View Full Version : Anatomically perfect, worthy-of -an-obsessive-collector PokémonEmerald for sale

January 19th, 2007, 4:50 PM
I searched high and low to find a copy that is absolutely pristine... and I mean perfect. Because of the metallic style finish, every mark shows up - but I finally found a pristine copy.

With washed and dried hands, I opened it and played it once. Then decided I didn't like it, or rather don't have the time to dedicate to something as gargantuan as Pokémon, therefore I am going to have to part ways with this thing that is dare I say more pristine than anything sealed and bought elsewhere.

It's just been sat on a clean, PVC shelf where it can't get marked.

If anyone's interested I can also take some pics. I'm in the UK by the way. ;)

Goku Goku
January 20th, 2007, 1:40 AM
I'm no one special, but save it for eBay man! This place is for people from across the globe to talk about things with one another, not an online store. Please don't try lying to us nad trying to get us to buy something we already have! You pirate...

January 20th, 2007, 4:09 AM
We are no selling platform, as it is stated in the rules.
Please read them.