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January 21st, 2007, 8:52 PM
I figured I should post this to see what people think.

ages 15+ (suggestive content)

The title of my poem is Way of the Sub.

I want to go
To the oasis of fresh taste
Where the cold cuts
Taste like infinite orgasms

I want to inhabit
The condiment circumstance
Where mayonnaise and mustard
At last make their coitus

Tantric tastebud tease
How do I define delicious except by a bite?

I want to occupy
The carbohydrate cataclysm
Where whole wheat rebellion
Makes use of whips and chains

I want to congregate
With the vegetable party
Where lettuce, tomato, and cucumbers
Swing so lasciviously nude

Kama sutra savour
How do I explain delectable except by a swallow?

I will do anything for you
I will even kiss the sandwich artist
With peach fuzz on her upper lip
Because I suspect she tastes like sandwiches