View Full Version : jirachi and celebi in the shrine???

April 25th, 2004, 12:53 PM
is this true?~coloseum
capture the three dogs(entei,suicune,raikou) and purify them. transfer latias n' latios. go to the celebi shrine and the guy there will give u a master ball. leave and return back to agate. go to the shrine and jirachi will be there.capture it with the master ball. go to the shrine with entei, suicune, rakou, latias, latios, and jirachi. celebi will be siting on top of the shrine and will battle u(while still sitting :D). celebi can then be tranfered to r/s.

i think it can only be done in the japanese colosseum since all there pkmn games r way better than the us games. its not so hard,so it could probably be possible. im gonna try it, but first i have to beat the mayor and get a latios. :\ this is gonna take more time than i thought.
can someone answer this.