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February 2nd, 2007, 10:37 AM
The Silence

I'll take it out.
It's my job
It's my life
It's my duty

It's waiting in the hall.
Singing it's dreary song
And I want to scream out

It looks at me as I step forwards
As if I can walk forever.

It's got a lot of work to do.
Don't I know it.

I'll take it to the edge. Push it over the top.
Never walk again with it.
Never have to care for it.

She loves it, its eyes. Twinking in the night. In the day by the kitchen
Waiting for it's mistress
Feed it
Clothe it
Love it.

But it spits at me.
It tears me apart
as I walk down the road.

Is it mine I wonder?
She won't walk with it no more.
Not since

But the end is near and I can feel it.
Deaths clammy hand is approaching it.

Duty mine or other. As its foe walks in front of its

What is the name
I do

She'll cry and grieve but
never so
more will I feel it's gaze.

February 3rd, 2007, 6:11 PM
For some reason, this strikes a good chord with me.

I like it. A lot.

I don't understand this a bit, or what it's about. So maybe that's one thing that's drawing it to me. It's weird, it's to the point, and not obsessive about using big words and pretending to be better a writer than you actually are.

I really don't find much of anything to read in this section of PC that appeals to me most of the time.

I'll have you know, you're outside that box. This, I enjoy.


February 4th, 2007, 11:50 AM
Thank you! I'm glad someone 'understands' it. I won't tell you what its about. I'll leave that for someone else to have a guess at!