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February 4th, 2007, 2:58 PM
That's right kids, another pixel thread from me, as ya may, or may not know I was hacked, my computer has being cleaned and I therefore have very few sprites, so what I'm posting in this post will be my most recent work up until about december. Like before, they're all scratch (unless stated otherwise.)


Green version Sceptile

FE Cid Highwind

Giant Hand Robot (Frario done the lineart, I coloured and shaded it)

My very late December entry (For Esupio)

Some of you may experience trouble viewing these, as the transparency doesn't work on internet Ex.

More to come later kiddies.

Ark Kuvis
February 4th, 2007, 3:29 PM
Hai Matt =D

Might wanna fix the repeats of Fire Emblem Cid there.

Nice Skeptile! Never saw that one before. Though, it doesn't look very wacky or deformed like the Oldest versions of 1st Gen. But eh, you made it pretty =P.

Great to see ya back.

February 4th, 2007, 3:43 PM
I fixed them I did :o
Thanks dude, comments appreciated as always.

February 4th, 2007, 5:48 PM
Nice as always my friend :D.