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December 7th, 2006, 3:59 PM
Well, songs are poems provided they have lyrics...

I just wanted to share some of these I've written, and would greatly apreciate your viewpoint on them.

The Real World

I'm a lone green frog
Hanging in deny
On a rock up high
And different is the life below
They’re a plain old stream
I’m a lonely dream
Don't want to be one of them
Want to go away
Fantasy astray
This is the real world
Where I don’t fit at all

There’s no place for me in the sea
Can’t cope with the fish
Oh and now I wish
I could close my eyes
Free from this demise

That is in the real world
No fantasy
Them and lonely me
That is in the real world
Where I don't intend to go
Only in the real world

And I'm not in the real world

I tried the water once
Creatures in the place
Shape my demon face
Insanity, normality
Many muggles mob the stage
I play a black mage
A mage that don’t know how to swim
Like the fish around
This is foreign ground
But lots are happy anyway
And I don’t know why
I just stay and cry

I am bored and stressed with all that’s there
While the sun beats down
And I bake and frown
Though I might survive
But only if I dive

Yet pain is in the real world
I want fantasy
Happy mage I’d be
My conscience needs the real world
But I don't intend to go
What about the real world?

Can I cope with the real world?

I am dying of thirst
Lonely life is the worst
With the sea creatures having fun
I don’t dare join their dance
But this could be a chance
To escape that blazing sun

‘Tis of magic
Yet kills the lone
And the sea
Could it be a home?
Could I try?
Maybe fish are kind
I still love the sun
But if I stay

Out of the real world
Trapped in fantasy
Senseless mage I’d be
Out of the real world
There is faith, but there is life
So I’ll stay in the real world
My fantasy
Will come after the sea
Thank God for the real world
Where I now intend to go
I can trust the real world

Life’s awesome in the real world
Now they know me in the real world

So I'll stay here, just this time

Who Will Save Me?

Dressed in white
I have been wandering
In the night
I have been pondering
Things that I have done just to get by

Here I float
A silent being
People like you are all around
You see me
An apparition in the darkness

Who am I to be stuck with this fate
And where am I to go?
How to move on, I need to know
Who will save me?

This fine form
You’d want to hold me
But I’m cold
And ectoplasmic
I can’t be harmed by the physical world

With these hands
No, I’m mistaken
With these claws
I can possess you
Cause you pain
And make you do what I bid you to

How do I sustain myself?
Only by an evil deed
After I make you kill yourself
It’s your soul I need

Who am I to be stuck with this fate
And where am I to go?
How to move on, I need to know
Who will save me?

From you I have heard of it
But no matter how I try
I cannot ever feel it
And everything I see is in shades of gray

I am one who steals souls for a living
I am one whose world is bleak and empty
I am one who cannot feel the love

I once wished that I could be
Powerful, possessing beauty
They came true
But they threw away my heart

Who will save me from this sadness?
Who’ll extract me from this darkness?
Make it so I cam reform myself

I want to be who I was before
Want to feel joy and love
I will abandon these powers
If I can see the light

Who am I to be stuck with this fate
And where am I to go?

Everywhere around me’s deserted
No one likes me now
Someone, please give me another chance
Who will save me?

Eh, it's too bad I don't have the music that goes along with the second one...

Well, what do you think? Oh and by the way, there is more coming up.