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January 4th, 2007, 12:27 PM
at the moment I only do splices , recolourings , albino and grey/black pokemon , feel free to request!

January 4th, 2007, 12:31 PM

Please read over the Pixel Art rules. Request threads are not allowed. If you want people to make suggestions of things to make, that's fine. I'm afraid this thread isn't allowed though.

Also, you need to have at least four examples before you can make a thread. Otherwise you need to showcase your work in the Showcase thread, which is stickied at the top of the Pixel Art section.


January 4th, 2007, 12:34 PM
Read through the rules before making a thread here.

And MegaFuz, try to only use the report button next time, I understand your willing to help, but mini-modding can be pretty frowned upon. :/