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January 26th, 2007, 1:30 AM
You might know how to play it goes like this:

Post 1#Your banned cause there is no one here
Post 2#Your banned cause i'm the second post
get it?
Do it in coulors please
I will go first:
Your banned cause whatever

January 26th, 2007, 1:46 AM
Eh, this is exactly the same type of thing as Revenge of the Moderation game (http://www.pkmncommunity.com/showthread.php?t=77812). O_o

And this hasn't got anything to do with Pokémon, so I'm not sure why you posted in the Poké bit...

January 26th, 2007, 1:53 AM
Nevr knew ok ok ok sorry for okays

January 26th, 2007, 4:44 AM
You might want to play this (http://www.pkmncommunity.com/showthread.php?t=77812) game, which is exactly what you wanted to create, besides that, that one is also in the right forum, since non-Pokémon related games belong in the Other Trivia section.
Please pay attention in the future.

Also, drummershuff, how about you use the Report button next time, instead of leaving a reply without using it?