once a pirates paradise, now… the only refuge for the Animaigus, the spirit people, once a thriving people they are now in hiding living in constant fear of the Shiroku. The Shiroku started the War, the War of a thousand lives, the Shiroku have been using the Animaigus’s powers to take over countries and leave ruin of any town, city or village that gets in there way. As the Shiroku destroy more countries they grow stronger, and as they grow stronger the captured Animaigus get weaker. If left to do as they wish the Shiroku will destroy the Animaigus and take over the already buckled world.

The Animaigus fear for there captured comrades and know of no way to save them, all they know is that if they were to find humans who are good of heart and pure of mind, that they might stand a chance of saving them. The leader of the Animaigus, (Sephiroth ~ Final Fantasy VII), had a meeting with all the Animaigus to decree that he believes that it would be best if they were to send one of there own out into the harsh world of the unknown to find those few humans that have the hearts to use the powers of the Animaigus to their fullest. After much discussion they decided to send Sephiroth to find the ones to help defeat the Shiroku. Leaving Cloud in charge Sephiroth flew off to find the ones to save their friends and stop the War once and for all.


Be one of those few that will save this undeserving world. Or if you wish you can leave the earth to be destroyed and flee with the Animaigus to another dimension after saving the Tortured Ten, (Buttercup ~ Powerpuff girls; Mario ~ Mario Brothers; Luffy ~ One Piece; Shun ~Saint seiya; Link ~ Legend of Zelda; Cosmo ~ Fairy Godparents; Peter Pan ~ Disney’s Peter Pan; Pikachu ~ Pokemon; Patamon ~ Digimon; DarkMagician ~ Yu-Gi-Oh).

Anything you have to say will help.

November 26th, 2006, 3:47 PM
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