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January 19th, 2007, 4:18 PM
Well, I don't participate in tournaments... all I do is play around with friends, so I have an unlimited deck (actually a few), but here is a deck that actually holds up pretty well. It may not be great compared to other decks, and I have lost with it a few times, but I like it.

Electric Pokemon: 7
Shining Raichu (NeoDestiny) 111/105
Raichu ex (exSandstorm) 98/100
Pikachu (exSandstorm) 72/100
Mewtwo d (exHolonPhantoms) 24/110
Pikachu (exHolonPhantoms) 78/110
Electabuzz (BaseSet2) 24/130
Ditto-Pikachu (exDeltaSpecies) 63/113

Water Pokemon: 17
Kingdra ex (exDragon) 92/97
Wailord ex (exSandstorm) 100/100
Articuno ex (Promo) 032
Lapras (exLegendmaker) 8/92
Lapras (Fossil) 25/62)
Gyarados (exDeoxys) 8/107
Articuno (Fossil) 2/62
Swampert (exRubySapphire) 23/109
Marshtomp (exRubySapphire) 40/109
Mudkip (Promo) 018
Magikarp (exFRLG) 67/112
Magikarp (exTeamRocket)
Latios d (exHolonPhantoms) 22/110
Seadra (Fossil) 42/62
Horsea (exTeamRocket) 58/109
Wailmer (exSandstorm) 83/100
Wailmer (exLegendMaker) 69/92

Colorless Pokemon: 4
Chansey (exFRLG) 19/112
Kangaskhan (Jungle) 5/64
Ditto (Fossil) 18/62
Holon's Castform (exHolonPhantoms) 44/110

Trainer Cards: 10
Professor Elm's Training Method
Mr. Stone's Project
Professor Birch
Holon Scientist
Misty's Tears
Misy's Wish
Gust of Wind
Moo-Moo Milk
Energy Removal

Special Energies: 2
React Energy
Full Heal Energy

Basic Energies: 20
Lightning x10
Water x10

January 23rd, 2007, 10:57 PM
IMO there's far too many single Pokemon cards and too many lines. I don't know how you're getting by with only 10 trainers either. @_@ Lots of energy too. Special energies would probably be nice for you. :)

January 24th, 2007, 6:59 AM
Yeah, I have another deck that has alot of special energies and trainer cards- and few evolution lines- and it is alot better too, but I posted this one. I'll make a new thread for my other deck.